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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 161 - Losers Fight First

Hercule tells the Z-boys that he's going to fight Cell first.  Hercule is a big dork, but a funny character.  

Just before he's about to fight, two other fighters drop from a chopper.  They tell Hercule they want to fight first.

The first guy is Caroni, a feminine kind of fighter with blond hair and roses.  He jumps to kick Cell, but Cell's power just makes Caroni go up to the Heavens and drop out of the ring.

Next is Pirozhki  ... who looks like The Crusher, the wrestler from the old Bugs Bunny Cartoon.  He is easily bounced out of the ring.  Cell hasn't moved yet actually.

Now Hercules take off his cape, and is going to attack Cell.  But first he psyches himself up by breaking some tiles.  He charges Cell, and Cell smack him into a mountain.  

Cell turns to the Z-boys and says: "So.  Let's get the tournament under way.  Who will be first?"

Goku steps up into the ring and says: "Let's Do It!"

- Pojo


Losers Fight First

Dragon Ball Z


This episode is hilarious!  It starts off with old dumb Hercule about to fight Cell when a tag team jumps out of a helicopter and prancing around.  They are Keroni and Peroshki.  Keroni challenges Cell in Hercules’ place.  Keroni leaps up into the air and Cell uses energy to send him flying higher until Keroni drops out the rings.  Next is Peroshki.  He starts powering up some punches and charges Cell.  Cell blocks with an invisible wall and sends Peroshki out of the ring.  So Hercule comes up and does a demonstration-he stacks fifteen tiles and karate chops them.  Of course he can’t do it.  He ends with one tile left and his hand throbbing(Lame-O) :-).  Anywho, Hercule starts punching Cell, and Cell is kind of just standing there.  Hercule says- “ Time to finish you off Cell!”  He winds up a punch, and right before it hits Cell throws Hercule into a distant cliff.  Then Cell turns to the Z fighters and says “So, let’s get the tournament underway.  Who will be first?  Will it be Goku?”  Goku steps up and says “Let’s do it!”

NEXT EPISODE: Goku vs. Cell

My rating of this episode- 4/5- It was funny, but I think it could have better.                                                                            



By Ashley Smith
English Dubbed DBZ Episode
Here's a run-through of the saga so far, Cell has announced his Cell Games on world-wide television. Android 16 was undergoing repair. The "martial arts champion of the world", Hercule, decided to enter as well as the Z fighters. Goku and Gohan came out of the hyperbolic time chamber for a home cooked meal. Goku decided that he and Gohan didn't need to train in the time chamber again. Piccolo decides to go in. Vegeta goes in after Piccolo finishes. Goku, Gohan and Krillin relax. Everyone goes to the tournament. Hercule wants to go first and shows off by breaking a slab of rock. Will Hercule get his wish and fight Cell first? Find out on DBZ right now.

           Losers Fight First
Cell asked who was going first. Hercule steps up and says he will. Goku tries to warn him that he shouldn't fight Cell. Krillin tells Goku it's no use trying to talk sense into guys like Hercule and his manager/news reporter (m/n.r). The m/n.r tells Nigel, the camera-guy, to do a close-up on "the guy with the big hair" (Goku). "Only a moment ago, this long haired hippy told the world's greatest hero to back down." he says in his announcer voice. At the news-station, the spectators are saying stuff like, "Who do you think you are?", at Goku.
At the army place, the cat field martial says that "the long haired hippy" looked familiar. "I know him, or someone who looked like him. Many years ago, there was a young boy who saved the world from the evil king Piccolo. I'll never forget that innocent look on his face. But his eyes, his eyes are different and so's his hair. Maybe my memory just isn't what it used to be."
Krillin is still telling Goku that they should just let "the big dufus" fight because they could just revive him with the Dragonballs if he's destroyed. Hercule is about to take off his cloak, when, "Hey everybody. It's time to get happy!", a woman was shouting from a pink helicopter with "Piroskhi and Caroni" written on it. Out of the helicopter, jump a long, yellow haired man with a rose ensignia on his shirt and a big slab of muscle with an elephant mask on his head. Then a beautiful woman with long, puffy, orange hair jumps out and is caught by the man with the elephant mask. The long, yellow haired man does a twirl and calls himself Caroni, then the big guy shows his muscles off and calls himself Piroskhi. The puffy haired woman is their manager, Piza. Caroni and Piroskhi tell Hercule that they would defeat Cell easily. Hercule agrees that he shouldn't waste his time. The spectators at the news-station think that the tag-team of Caroni & Piroskhi would take away their worries.
Caroni decides he'd go first and to show off, he throws a bouquet of roses in the air and slices them into petals. He calls them a funeral bouquet for Cell. Piza and the m/n.r agree that the match wouldn't last more than one round. Krillin says  he has a headache. The m/n.r explains the rules. Caroni prepares his "Beautiful Flying Rose Attack" and Cell flicks him away with his energy. Caroni lands outside the ring. Hercule says he had always considered Caroni as the son he'd never had, but he'd never measured up to the father. Goku and Cell stare at each other.
Piroskhi gets ready to fight Cell, claiming that it's his turn. He takes off
his mask, squeezes it into a ball, throws it into the air and then eats it. The m/n.r says to get ready for round two. Goku and Cell are still staring at each other. Piroskhi slaps his side twice, starts to spin his arms around and around and charges at Cell. He is using his never-survived "Megaton Bull Crusher", but it seems that he can't hit Cell. Cell is using a Barrier attack and flicks Piroskhi away. Hercule simply says that Cell rigged the ring or coated himself with alobanio pepper juice which Piroskhi is allergic to. Hercule takes off his cloak and flicks off a capsule. Inside is a suitcase, which contains fifteen tiles. He stacks the tiles and makes a look that makes him look like he's meditating. He, then, smashed fourteen in one karate chop. Then he flew at Cell with his Dynamite Karate Kick. He started using a barray of punches. He got flicked away easily. Cell asked who was going to fight next. "Will it be Goku, if he so dares?" "Let's do it!"
Will Goku beat Cell in his fight? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.


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