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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 160 - The Games Begin

The Games Begin

Goku dresses, and leaves his home, while ignoring Chi-chi pleading for Goku not to let Gohan fight.  Then he teleports to Kami’s Palace, which is actually Dende’s Palace now.  There he meets Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, Krillen, Mr. Popo, and Dende.  Then Krillen tells Goku that the new dragon that Dende created can not wish someone who has already died back to life.  But Goku assures everyone that none of them will die.

Cell waits alone.  A reporter and camera man from Z-TV arrive first to tape the Cell Games LIVE.  Then Hercule arrives in a car ready to fight.  The crowd goes wild.  Hercule steps into the ring and tells the reporter and the camera man to come down to the rind, and so they do.  The reporter tries to interview Cell and Hercule, but only Hercule says anything.

Goku, Krillen, Piccolo, and Gohan fly toward to Cell.  On their way, however, they meet Yamcha and Tien.  Then they all fly toward Cell.

The reporter notices someone coming toward them in the sky.  It’s Vegeta.  The reporter tries to interview Vegeta.  But Vegeta threatens the reporter, and he runs toward Hercule for protection.

Five minutes until the Cell Games begin.  Now Andriod 16 arrives to the scene.  Hercule mocks them both, stupid!

Finally Goku and and the gang arrive.  All the Z warriors have arrived.  Chi-chi watches them all on TV and yells that Gohan is going to get hurt.  Krillen sees Android 16 and greets him.  Android 16 thanks Krillen for showing sympathy for him, because if Krillen hadn’t he wouldn’t have been able to come to the Cell Game.  Goku greets Android 16, and tells him he is Goku.  Then Android 16 says he knows who he is, because he was programmed to kill him, but has chosen not to.

Goku tells the Z warriors that he will fight first,  and Vegeta says it doesn’t matter if Goku fights, because he will be the one to kill Cell.  Then Goku tells the reporter he will fight first.  But Krillen tells Goku to let Hercule fight first.

The Cell Games are about to start.



Goku Meets the Z-boys at "Dende's Lookout"  ... I guess that's whay you call it now? 

Cell waits for fighters at the ring

Hercule, (Mr. Satan in the Japanese version) is the first one there.  He's like a WWF wrestler, and talks like Goldberg.  He's the Martial Arts Champ.  

Vegita is next one there.  Then 16.  Then the Z-boys.

Hercule tells them he's going to fight first.  Hercule is a big dork, but a funny character.  No fighting yet today.  Just Hercule running at the mouth.

- Pojo

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