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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 158 - Dende's Dragon

Dende’s Dragon

English version-dubbed version

At the start of the episode you see Cell blowing up an army.  Goku soon uses ultra instantaneous movement to get to King Kai because he thought if he got Earth a new gaurdian the dragon balls would come back. King Kai locates the nameks. He teleports to where they are.After some talk Dende agrees to be the guardian of  Earth.Goku brings Dende to Kami’s Lookout.

Soon they are about to create a dragon when Goku askes,”Can it be powerful  enough to bring back everybody Cell defeated?”

Dende says,”Yes but then it will only be able to grant 2 wishes.” Mr.Popo gets a stone dragon and Dende makes the new dragonballs and the dragonballs fly off.Goku goes collecting the dragonballs and finds two.The picture cuts to Cell waiting for the tournamet.End of episode.

- Keith Bram


158- Dende's Dragon

After a little help from King Kai, Goku travels to the new planet Namek to recruit a new guardian for the Earth! Most of the Nameks quickly refuse the offer, but there's one little guy who can't wait to go! Dende is back, and he's going to create a new Dragon!


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