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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 156 - Memories of Gohan

This episode was called memories of gohan. It was really about just memories of him because it was his eleventh birthday. It starts out with goha,goku, and krillin eating at the table. Gohan and goku start to crumble the dishware with there strength and chichi starts yelling at them. She tells goku and krillin to fish and gohan to chichi cleans the mess, she finds a memory album. She browses through the book and see a picture of her dad,goku,baby gohan and herself picking a name for gohan. Then she tells gohan he can play with his father and krillin. They come walking down a road with gohan now there as they come across a tree. Goku see’s apples so he punchs the tree so gohan can get some. Then krillin wonders about the hole in the tree. Then they remember that gohan blasted throuth it when he was a baby. After that ,they walk home for gohans party.

- Cody484848


Chi Chi announces that today is the day to celebrate the birthday Gohan
missed in the hyperbolic time chamber.  Goku goes out to catch a fish for the
party.  Chi-Chi prepares cake and other stuff.  Goku comes back and both Goku
and Chi-Chi remember when Gohan was a baby and how he got his name - 


DBZ episode 156 “Memories of Gohan”  

At the begining of the episode Goku, Gohan and Kuririn are sitting around the kitchen table at Gokus House.  Goku and Gohan are so strong any time they pick up a glass it breaks.  Chi-Chi gets angry at them for breaking the glasses and yells at them.  She sends Goku fishing and Gohan to do his homework.  Chi-Chi is getting ready for Gohans birthday and finds pictures of Gohan as a baby which remind her of when Ox-King, Goku and her are trying to name Gohan.  Then she tells Gohan to go fishing with his dad.  Goku catchs a big fish and Gohan gos to get some apples.  When they are picking up the apples that Goku knocked down Kuririn notices there is one apple in a hole in the tree.  Goku looks at it and remembers the time when he and his family are walking thourgh the forest and he lets go the car stroller that baby Gohan is in and it rolls towards the apple tree.  Gohan breaks free of the stroller and powers up.  He blasts thourgh the tree just asGoku catches him.  Gohan acts that nothing has happened.  Goku is amazed.  then Goku goes back into reality.  Then everyone goes back to his house for Gohans Birthday.  He has his birthday and eats and opens presents.  The Family partys all night.      

Chris Hincke


#156              Memories of Gohan

This episode starts out by Goku fishing He catches a huge fish.  After that we see Chi-Chi looking for something when a memory book bonks her on the head. It is from when Gohan was a baby. She remembers the time he didn’t have a name.She,Goku,and ox king were trying to thing of names when Chi-Chi asked Goku if grandfather Gohan taught him anything. Ox king said to make Gohan be his name. Then goku,krillan,and gohan were picking apples when goku sees a big notch in the tree. He remembers that gohan (as a baby) made the hole. when the get home they have his 11th birthday party. He blows the cake away. Then Chi-Chi says how can I get mad he is goku’s son. Then he opens his gifts and the announcer comes on...

^_^ have a nice day



In this episode of dragonballz its gohans birthday.It starts out with chichi
looking in these boxes and finds a picture album and thinks back to gohans
first birthday.While goku and gohan sit at the table they tried to drink but
kept breaking glasses and tables because there so strong.Meanwhile piccolo
was in the hyperbolic time chamber trainingby forming into two then
fhighting.And goku was just relaxing and thats pretty much the whole episode.


As the countdown continues until the commencement of the Cell Game, Goku continues his strategy of enjoying the remaining time with his family and Krillin! Go fishing with Gohan and Krillin, and stroll down memory lane with Chichi, until it's time for a very special boy to blow out the candles! . . .

SSJ Jason, 
Website url : 


Episode 156 - Memories of Gohan

This is about Gohan's 11th birthday and all the old memories.......
It starts off with Goku, Gohan and Kuririn seating at the table. When Goku 
and Gohan pick up the cup it easily breaks. Chi-Chi as usually gets mad and 
sends Goku and Kuririn fishing and Gohan to study. Chi-Chi then finds an 
album of Gohan when making food for the party.
She then notices a picture of Ox-King, Goku and Chi-Chi were naming Gohan. 
Then it flashes back to the day it was happening. We see Ox-King playing 
with Gohan and Chi-Chi and Goku were thinking of a name.
Chi-Chi recommended Einstein (something like that) and everybody feel with 
shock and everybody disagreed with her. She then starts saying that just 
cause Goku brought up by Gohan that he is not going to become a fighter 
(something like that) While Chi-Chi is arguing, she keep on repeating 
'Gohan', so when ever she said that name, Gohan laughed........then flashes 
back to the present.
She then tells Gohan to go out and fish with Goku and Kuririn. Goku catches 
a fish and Gohan gets the apples that Goku kind of knock out!!Then Kuririn 
notices an apple in the hole of the tree. Then it flashes back to when Goku 
and Chi-Chi were taking Gohan for a stroll in the Forest or was it 
....While Goku and Chi-Chi talk (I think it was about a flower), Goku lets 
go of the stroller and Gohan goes down a steep hill then a gap........Goku 
and Chi-Chi run for their lives to catch Gohan. Goku finally catches up when 
Gohan breaks free of the stroller and blast through the tree. Goku Catches 
him and stands in amazement when Chi-Chi was hugging Gohan....Then it 
flashes back to the present.
They all go back to the house and celebrate Gohans Birthday. When Gohan 
blows the candle out he also blows the cake onto Chi-Chi's face. Chi-Chi 
then says that she can't help it because Gohan is Goku's son....everyone 
laughs and the episode finished!

Also, Int he episode, Piccolo whos in the Chamber fights with two of 
him...(get it?)

~SSJ Pan

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