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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 155 - A Girl name Lime

     Gohan is sent on a super sayian worthy mission of getting food for his
mom. He has trouble finding a town that’s not deserted. He saves a little girl
named Lime whose parents died from imperfect cell. He finds out that people
in the village are trying to build a useless shelter to protect them from
cell who raided their village a while ago. the person who takes care of Lime
is an old martial arts master.

The mayor guy is working with general cho who now looks a robot. The mayor
is greedy and keeps a lot of the townspeople's money for himself.

      On the opening day of the high security shelter Lime calls out that
cell is coming. The mayor gets scared and locks himself in the shelter by
himself. The mayor gets mad that Lime tricked him and asks General cho to
take care of it. the old martial arts master comes and  tries to stop him.
Gohan offers to help but the old martial arts master says no, this is the
townspeople's fight, I know you’d win. Gohan saves the master. General Cho
somehow guesses that young blond haired Gohan is Goku. Gohan says that he was
close enough and he’s his son.

      General cho escapes from the battle and the mayor begs and says he’ll
do anything for Gohan. Gohan then does a stupid thing by destroying the
shelter with all of the money in it and reveals his powers. Gohan exclaims
that if he can do that to the shelter how will it protect them from cell.
Then Goku comes and the martial arts master to not tell anyone about Gohans
power, now that’s very funny. 

By: R.G


Episode 155 - A Girl name Lime
It starts of with a girl on a tree branch called Lime trying to reach an apple. She moves to the end of the branch which can easily snap..and it did snap. She falls into a raging river and SSJ Gohan cames and saves Lime.
 Lime then see's Gohan touching her when saving her. She gets embaressed and runs off, while Gohan thinks of what he did wrong. Gohan then finds a village called Chasze village. He then says he hope that this place isn't desreted caused he tryed 3 places already.
 He then enters a shop where two guys are asking the owner for free food to take to the shelter to be protected from cell(and of course the shelter doesn't stand a chance against Cell)Lime then screams out that Cell is coming. The two guys run for the shelter. The owner then tells off lime for lying.
The OWner (Mr. Lou) tells Gohan about Limes parents who got absorbed by imperfect cell. Gohan said he'd help out with the choping of the wood. So Gohan through 3 logs in the air and was about to use his powers but Lime disrupted him that Gohan had to use an axe,  and the logs fell on his head.He choped the logs with no problems and was not even using his strength to cut it.
 Mean while, Goku and Kuririn were talking and Kuririn complained saying that resting makes him very powerless.
Outside the HTC (Hypobolic time chamber)as uasul Vegeta is talking to him-self saying that if Piccolo doesn't come outby exact a day he would go in and get him out, even if Piccolo is 1 second late.
Inside the HTC Piccolo is seeing images of Cell teasing him, so Piccolo splits in half and fights.
Gohan and Lime is in the forest talking, eating and Lime said that Gohan was too gentle to fight. Lime also tells that her grandpa (Mr. Lou)is a martial arts master.
Lime plays a trick saying that Cell was coming and so the mayor went into the shelter and locked himself up without thinking about the villages.
Two guys from the beginning catch them and were about to hurt them, while Gohan was telling that it is a scam to get money. Then Mr. Lou comes and says that Gohan should not fight because he knows that Gohan will win and it was the villages fight. Mr Lou fights very well but can not defeat General Chou. General Chou fires a Ki and Mr. Lou and Gohan blocks it.General was about to fire again, until he thought that Gohan was Goku. The General asked for his name, and said 'Gohan'. General said that for a minute he thought that Gohan was Goku. Gohan said "close enough, I'm his son". General stood with shock and flys away on a tree. It flashes to the day when Young Goku fought General Chou.
The Mayor Begs for Gohans help, so Gohan destroyed the shelter and saying that Cell is stronger and that Cell could do worse.
Goku comes and tells Gohan to go home and get the groceries. Mr. Lou was says that Gohan is as strong as Goku and that they can defeat Cell. Goku then says to him, not to tell Gohan that.

 If i forgot something, sorry.

 ~SSJ Pan


.155 A girl named lime.
this episode starts with s.s.j Gohan flying around on a mission to find an undeserted town to by food until he sees a girl drowning in the river. he dives in and saves her and to show gratitude she tells him off and says that she didn't need help and storms off.
later Gohan finds a village and decides to explore. he bumps in to the girl whom he saved from the river and she's now calmed down.she decides to be nice telling him her name's Lime, she continues to explain that Imperfect Cell had came and absorbed her parents but she and her grandpa (a martial arts fighter) hid. she also told him that a rich guy had built shelter for  protection against Cell.then her grandpa arrives and he needs to cut wood so gohan volunteers.
he throws them up in the air and gets ready to karatechop e'm but then Lime says he needs an axe(the wood hits him on the head)
the rich guy employs general tao as a bodygurd
at the openning of the shelter,(from behind a bush) Lime yells out "Cells comming!" but is descovered along with Gohan, but Limes G.P turns up and beats the crap out of the R.G henchmen. The R.G calls genaral tao. Gohan's about to fight him when Limes's G.P steps in but can't beat him so Gohan steps in and genaral tao runs when he finds out Gohan is Goku's son. gohan then blows up the shelter and says if that's what I can do imadgine what cell can do, then Goku turns up and leaves with gohan asking LimesG.P not to let anyone else know about gohan's power and the episode ends.  
Paul Saunders



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