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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 154 - No Worries Here

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: English Dubbed (Cartoon Network)
Episode Number / Name: 154 / No Worries Here


Astonished, Piccollo questions Goku about his decision to train outside the H. Time Chamber. Goku then says to Vegeta, more or less, that he is much stronger than Vegeta is. Goku and Gohan then leave the pissed Vegeta to visit Korin and Yajirobe. Yajirobe now exclaims that he won’t help them fight in the Cell Tournament, but says he just wanted to ask them if they know how strong Cell really is. Korin reveals the inevitable; Cell is holding back his true power. He next wants Korin to evaluate his power and compare it to Cell’s true power... to see how he stand up to him.

Meanwhile, Piccollo, Vegeta, and Trunks converse about how Goku and Gohan looked differently... unlike SuperSaiyans when they had come out of the H. Time Chamber. Vegeta hypothesizes that Goku had been able to stay in a Super S. state while in their normal lives. They then use the energy they saved by not having to transform in battle as more stamina, and reach higher levels if needed.

Goku channeled his power into Korin, almost destroying Korin’s tower in the process. Blindly estimating, Korin says that Cell is still more powerful than Goku is. The two (Goku and Gohan) speed off to start training. Back at the H. Time Chamber, the group explains that they felt Goku’s power (from when he channeled it into Korin) and explained that had Goku used all; not just half of that power, they wouldn’t still be standing. Vegeta, going through a temper tantrum, thinks about how Kakarot always surpasses him in strength whenever he catches up... then he yells at Piccolo to get into the Time Chamber and to stop wasting time.

Goku and Gohan return to Chi Chi and the gang, and show off their new SuperSaiyan bods. Chi Chi, freaking out that Gohan’s hair is yellow from the S.S. transformation, exclaims that Gohan must have become a hair dying punk, and throws her usually annoying fit over it.  Meanwhile, Cell is in space sending comet showers to Earth as a “nice light show”. Now, Goku, Gohan, and Krillin discuss the incident of how Krillin destroyed #18’s controller, but Krillin doesn’t reveal to them that it was because he was in love with her. After Krillin explains that he thinks Goku and Gohan are and always will be stronger than he, they all play in the lake for a while. While Goku and Gohan nap; Krillin, trying to test their S.S. powers, throws a rock at a napping Goku to see if he can sense it coming... but Goku doesn’t, and blames Krillin for making a cruel joke. Now, they both (Goku and Gohan) just keep lying around and stuffing themselves with food... not at all training for the tournament... obviously not good if they want to defeat Cell.

Next episode title: “A Girl Named Lime”

My Name: Ethan, a.k.a. E-man

Web site URL: Not online yet...


hi i’m Adam

This episode started out with everybody talking about Goku’s decision not to go back into the Time Chamber, and how strong Goku and Gohan are.  Then they leave to go to Courin’s place to see if he can tell Goku how he would match up against Cell.  Goku shows Courin half of his power and Courin says that Cell is still stronger.  After that, Goku and Gohan leave to Master Roshi’s to pick up Chi Chi and go home.  There they find Chi Chi stunned at the color of Gohan’s hair.   Meanwhile, Cell goes into outer space to train (remember, Cell has Freiza’s cells in him and Freiza could breath in space).  He blows up a rock that sends asteroids onto the Earth.  Then Goku and Gohan are shown fishing and Krillin comes and they have memories of the past.  Then Krillin talks about Goku and Gohan forgetting about him and Goku tells Krillin that he is losing his memory.  Then Krillin imitates Goku and gets pushed into the water.  Krillin pretends to start drowning and once he gets a hold of Goku’s hand, he pulls him in.  After that Krillin throws a rock at a sleeping Goku to see if Goku will block it. Since Goku is asleep, the rock hits Goku in the head and he gets mad at Krillin.  The final scene features Goku and Gohan pigging out on Chi Chi’s cooking and then Gohan goes to study.  Finally, Krillin starts to wonder why Goku isn’t training and then the episode ends.

Episode #155 is called “A Girl Named Lime”.



Goku takes Gohan and Chichi home after laghing about admittingly being weaker than cell.  He acts as if he has a secret noone knows about....

Goku, Gohan, and Krillin talk about the past for a while.  Goku tell Gohan since there are 9 days until the tournament,  they will rest for 3, train for 3, and then rest for 3 more.  Krillin, like everyone else, thinks Goku is strangely confident for someone who knows they are weaker than the stronges being in the universe(CELL).  Goku sure is relaxed.  Mabey he does know something noone else knows.........

Find out on  DRAGONBALLZ

 by supertyler


DBZ-imperfect cell saga episode 154: No worries here

It started off with Goku and gohan talking with trunks, vegeta and piccollo.  Then, they (goku and gohan) went to corrin’s where goku told corrin about some plan he had and asked some questions about cell (power level comparison) he thought cell would kick his @$$.  Then they left to the outerworld. Though they told everyone they were training they just lounged around and fished and ate.  Chi Chi was sad that Gohan was ssj and that he had bright blonde hair.  Goku told everyone that Cell probably would pound him to the dirt and he laughed uneasily.  Krillin and Goku had a flash back of them good old days (yeah right) when the fighting wasn’t as serious.





Episode #154 No Worries Here This is the dubbed version. The Z warriors are shocked that Goku does not need any more traing in the HTC.Goku  And Gohan leave the lookout and stop at Korin's tower Goku asks Korin if he can compare his and Cells power Goku powers up and almost shakes the tower apart. Korrin says that Cell is much more stronger than Goku. Next they stop at Master Roshis house to pick up Chi-Chi. When Chi-Chi sees Gohan in his Super Sayin form she thinks Gohan Has dyed his hair and begins to cry. Later  Goku and Gohan go outside to in the field Krillen arrives and blames himself again for letting Cell reach Perfection Krillen than falls in the lake Goku tries to save him but Krillen puls him in then Goku Gohan and Krillen All laugh. Next Goku and Gohan take a nap  Krillen picks up a rock and throws it at Goku to see if he will sense it but goku does not see it and then he yells at Krillen for throwing it at him. Later we see Goku eating food like a pig   Krllen wonders if this is what Goku meant by training in the outside world as the episode ends. From Paul Karras


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