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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 153 - Meet Me in the Ring

Review by Pojo

No fans submitted an Episode Review for this one, so here's some snippets of what took place:

  • Krillin blames himself for Cell absorbing 18

  • Master Roshi tells Krillin not to fight, that only Gohan or Goku can kill Cell

  • Vegeta, Trunks, Tien, & Piccolo wait outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (HTC) to go in & practice

  • Goku & Gohan come out of the HTC as Super Saiyans.  

  • Goku & Gohan (G&G) are starving and chow down like pigs

  • Vegeta wonders how they are Super Saiyans, but seem so natural.  He is confused and pissed to himself about it

  • Trunks tells G&G what happened while they were inside the HTC

  • Cell wreaks havoc on the world at large

  • 16 is getting fixed by Bulma & Briefs (B&B)

  • B&B determine that 16's artificial intelligence is designed to only kill Goku, and it knows every detail about Goku.  But still ... he rationalizes decision for himself.  What will happen when he does meet Goku?

  • Goku asks Mr. Popo for his old fighting clothes & gets them

  • Gohan asks Piccolo for an outfit just like Piccolo's.  And he gets one from Piccolo.  He looks wicked cool in it too.  (need scan)

  • Goku does his Instant Teleportation thingie and meets Cell at the new Tourney Site.

  • Goku to Cell: "You aren't the first person to try to rule the world with the sword of Injustice!  All the others failed, and so will you!"

  • Goku to Cell:  "I'll be your first opponent!"  

  • Goku Teleports back to Mr. Popo's

  • Goku tells the Z warriors that he & Gohan no longer need the HTC.  They will prepare outside.  Vegeta & Piccolo freak out by this!

  • Next episode:  "No Worries Here"

Man ... A lot of stuff took place in this episode!


Image from Aaron Cooper

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