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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 152 - The Doomsday Broadcast

Review by Pojo

No fans submitted an Episode Review for this one, so here's a quickie:

  • Cell takes over a TV station and announces the tournament to the world
    "Come & get me if you dare! Now ... Let the games begin!"

  • Says it will take place in 9 days

  • Gohan & Goku are still practicing in the H. Time Chamber

  • Gohan has a nightmare that Cell kills ChiChi & Piccolo

  • Bulma gives Future Trunks a haircut.

  • Trunks & Vegeta look gay standing around in street clothes

You really didn't miss much.  Just a set-up episode that was necessary I guess.  


Here’s the episode review of the English Dragonball Z episode 152, The Doomsday Broadcast.

It starts with Yamucha and Krillin training for the tournament Cell is having.

Now Cell is shown fling through a city looking for the TV station. When he finds it he goes up to the News Room to start his broadcast. Just then something interrupts Master Roshi’s fitness show. Cell. Yamucha and Krillin run inside to hear what Cell has to say. Cell says for all of the best fighters in the world to fight him at his Cell Games. Then he blasts a hole through the wall a destroys half the city and says that there’s a sample of what you will be fighting and flies out the hole. Now Trunks knew he still had to train some more. But before he could leave Bulma said he should get his hair cut first.

By: Vegeta1014


 here is my review on DragonBall Z: The Doomsday Broadcast (English Version...Episode #152
                                   As it begins... Perfect Cell is flying to make the Broadcast at the International Broadcasting Place... But then it shows at the Kami house, where Master Roshi is watching the exercise video,  an Vegeta is bragging that he's the only one who can win the Cell Games... when Yamcha starts picking on him... then Vegeta and Yamcha start fighting, Trunks brakes up the fight and Yamcha and Krillin go outside to practice. Celll make his broadcast, and states that it will be in 9 days.


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