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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 150 - The Cell Games

English Dubbed
150. The Cell Games
Cell and Trunks are fighting. They stop. Trunks powers up. Krillin is flying to Master
Roshi's. He gets on an island. He gives a Senzu Bean to Vegeta. Trunks is still powering
up. It shows Goku and Gohan training. Goku ascended to the next level. Goku immediately notices this form's weakness. Trunks is losing. Trunks hasn't given up yet. It shows Goku and Gohan again.Back to the battle scene. Cell powers up. Trunks transforms back because he notices the weakness. Vegeta goes to the battlefield. Cell plans a tournament. Cell goes away.


Trunks says you’ll be the first person to see the true power of a Saiyan. 

Then he powers up.  In the meantime Krillin heals Vegeta with a Sensu bean. 

Flash … Goku is powering up to a Ultra Super Saiyan.

Flash … Trunks can’t beat Cell.  Cell wants to know how Trunks got so strong so fast.  He decides there will be a tournament.  He will fight all the fighters and he will test his ultimate power on Goku.  He gives them 10 days to train for the Cell Games.

by        Max Olvera

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