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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 148 - Saving Throw

English Dubbed
148. Saving Throw

The clouds are circling in the sky. Trunks is still powering up. Cell is scared. Trunks talks to Krillin. Krillin is relieved. Trunks comes to the ground. Trunks tells Cell to fight him. Krillin is still there. Trunks and Cell are staring at each other.  They start fighting. Trunks is beating up Cell.  Goku and Gohan turn Super Saiyan. Gohan is chasing Goku. He catches him. Back to the battle scene. Cell comes out of the ground. Trunks puts up a good fight. Cell charges at Trunks. He misses.  Then Trunks charges at Cell. He misses too.  Cell hits him. They start fighting again. Krillin gets Vegeta. Krillin flies to Master Roshi’s. Trunks and Cell are smiling. Trunks powers up.



Eps 149 Saving Throw
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with trunks powering up into an
ascended Super Saiyan. Cell looks up in surprise to
see Trunks’ new power. Krillin was scared out of his
wits! Trunks then tells Krillin to take Vegeta to M.
Roshi’s and to give him a sensu bean when he gets
         Trunks heads to the battlefield to face Cell. The two
combatants then walk to each other. 16 can’t
understand why Cell is so confident. Cell begins the
attack and two powers go into hyper speed. Krillin
couldn’t follow their movements anymore. Next thing
you see is Trunks nailing Cell on the head. Cell goes
         Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan continue their training as
Gohan has to catch Goku in anyway possible. Gohan then
starts firing blasts at Goku. Goku dodges most of
them, but Gohan caught him in the end.
         Back at the battlefield, Krillin thinks Trunks has
won, but Cell is nowhere close to going down as big
explosion occurs and Cell arrives back on level
         The fighters then go at it again with Trunks gaining
the advantage. Cell then gets Trunks with a few
punches. After Trunks gets hit he signals to Krillin
to get Vegeta. Krillin does just that. Trunks and Cell
continue their fight.
         At Kami’s Place, Piccolo was amazed by Trunks’ power,
realizing that there is a level beyond a Super Saiyan.
Trunks then begins to power up to full capacity. Will
Trunks be able to defeat Cell once and for all? Find
out on the next Dragonball Z.


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