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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 147 - Trunks Ascends

Trunks Ascends

Summary #2 for me. It starts out with Vegeta breathing hard. Android 16 is amazed that Vegeta still isn’t strong enough. Cell punches Vegeta, who goes flying into rock pillars. He finally stops flying in the air and powers up(yellow beam around him), but he falls into the water. Krillin begs Trunks(who is now powering up)to help Vegeta.

“Vegeta will be angry, but at least you’ll save him!” Krillin yells.

Vegeta climbs out of the water and gets really pissed off. He starts to

power up extremely. He begins to make a blast. The island starts to crumble.

Smoke’s coming from all directions.

Trunks: Vegeta is using a powerful attack!(or something like that)

Krillin: Either that, or he’s going to fry us all!

Finally, Vegeta shoots a HUGE blast at Cell(yelling). The blast rumbles

the whole Earth and disappears into space.

It cuts to Gohan(Super Saiyan), blasting like crazy. Goku calls him to eat and asks him to cook a steak(whatever those meats which you hold the bone on are called, my brains on the fritz). Goku throws it into the air and Gohan shoots it. Unfortunately, he uses too much power and Goku’s hair is on fire.

Gohan: Uh, Dad, Dad!!!

Goku: Ahh!!! Put it out! Put it out!

It cuts back to the Vegeta vs. Cell fight. Cell’s arm is blown off and

Vegeta starts laughing. I guess everyone guessed what was coming next. Cell’s arm grows back (cells from Piccolo). Cell throws Vegeta in the air and elbows his back. Vegeta falls to the ground and his hair turns back to black.

Krillin: Oh No! Vegeta is out of Super Saiyan! Either he’s unconscious or, or, well, you know!!!

Trunks gets EXTREMELY pissed off. How pissed off? Well, his eyes turn pure white, his hair changes to SS(or Ultra Saiyan), and he is glowing VERY bright. Wait, don’t stop there! His energy is so high that it zaps Krillin!  That’s not pissed off, you’d say. Oh yeah, your right, it’s not. CELL IS SCARED OF HIM!!!! Trunks ascends..... The end.

Next episode: (I forgot the name). Trunks vs. Cell!

- Charizard Fire 9


147. Trunks Ascends
English Dubbed

It shows the ocean. Vegeta is scared.  He’s sweating. Cell kicks Vegeta. He is rammed through rocks. Vegeta creates a whirlpool. He falls in the water. He gets out. Trunks powers up. Vegeta powers up.  Thunder is coming from Vegeta. He builds up a blast. Trunks doesn’t wan’t him to do it.  Cell isn’t  afraid. When the blast goes at him he turns scared. Gohan’s training. It’s lunch time. Gohan frys the meat for Goku. It burns up. Goku’s hair is on fire. The smoke clears. Part of Cell is destroyed. Vegeta is laughing. Cell regenerates. They’re scared. They start fighting again. Cell isn’t hurt. Cell hits Vegeta into the air.  Cell hits him again. Vegeta is on the ground. Vegeta isn’t a Super Saiyan anymore. Trunks transforms. Cell is about to kill. He notices Trunks. He is scared.



It starts out with Vegeta looking In horror because he used his most powerful kick on Cell and it didn’t even stun him. The fight contiued with vegeta getting the beating of his life. Krillin tells Trunks to help vegeta. Trunks told krillin he will wait until Vegeta gets knocked out because he didn’t want vegeta to know he is stronger because vegeta had to much pride.  Meanwhile vegeta exploded with anger.  He shot a ki at Cell. Trunks told him not to because he might blow up the whole planet. But Vegeta focoused all energy on cell. The dust cleared and cell had been ripped into two pieces.

Every body was celebrating. But cell started to laugh. Then he said” You forgot I could regenerate. Then cells body regenerated. Cell then beatdown vegeta. After he was knocked out Trunks ascended. That’s the end

- Ashby


Eps 149 Saving Throw
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with trunks powering up into an
ascended Super Saiyan. Cell looks up in surprise to
see Trunks’ new power. Krillin was scared out of his
wits! Trunks then tells Krillin to take Vegeta to M.
Roshi’s and to give him a sensu bean when he gets
         Trunks heads to the battlefield to face Cell. The two
combatants then walk to each other. 16 can’t
understand why Cell is so confident. Cell begins the
attack and two powers go into hyper speed. Krillin
couldn’t follow their movements anymore. Next thing
you see is Trunks nailing Cell on the head. Cell goes
         Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan continue their training as
Gohan has to catch Goku in anyway possible. Gohan then
starts firing blasts at Goku. Goku dodges most of
them, but Gohan caught him in the end.
         Back at the battlefield, Krillin thinks Trunks has
won, but Cell is nowhere close to going down as big
explosion occurs and Cell arrives back on level
         The fighters then go at it again with Trunks gaining
the advantage. Cell then gets Trunks with a few
punches. After Trunks gets hit he signals to Krillin
to get Vegeta. Krillin does just that. Trunks and Cell
continue their fight.
         At Kami’s Place, Piccolo was amazed by Trunks’ power,
realizing that there is a level beyond a Super Saiyan.
Trunks then begins to power up to full capacity. Will
Trunks be able to defeat Cell once and for all? Find
out on the next Dragonball Z.


Trunks Ascends
English dubbed, long summary

Alo everyone my name is Mike Johnson and, even at this time, I'm reviewing Trunks Ascends, one of my favorite episodes in Dragon Ball Z because of Vegeta's Final Flash(Shine I hear) and Trunks' power level =P

The episode begins with Vegeta and Cell going at it, Cell landing most of the blows. Vegeta gets beaten badly and, after a while, lands in the sea. Trunks and Krillin start to get worried, when Trunks starts to power up a little. Krillin wonders if he's feeling all right, but soon looks back to the battle scene.

The ocean glows intensely with yellow and Vegeta bursts out of it, panting wildly. His right arm is sort of limping, but then he puts the palms of both hands together like a Kameha Meha, but the hands are in front of him and the fingers are pointing out.

Trunks and Krillin start to feel Vegeta's power rise dramatically. Debris, mostly rock, starts to fly everywhere. Krillin shields himself from the flying rock and yells to Trunks, "Vegeta's going to fry us all!" Trunks floats there, hardly listening to Krillin.

Blue electricity forms around Vegeta's hands. His body pulses, making it look like he's shrinking and growing. He's yelling the entire time, shocking Cell a bit. Cell stands there, astonished at Vegeta's power.

"Vegeta's going to fry us all!" Krillin shouts.

Vegeta's power is so high, the clouds above and around him spread apart quickly. After a lot of yelling and powering up, lightning flashing all around him and such, he yells, "Haha! Taste this Cell! Rrrrnnnn.... Aaaaahhhhh.... Final Flash!!!" he screams, sending out an unbelievably large blast at Cell. Cell widens his eyes and gasps as he doesn't shield himself in time. Out in space, the beam still looks very large as it dissipates.

Back at the battle field, Vegeta floats down to the ground, panting quickly, grinning. The gold aura around him stays, smoke flying everywhere. We see a part of Cell, then when the smoke clears, he has only lost his right arm. Vegeta laughs wildly, Trunks and Krillin afraid now.

Cell stares at his wound, afraid. Vegeta is being his usual self, being triumphant before the end. Cell starts to laugh, sayin he would've destroyed him if Vegeta's aim wasn't off. Vegeta stops laughing as Cell regenerates his arm.

As a little bit of smoke and dust still flies, Cell charges right on through and punches Vegeta in the face. Cell starts to beat on Vegeta badly.

Trunks gets ultimately p*$$ed now. If you can't imagine this let me help you... His hair turns much spikier, looks like it's flaming and his band holding it snaps off. His eyes turn pure solid white and he growls loudly. His body bulks up big time.

There. Now, Krillin goes crazy after he sees Trunks. He shakes forever, gasping in awe and such. In the anime it always seems like he has other black lines around him. o.o

After some brief, very brief comedy from Krillin, Trunks' eyes return to normal. Trunks, son of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, is an Ascended Saiyan.

Phew, hope that wasn't too long! Next episode: SAVING THROW - MasterSword

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