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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 145 - Cell is Complete  

name: Chuck Hall. 'Cell Is Complete' episode 145 english dubbed version. website url:

     The episode starts off with a thunderstorm caused by Cell's new power. Trunks remembers what the Androids did in his time and gets filled with rage. He tries to punch Cell, but is blasted away easily. At Master Roshi's House, a huge tidal wave destroys the house. Yamcha, Chi-chi and Master Roshi are putting up the house while Master Rosi says "the worst is yet to come". Up on Kame's lookout, Piccolo tells everyone that Cell is complete and Bulma goes crazy wondering why Krillon didn't use the remote she made. While in the Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan are fighting each other. Goku is about to take out Gohan, but helps him up. Gohan tells Goku that he is too easy on him, and that he should try is hardest. Goku goes Super Saiyan and uses a powerful Kamehameha on him. Gohan blocks it and starts thinking about all the times he has let his friends down. He remembers his dad going Super Saiyan after Krillon was killed, how he could of killed Nappa but chickened out, how Tien lost his arm because he was chickeni


In this episode cell sucks up no.18 and transforms in to perfect cell. Vegeta is unsatisfied with the new complete cell. Do it as they may they could not hurt cell. When Krilin kicked him cell K.O.ed him in one mighty blow. Trunks gives him the sinzu bean to revive him. After he was healed he told him cell was hiding alot of power. He also knew that trunks was hiding more power and had surpassed vegta’s power - Kyle Critcher


    Cell finally finished his transformation.  Krillin got mad and tried to beat up cell.  Krillin couldn't do anything so he tried a distructo disk.  It didn't do any thing!  Cell kicked krillin.  meanwhile Goku and Gohan were training.  Gohan tryed to turn SuperSayen, he got it but then lost it.

                            END    Jordan Pingitore, NY


Today’s episode was awesome It started off with cell in the process of transforming to perfect cell and trunks tries to stop him because he did not want this world to end up like his.  Then It goes to Goku and Gohan training but Gohan wants Goku to train him harder. Once again it skips to the battle with cell and thoughts of 18 are passing through Krillan’s head. Cell had just finished transforming when Krillan attacks he tries his best but does not even scratch cell. The whole time Cell is transforming (before he finished) master Roshi’s house  it getting flooded and it ends when Cell is done transforming. Krillan and Trunks fight as hard as they can but Cell hits Krillan once and defeats him.  and Trunks is yelling “No Krillan!!!!”. that ends the cell part of the show. back at the training grounds of Gohan and Goku Goku goes super sayain so SS Goku fires a full power Kamehameha and gohan hold it but then Gohan goes Super Sayain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and defeats the kamehameha but is to weak to hold his transformation and changes back.

This ends my synthesis of Dragon Ball Episode 145 - The Henry's


hi my name is sasha akbari I have a web site its

today you will see episode 145 in english it’s my favorate because gohan becomes a super saiyan so enjoy

last time  cell absorbed 18 and became perfect cell now krillin trunks and vegita are mad then and at kami’s look out piccolo is look with fear and bulma can’t believe krillin destroyed the device

back at the hard training in the hyperbolic room goku and gohan are still training then goku send a kame hame ha at gohan but he was holding by an inch but then he rememered the time he was getting beaten up by nappa and racoom then gohan saw he can’t give up the he sent it back to goku and goku doged it then goku looked at gohan   and saw he has became a super saiyan and h was so happy now gohan ha become a super saiyan. 

cell can’t believe he became perfect cell till next time now gohan is a super saiyan will he make a difference see the next episode of dragonball Z  


145. Cell is Complete
English Dubbed

There are waves and water spouts. Cell has a green light around him. Trunks says he will not let Cell destroy this world again. A wave rushes over Kame House. They’re pumping out the water. Cell is shining. Chi-Chi is drying clothes. Oo-long is hanging too. It shows the top of Karin Tower. Cell stopped shining. The clock in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is ticking. They’re training. Gohan became a Super Saiyan. Cell comes to the ground.  Krillin tries to fight. But no effect. Then Trunks tries. Not even he can. Cell fights Krillin.



                                                                                           After a long transformation and extreme power-up, Cell’s final Perfect form is revealed. His tail is gone and he has wing-like objects on his back. His facial characteristics have changed again and he looks normal. His voice becomes normal, too. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan engage in an intense battle in the Time Chamber. Gohan convinces his father to release everything he has in order for Gohan to become a Super Saiyan. Goku releases a giant Kamehameha wave and Gohan uses all his strength to block it. In the process, he uses the pain of loss to power up. He thinks about all the times he let his friends down during extreme battles and they ended up dying. Using those thoughts, he is able to push himself to Super Saiyan! And, let me tell you, SS Gohan looks really cool. But he is only in his new form for about a minute. Meanwhile, Trunks and Krillin release powerful blows on Cell’s face, but he doesn’t even notice them!! It appears Vegeta is in for quite a challenge.
- Ross  


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