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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 144 - Last Defense

The episode starts with Cell Noticing 18. Then Trunks notices what Cell is seeing and is extremely miffed by this.

Then 18 and krillin talk and he tells her to leave quick. Quickly after, 16, 18 and Krillin see Cell looking at them, which causes mayhem.

Then cell charges to where 18 is. But trunks to the rescue! He punches Cell into the ground. Krillin wonders what kind of vitamin he’s taking. Trunks tells them to leave, that Cell is tunneling underground.

18 leaves 16 behind, Krillin follows, Cell blows out of the ground (cue dramatic music) Trunks flies over. Then Vegeta blows his son into a cliff to stop him. Cell stands there, smirking. Then he says “Vegeta is the brave one, incredibly stupid, but brave, none the less”. I’ll make this my favorite quote this episode. Then trunks tries to get at Cell (again) and is blown back by his father.

Meanwhile, Piccolo, up at Kame’s,  is worrying about the fight, talking to himself. Bulma overhears and demands an explanation and little Trunks starts crying. Piccolo doesn’t answer, but hopes Goku and Gohan are training hard.

Back at the battlefield, Cell thanks Vegeta for getting rid of Trunks. Everyone tries their luck against Cell, with no injuries to him. Trunks, meanwhile is really mad at Vegeta and says that he wont live through Cells wrath again.  Summoning a whopping  Ki blast, he blows Vegeta away! (GO TRUNKS!!!)

Commercial break

In the hyperbolic time chamber, Goku is carrying Gohan to his bed on his shoulders. Gohan says that Goku didn’t want him there because he thought he slowed him down,  but Goku assures him that he would never “think something like that about his big super cool son”.

At the field, cell towers over 18, she attacks with a somewhat wimpy blast, just skidding him back about 10 feet. He opens up his tail, then laughs.Trunks comes in and punches Cell a bit, then tells 18 to get away.

Vegeta is floating in the water and talks about how dumb trunks is, like usual. Then flies back to the fight.    Trunks is punching cell. (kicking his butt) As Vegeta arrives, cell launches a solar flare, blinding everyone for a bit.

Krillin tries protecting the androids blindly, but Cell flicks him away, 18 punches him but he gets his sucker thing around her and begins absorbing her (!!!!) As the guys get their vision back, Krillin tries to save 18, but she was completely absorbed. Vegeta is talking about having a worthy adversary.

Trunks tries to stop cell from transforming, but his little light balls don’t do anything to him.  Cell makes the earth shake during his transformation and it shows everyone being scared.

Then on Namek, Dende runs to the honorable elder and the elder says that cell has the power to destroy earth, but maybe even the universe, eep.

end of the episode


Hi. My name is Eddie Swanson and I am doing a review.  # 144            English                   LAST DEFENSE No website.

Cell is thinking of a plan to absorb 18. He gets very close but then 18 keeps blasting him away from her. She is about to be sucked up when SS Trunks  teleports over. He tells 18 to get away and there’s not much time. He starts punching Cell. They fly up. Cell looks at the sun and flys in front of it. He uses solarflare. While everyone is blinded. He flys down and trys to absorb 18. Krillin starts punching him. Then 18 gets sucked up. The sky starts to thunder. PERFECT CELL!  And that is the end of that episode of Dragonball Z!  PERFECT CELL!      COOL!


Series: U.S Dubbed Dragonball Z

Episode Title: The Last Defense

Episode No: 144

By Ashley Smith

Last time on DBZ, Vegeta decided that he'd let Cell go for a better challenge. Trunks doesn't seem to agree with his father though, since he's blocking Cell's

path. But, the demonic villain has already found Android 18.

Cell was smirking to himself knowing that he'd be absorbing 18 soon. Trunks unearthed Cell's plot and shouted out to the androids.

"Get out of here; Cell knows where you are!" Krillin and the androids looked up and saw Cell staring at them. Cell flew down at them, followed by Trunks.

"I WON'T LET YOU GET HER!" Vegeta looked down on all this. Cell was close to getting at 18, when Trunks kicked him out of the way. He, then, started blasting him. Cell evaded the last blast, to get pummeled into the ground by the courageous Saiyan. Trunks told Krillin to get 18 out of the premises because Cell was tunneling underground. Unfortunately, 18 wouldn't leave without 16, but 16 kept telling them to leave without him. Finally 18 ran off, followed by Krillin. Suddenly, Cell burst out of the ground.. Trunks tried to intervene, but Vegeta wanted to make sure his son did no such thing by kicking him out of the way. Cell walked menacingly towards 18, to be stopped by 16.

"By the looks of it, 16, your batteries are running low." Cell told the three about how Vegeta let him go and gave him this chance. Vegeta, meanwhile, told him to hurry up and, then, blasted Trunks, who was trying to stop Cell again.

Piccolo was saying how foolish Vegeta was, while Bulma as yelling at him for not telling him what was going on.

Cell was thanking Vegeta for stopping Trunks while Krillin kept punching Cell in the face. Then 16 punched Cell with his Rocket Fist and started punching Cell at the chest. 18 tried having a whack at Cell herself, but got blasted away. Trunks powered up and pleaded with his father to not let Cell absorb 18. Vegeta told him that he wanted to see this power Cell kept talking about. Trunks told him that he'd seen it all his life; he wouldn't let it happen again, even if it meant taking Vegeta down. He, then, blasted Vegeta away.

Meanwhile, Goku was taking his tired out son to bed. Gohan apologized for slowing his dad down and said that he probably wished he wasn't there.

"Hey, you know I wouldn't think something like that about my big super-cool son." reassured Goku.

Cell was standing in front of 18. 18 started blasting Cell away from her. Krillin, who was beat down, couldn't stand to watch 18 be absorbed, because Cell opened up his tail. Trunks, suddenly, kicked Cell and warned 18 to run away. He, then, started beating up Cell. 18 tried to pick up 16, but 16 told her to let him be. Krillin got up and decided to help.

Vegeta was thinking about how powerful his son was and burst off.

Meanwhile, Cell got an idea by looking at the sun. He flew up to the sun, followed by Trunks, who was followed by Vegeta. Cell lauhched a Solar Flare at his opponents, then flew down to the androids. Krillin, blindly, tried to protect 18 and 16. Cell, simply, blasted him away. He opened his tail again. 18, courageously, tried to defend, but Cell stuffed his tail on poor 18. Krillin, frustratedly, tried to punch Cell, but he couldn't see where to punch. It was too late; Cell had absorbed 18. All of the attempts to stop Cell from absorbing are now in vain. Trunks and everyone else got their eye-sight back. Cell had regrown his wings, Vegeta was thrilled to see Cell had succeeded in his transformation. Trunks tried to blast Cell to pieces, but to no avail. Cell unleashed some of his renewed power, which made an earthquake. Cell unleashed some more energy, which even the Nameks, on their new planet, could sense Cell's strengthened power. Dende came running up to the new honourable elder, who said that the energy

The name of the next episode is "Cell is Complete". Goku tries to turn Gohan into a Super Saiyan and he succeds. Meanwhile, Cell has become perfect and starts his rampage on Krillin.


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