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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 143 - Krillin's Decision

Vegeta and Cell are talking about letting Cell go to full transformation.  Meanwhile Krillin finds #18 and #16 watching Vegeta. Krillin thinks about if he should destroy (actually he’ll malfuntion her then blast her with the remote) her because she gave him that kiss. He then decides to go and tries to get within the 10 meters. Meanwhile Cell is still trying to get to vegetas weak point of a challenge. Krillins conciense keeps telling him not to destroy 18. He keeps having flashbacks of the kiss then the screen goes in circles. He throws down the control and waits for 18 to see. 18 automatically knows that the control can make her not work right. Krillins then steps on it and destroys it. Back to Cell and Vegeta, Cell finally convinces Vegeta to let him absorb 18. Cell goes looking for 18 when Trunks pops up in SuperSaiyan Mode. Cell starts saying that he can beat Trunks but Trunks teachs him beater. Then Cell sees 18... “no” said Trunks than the episode ends.

On the next episode everybody will try to stop Cell even 18.

#144 Last Defense



143. Krillin’s Decision
Series: DBZ
Version: English Dubbed

It starts off with Krillin looking for

18. Then he notices Cell powering up. Vegeta dosen’t care. Cell wants to complete his evoulution. Vegeta starts talking to Cell then hits him.  18 dosen’t agree that Vegeta can gain that much power in such a short time. Krillin notices 18. Vegeta shoots a blast at Cell. Krillin keeps looking at the androids. Cell tells Vegeta to let him absorb 18 so Vegeta could test the true depths of his power. Krillin gets 10 meters within of 18. It shows Goku and Gohan in the bath.  Then they start splashing each other. Krillin still hasn’t pushed the button. Krillin drops the remote. Vegeta tells Cell that he went beyond the Super Saiyan. Cell goes off to absorb 18. Trunks stops him.  They start fighting. They notice 18.

My Name: Sdigimon


Series: DBZ
Episode:143 Krillin's Decision
Version: English Dubbed
The episode starts off by Vegeta kicking Cell's ass, BAD!. Krillin finds Androids 16 and 18. Krillin edges closer, hoping to get within 10 metres of deactivating 18 with Bulma's remote control. He then has flashbacks of 18 kissing him and gets nervous. Just then, Vegeta and Cell are talking about Cell absorbing 18 and transforming into Perfect Cell. Vegeta allows Cell to go find 18 and absorb her.
Krillin gets so nervous that he drops the remote. 18 then sees him and questions him. Krillin destroys the remote and 18 is surprised by this. Just then, SS Trunks jumps in and beats up Cell. Cell notices 18 with Krillin and flies toward them. Trunks also sees this and gets pissed off.END.

Stay tuned for the next episode of DBZ: 144 Last Defense
By SS4 Gohan-san


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