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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 141 - Bow to the Prince

Dragon Ball Z
English - Dubbed

The Episode starts out with Super Vegeta finishing off a punch on Cell. Then Vegeta begins beating the crap out of Cell. After a few punches, Vegeta swings Cell into an island. Trunks is thinking how powerful Vegeta is and thinks about the Time Chamber and how it could change. Then you see if in a fire and he is burning up. He sees his father about to die and he runs over to him only to be punched in the face by him. Then the flames go away and Trunks realizes it was not real. Meanwhile, On Kami’s lookout, Bulma is asking what is happening with Vegeta. Tien says he is winning and Piccolo is thinking that Vegeta is toying with Cell and it might give Cell time to absorb the remaining androids. Then, inside the Time Capsule, Gohan is increasing his power level, trying to become a Super Saiyan. Goku says that it takes more than increasing your power level and you should have a meaning instead of doing it just to do it. Goku tells Gohan to imagine Cell is killing Goku and his friends. Gohan says he has never seen Cell so Goku tells him to think of Freiza instead. Gohan imagines Krillen dying  with a laser blast, then Piccolo getting hit by a laser beam. Then he thinks of Dende dying and Goku as a Super Saiyan stuck on Namek until it explodes. Gohan’s hair then turns yellow for a few seconds then he falls down. Then, back with Super Vegeta, Cell punches Vegeta then throws him down. Then he looks at Trunks and wonders what he is looking at. Then Vegeta comes up and punches Cell until you see little dents in him. Cell powers up and #16 says Cell’s power level is increasing. He then punches Vegeta hard in the face and starts laughing. Then Vegeta looks up with a little blood coming from his lip and says that while in the time chamber, he became Super Vegeta and Cell is no match for him.

I give this episode a 9 out of 10 because I liked the scene when Gohan almost became a Super Saiyan. I hope you like this, I took a while to type - Aspyrds


I am submitting a review for the Dragonball Z saga; It is in the Imperfect Cell Saga.  It is in the English series.  The episode title is “Bow to the Prince” and it’s #141, I think. 

The episode starts with Cell and Vegeta fighting.  It looks like Vegeta is winning.  Then Trunks is just watching, as he sees his father fight.  Then he has a flashback and talks about his training in the time chamber.  So when the fight heats up, Trunks doesn’t do anything.  Meanwhile, Gohan and Goku are training in the chamber.  Goku explains to Gohan that reaching Super Saiyan is by need, not desire.  Goku tells him to remember when Frieza killed all his friends.  Gohan’s level rises greatly, and he flashes Super Saiyan for abput 2 seconds, but then he stops.  Piccolo and Tien are watching the battle (actually sensing it) and Tien’s having a hoot, but Piccolo is mad because he knows that Vegeta is just toying with Cell.  Then as usual, baby Trunks bursts into tears.  Krillin is on his way to the battle, hoping to shut off the androids.  Krillin heres the fight and wants to watch.  Yet, Vegeta and Cell are still in an intense battle, while Trunks looks on.  Cell powers up, and Cell lands a couple of punches on Vegeta.  Vegeta is still confident, and Cell says “You’re not Vegeta.  You’ve changed.”  Vegeta tells him that he’s right and he’s Super Vegeta!  That was about it!


Visit my’s not quite finished, but it’ll be totally cool.  Featuring anime such as DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, etc.


The 141 episode is bow to the prince. This one is about super Vegta starts to battle cell. While they are fighting Trunks starts to tell about how Vegeta turned into Super Vegeta. After he is done talking you start to watch Vegeta whoop cell with only a little of his power. Then cell says I still haven’t got to my maximum power. Cell charges up  to attack Vegeta. In the time chamber Goku and Gohan tries to reach the next level. Goku tells Gohan how he turned into a super saiyian. Gohan tries to do what his dad did and his hair started to turn yellow but went back to black. The battle rages on with Vegeta  and Cell. Vegeta gives cell a free shot at him and then started to whoop him again. Then the end of the episode. - Kwalter


Hi, this is Daniel Chapman again with another Dragonball Z episode review!
This is for the episode "Bow To The Prince"

First off, you see Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta standing in front of Near Perfect
Cell and Cell is going on about how Vegeta got all this power from, then
Vegeta gives him a small lecture about it and starts fighting with him.
Vegeta is doing really well and is punching Cell all over the place and he
doesn't even attack back! After a few punches and kicks by Vegeta, he jumps
down towards the ground but while he is doing that he grabs hold of one of
Cell's feet and swings him into an island down below! You then see Androids
16 and 18 watching in suspense and Android 18 is wondering also how Vegeta
got so much more powerful since their previous battle, also you see some
squirrels running all over Android 16 too. Then the scene changes to up on
top of Kami's Lookout where Piccolo and Tien are watching the battle too and
Bulma asks them how Vegeta and Trunks are doing, Tien says that Vegeta is
doing well but Piccolo is upset because he points out that Vegeta is only
playing with Cell and so he is giving him a better chance of absorbing
Android 18 too! Bulma gets worried and then Piccolo starts screaming and
shouts out Vegeta's name. Back at the battlefield Vegeta is still kicking
Cell senseless and even hits him so hard that Cell ends up skimming the water
for miles and flies right through two islands as well, which makes a massive
cave in both of them! Next, you see Goku and Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber training and Gohan is trying to transform into a Super Saiyan but
it's not working because Goku says that you can't transform into a Super
Saiyan merely by powering up, but only if something very important to you is
lost and you need to do something about it. So Goku tells Gohan to picture
Cell beating up all of his friends but that doesn't work because Gohan hasn't
seen Cell before so Goku tells him to think of Frieza instead, Gohan tries
this and ends up thinking about when Frieza killed Dende, Piccolo (Nearly),
Krillin and when the planet exploded with Goku still on it, this happens to
have some effect on Gohan because his hair starts to glow that golden colour
and the yellow fire around him appears and his hair starts to stick up but he
only holds it for around five seconds and then he falls to the ground and is
completely exhausted. After that Cell says that he is going to use his full
power and tells Vegeta to come forward to fight him but ends up being kicked
all over the place again, only this time Vegeta's punches and kicks end up
making little dents in Cell and this really ticks Cell off so he lands on the
ground and a green light starts to appear and he really gets going now! So he
flies up to Vegeta and smashes his fist into his face but all this does to
Vegeta is makes his lip start to bleed so he wipes it off and says these
exact words "That hit was for free, but now I'll show you what real power
is!" And Cell looks really worried and that's the end of the episode.

Will Cell reach his Perfect form?

Will Trunks join the fight?

And when are Goku and Gohan going to finish their training?

Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z "Hour Of Temptation"

On the next episode, the battle really starts hotting up as everyone is
watching in suspense but is Vegeta going over his head, or is he really going
to defeat Cell?

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