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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 140 - Super Vegita

The episode starts off with Cell blowing up more islands, and 18 is worried as heck about it...

(Scene changes) Now we see a boasting Vegeta going at about a million miles a-hour saying,”Wait till they see what I can do!”. Trunks, closely following Vegeta says that Vegeta must want to fight Cell badly.

(SC=Scene change) Then we see Piccolo and Tien on Kami’s place and Piccolo remarks “It’s easy as this, Cell absorbs 18, we lose”, then Futur/baby/chibi Trunks gives some comedy relief with a big wail, then to a cry.Then we see Goku and Gohan in the hydro-whatever room looking at the supplies, and Gohan doesn’t think that the way his dad eats, there won’t be near enough food for a year! HeHe!

(SC) Cell gets mad and does a real fast move, shooting ALOT of beams destroying about all but 3-5 islands. Then it is the last island, 16 & 18’s island...uH oh!

But all-of-a-sudden, SWOOSH! Here comes Vegeta, ready to save the day! What I considered weird here, is how fast Cell recognized Vegeta, but that really shouldn’t surprise me. Vegeta then says,”Your turn is up!”, and WHOOSH heeeeeere’s Trunks (nice hair)!  16 Says to 18 that they should stay still and let Vegeta fight. Good choice, because after about 2 minutes of boasting, Vegeta powers up. And I mean UP! He had that fire around him in the SSJ mode, only 4-times the size! When he finished his power up, Vegeta had HUGE muscles and Cell actually looked afraid!

(SC) Piccolo senses Vegeta’s new power. In the Hydro-room Goku tells Gohan that he WILL become a SuperSaiyan, let’s just hope this works!!


Next Time on DBZ:

Vegeta goes one-on-one with Cell, looks coooll! I will watch it, hopefully.

D’sGokan fusion.


Vegeta leaves kami’s lookout to fight cell.  trunks tags along.  goku and gohan talk about goals for training.  Goku says they wont leave ‘till gohan is stronger than him.  gohan freaks.  meanwhile, cell is about to blow up last island, but vegeta shows up.  he powers up for a while and is acsended sayin.  trunks just watches.  cell shakes.  vegeta delivers a punch.





Super Vegeta Episode 140

Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan to get to Cell faster. Trunks senses it and also powers up to Super Saiyan. Cell continues to blow up islands until only one is left. He’s about to find 18 when Vegeta arrives. He talks with Cell and Trunks arrives. He begins to power up. Gohan and Goku look through the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.  Super Vegeta flies and punches Cell in the stomach, and the episode ends.


episode #40

super vegita

First it starts out vegeta saying he can beat cell all by himself. Then goku and gohan are in the time chamber and goku was telling gohan that they had every thing they need. Outside the time chamber piccolo and teine are hoping that vegeta can beat cell.

Cell is destroying all the islands till vegeta shows up. He shows cell his great power. buruma shows up and asks piccolo what’s going on. Piccolo said that nothing. while at the battle field vegeta gives cell a power punch. End of episode.                                                                   

By: Andrew Keeney

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