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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 13 - A Fight Against Gravity ... Catch Bubbles

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 13 - A Fight Against Gravity, Catch Bubbles! - King Kai says that he has been on this planet for around 1000 years. He cracks a joke and Goku doesn't laugh. He says a lot more jokes, but Goku still won't laugh. Kai gets mad because Goku didn't laugh. Kai says he won't train anyone without a sense of humor. Goku starts to laugh, and Kai changes him mind. He says that Goku must pass a test to start the training. It is to make King Kai laugh. Goku is thinking frantically for a joke. He makes King Kai laugh on about the second joke. Kai is rolling around on the ground, cracking up. Kai agrees to start the training. Kai says to spar with him. Goku says the gravity is too much. Kai says that the gravity is 10 times that of Earth. Kai tells Goku to jump. He jumps pretty high. Kai is impressed. Kai says he will start the training now. Goku explains the situation with Earth and the Saiyans.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Kai searches through space (something to do with his tentacles on his head). He says that the Saiyans would arrive in 88 days. He says that training on his planet is the same as training for 1000 years on Earth. Kai says that the two Saiyans are stronger than he is. Goku's first task is to catch Bubbles, the monkey Goku met earlier. Goku starts to chase Bubbles. Gohan is still training with Piccolo when he is smacked into a river. Piccolo says he must keep pushing Gohan. Goku and Bubbles are walking around the planet.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Goku takes off his shirt and his boots and wrist bands. They were weighted clothing. He can now run faster. Goku is right behind the monkey. They race around the planet several times. Goku says that he is hungry and asks Kai if he can eat some food. Bubbles eats a banana, while Goku eats some taco and a bunch of other food. Goku finishes and continues trying to catch Bubbles. Kai makes Goku put the weighted clothes back on because the Saiyans planet has the same gravity as his does and they always wear weighted clothing. I</p> <p class="MsoBodyText">t is nighttime again and Gohan and Piccolo are sitting by a fire. Gohan is beat up pretty bad. He is tired. Gohan asks Piccolo if he will come to his birthday party. Piccolo gets mad. Once Gohan is asleep, Piccolo says that he doesn't like having feelings for that kid.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Goku is still chasing Bubbles. Kai made some rice. Bubbles jumps on top of Kai's house. Then Bubbles jumps into a tree. Goku climbs up after it but falls back down. They start running again on the ground when Goku gets and idea. Bubbles has run ahead and Goku runs the opposite way. The two run in to each other because the planet is so small. Bubbles gets away again. Bubbles runs into a tree again. He is exhausted and worried that he might be caught. He sits down to rest and looks up. Goku is in the tree!&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Gohan and Piccolo are training. Piccolo hits Gohan in the face. Gohan falls down the side of a mountain and can't get back up the side. Piccolo says he will wait at the top for him. Back on King Kai's planet, Goku makes a desperate leap and catches Bubbles finally. Goku dances around joyfully with Bubbles. The Saiyans are still approaching earth. There is 83 days remaining for Kai to teach Goku the special martial arts of Kaioken.


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