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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 137 - Say Goodbye 17

As the episode begins, Cell has just regenerated his tail and says, “Its gonna take more than that to stop me.” As he says this, his tail whips around splashing drips of green acid all over the ground that eats up some of the rocks.

Android 16 gets enraged and says, “NEXT TIME I’LL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD!?!”

Cell replies, “You’ll have to catch me first.” Cell charges up and leaps back while 16 jumps attacking him head on. Cell knocks him down and the Silent Warrior lies motionless on the ground. Cell looks around to see Android 17 standing up gripping his arm looking shocked as his android friend lies on the ground. Cell smiles and starts to walk toward 16 and charges up. As he steps closer, 16 leaps up and fires his left hand which disconnects from his arm. It collides with Cell’s chest and he hits the ground. Android 16 walks toward Cell who is lying unconcious on the ground. 16 picks him up and throws him hard to the ground. 16 crosses his arms disconnects both of this hands, which he holds under his arms, and fires an immense blast that lights up the whole island. Tien, 17, and 18 look in awe. Krillin looks behind him at all the light and recognizes Tien’s power, but decides to go and get the remote before he helps him.

Goku says, “Cell’s powerlevel has just taken a huge drop.”

Gohan says, “Does that mean that we are winning?”

Goku replies, “I don’t know Gohan, I just hope that they can just hold on.” As the smoke clears, there stands 16, still aiming his blasters at the ground. He then reattaches his hands.

Android 17 says to himself, “ I didn’t believe it before but Android 16 is stronger. He is an amazing machine.”

Android 18 says, “He did it, he killed Cell! You did it 16 you sqaushed that bug!”


Androind 17 says, “What are you talking about 16? You destroyed him. With us by your side no one can come against us, we can rule the whole world!” And as Android 17 says his last words, a dark shadow falls over him.

Tien then yells, “17 LOOK OUT HE’S BEHIND YOU!?!?!?!” Android 17 then turns around to see the evil and merciless Cell. Cell opens his stinger and puts it over Android 17. 17 strugggles a little bit, but its too late Cell sucks 17 all the way down his tail and into him. Android 16 runs to try and stop him, but its done 17 is gone. Cell then starts to yell and this white light starts to glow all around him.

THE TRANSFORMATION HAS BEGUN! Cell begins to scream with joy as his form starts to change. Android 16 is blinded by all the bright light. Cells spots on his body begin to glow brighter than anything else. Cells foot begins to change also. His three fingers fuse together to make a foot that looks similar to a boot. Cells forehead also changes and so does his facial characteristics. Goku and Gohan, at Kami’s lookout, are amazed with fear!

Goku says, “Cells power reading has just sky rocketed! This means only one this, Gohan, Cell has just absorbed one of the androids! Thats the only logical explanation.” As the light coming from Cell dims, his new form has now been shown! Now Cell has lost his wings and instead of a beak, he has a mouth that makes him look like a frog. His tail, now is more blue and is connected to his upper backside. Cell’s muscles are now bigger than ever and he has more of a forehead. His ki now is blue, just like Vegeta’s, and he has a deeper voice.

Android 16 starts to run for his life. He rushes to 18 and says, “We must leave now, before it is too late! You’d better too!” Which he tells to Tien.

Meanwhile, Cell is just getting use to his new form. Cell says, “So this is how it feels like. IT IS AMAZING! I could get use to this.”

Android 16 runs a couple of feet behind Cell, still holding on to 18, to the edge of the island. Cell sees them, charges up his ki and leaps toward them. The next thing you know, Cell is in front of Android 16.

Android 16 stops and says, “Its worst than I feared, he is stronger than me.” Cell turned around and looks at his reflection in the water.

“So this is what it looks like when I change, I like it!”

Android 16 says, “Get out of our way!” Cell turns around, puts his hand in front of 16’s face.

Android 18 says, “16 watch out!!” And Cell fires a mighty blast in 16’s face which sends him flying a couple of feet away. As 16 looks back up half of his upper right head is gone and his inner metals are showing.

Tien says as he watches from afar, “Looks like I’ll half to get my feet wet after all.”

As Cell takes a step closer to Android 18 he says, “Join with me 18.”

Android 18 says, “Get back or else I’ll detonate myself.”

Cell says, “Your going to destroy yourself?”

Android 18, “ Anything is better than being a part of you!”

Cell, “Android 17 isn’t having a problem.” And then Cell’s voice changes into 17’s voice. Over Cell’s head there is the image of Android 17.

17 says, “Don’t be afraid 18. When you become one with Cell all will become clear.”

Android 16 sits up and yells with all his energy, “Don’t listen to him

18 he is just using 17’s voice!!!”

Cell switches back to his original voice and says, “What do you know, you’ve only got half a brain.”

17 then says again, “Join with me 18 I’m all right.” But as 17 says that, 18 sees behind his voice and learns that it’s not 17 and is Cell.

Android 18 says, “17 would never want to be apart of you he loved his life! It was all just a game to him! NOW STEP BACK OR ELSE I WILL DETONATE!”

Cell, “Think Android 18, you need to charge up enough power to detonate and I will prevent you from doing so. You’ll need a hand full of seconds to charge up when I need a meer second to get you.” And then a shadow falls over Cell. 18 and Cell look above to see Tien standing over him.

Tien starts to power up and fires a huge triangular energy blast at him.

Tien says, “I maybe just a pothole in the road to you but I am going to be ONE DEEP POTHOLE!!!”

And as the smoke clears from his first blast, there is and immense hole in the ground, with Cell in it. The hole is very deep and you can see hardly anything in it.

Tien says, “I know your somewhere down there. He turns to 18 and says WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GET OUT OF HERE!!!!” 18 gets up and runs to 16 and ask him if he can fly. 16 says he’ll try.

Meanwhile, Tien fires more and more blasts into the hole, and in the hole shows Cell flying back up and being knocked right back down into the hole. Tien’s blasts are actually preventing Cell from getting out!

Back on Kami’s Lookout, Goku and Gohan are shocked and afraid for Tien.


Back to the battle, Tien is putting up a good effort and keeps firing his energy blasts. Android 16 tells 18 that he can’t fly and she should  get out of here! Tien keeps firing and firing in the hole and keeps knocking Cell down! HOW MUCH LONGER CAN HE LAST? And right when it gets exciting it ends.


Written by: FuNkEeOnE1


This is the review for the episode:  “Say Goodbye, 17”

In this episode, it starts off with Android Sixteen talking to “Imperfect Cell.”  The battle between the warriors of strength continues.  The powerful warriors go head to head.  While Tien watches from the air, all eyes turn to the battlefield and the fate or survival of the planet and it’s inhabitants.  What will happen to the Forces of Earth?  Will they live?  What will happen to the androids?

During this time, Krillin continues his journey to meet Bulma’s ship.  He senses Tien’s power and gets mad because he didn’t stick to the original plan.  He wants to help, but continues his trip to find Bulma and retrieve the remote in time to help his friends.

Back on the battlefield, the androids and Cell are at it in full swing.  Android Sixteen was trying his hand at fighting the monster from Trunks’ time. So far, he wasn’t having much luck.  But then, he caught Cell off guard and smashed him into the ground, creating a huge crater.  Sixteen tried to finish off Cell, but did not.  He told both of the other androids to beat it.  Naturally, they didn’t listen.  Seventeen went on and started bragging about Sixteen’s power, claiming that, along with Eighteen, they would become the most powerful fighting team in the universe. What Seventeen wasn’t counting on, though, was a sneak attack from Cell.  Cell quietly rose from the crater he was in.  Tien yelled at at Seventeen to look out behind him, but he wasn’t fast enough.

“You should have listened to your friends!!!!” Cell screamed at Seventeen, absorbing him. 

Sixteen tried to stop Cell, but he was too late.  The android was absorbed and Cell was in his second form.

On Kami’s lookout, Mr. Popo, Goku, and Gohan realized what had happened.  They knew that Cell had gotten one of the androids.  Goku, ticked off, tried as hard as he could to calmly show Gohan that he wasn’t going to let Cell win.

On the battlegrounds, both of the remaining androids make a run for it.  Well, Android Sixteen runs, pulling Android Eighteen behind him.  The second form of Cell catches up to them and talks to Android Eighteen, after smashing Sixteen to the ground, making a dent in his head.  He smiles, talking quietly to her, hoping to convince her to join with him.  She steps back, threatening to self-destruct herself.  When he tries to fool her with Seventeen’s voice, he almost succeeds.  If it weren’t for Android Sixteen jumping in, he would have gotten to her, convinced her that it was Seventeen talking, and gotten her to fuse with him.  Tien finally jumps in at the end, and starts his hand at blasting Cell.  He does a really good job, but is it good enough to beat the monster?  Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Dragonball Z!!

Next time on Dragonball Z, Tien finally gives out, sacrificing himself to save his friends.  And who arrives on the battlefield, but the long awaited hero, Goku!!  And what in the world is PICCOLO (of all people) doing, talking to Gohan?  NEXT TIME ON DRAGONBALL Z!!!!!

(This review was written by Raya, for the English, DBZ version of episode #137, “Say Goodbye, 17”)




“Say Goodbye,17”

The episode starts out with Tien oversseing the battle taking place below.Cell has just regrown a new tail and shows off his  power.16 punches Cell hard and is knocked out.16 then removes his arms and fires a barrage of energy balsts from his hands into the crater made by cell and the whole island errupts with energy.17 and 18 are rejoicing at this but 17 is unaware that Cell emerged from a crater behind him,Cell then sucks up 17.Krillin continues to search for Bulma and Goku and Gohan are still waiting for Vegeta and Trunks to come out of the chamber.Cell then transforms into Super Cell.16 makes a galliant but vain to stop Super Cell but took heavy damage.Tien sees that he now has to interject but he has to plan carefully.Super Cell now makes his approach to 18.She ignores 16’s warnings to leave and inevitably gives Super Cell the chance he wants.She threatens to selfdestruct but Super Cell explains even if she did do that he’d absorb her before she could explode.Tien then interjects and shoots a Tri Beam at Super Cell blasting a hole in the earth and enraging Super Cell.Tien then continues to fire more blasts at Super to try and give 18 more time to escape.He scolds her for waiting around and is almost attacked by Super Cell but fires more at the ever enlarging hole.

This Episode Summary was written by:Hawaiian Puppetmon

My website:  


I have the English dubbed version of Goodbye 17 #1 7

        Jesse “The Jessman”

It starts out when 17 is talking to 16 and 18 about ruling the world together when cell comes up from behind 17 and Tien shots out that cell is right behind him but it is too late and while 16 is charging at cell before he sucks up 17 for good but it is still too late and android 17 merged with cell than a bright light shines and cell when cell is transforming everyone watches in amazement. Then cell is fully transformed. Android 16 is mad and punches the new cell in the nose.  Of course it dosen’t effect cell. Then cell shoots a powerful blast at 16 and half of android 16’s head is blown off.

Then tien goes all out and shoots a tri-blasts at cell causing him to keep falling back and shouts to android 18 to get out of there but 16 dosen’t think he can fly so 18 waits for him. Then you see goku talking to gohan on how tien messed up the plan and how he is waisting his energy and about to give out. Then the episode ends.  The next episode is sacrifice and goku returns to the battlefield to fight cell.


It starts with 16 beating Cell.Soon he smacks cell with his "ROCKET
HAND".Soon Cell retaliets.Nothing works.Then 16 use a high Energy attack.Then
Cell eats 17.He transforms.Soon he hits 16s head.He has 1/2 a Brain.Soon Tien
hits him a Big energy attack.Will Tien Survive?(I hope!)  - AndrewPoke


goodby 17   #137            
this one is so cool 16 beats cell but he still has energy . he tells 17 n 18 to run but they say no cell is defeted but as "tien" looks over the battle field cell pops up and absorbs 17 and cell has a evolution and he punches 16 and find out that his chip thing is in his head. tien gets involved and puts his hands together and shoots a yellow beam and hits cell and doesen't stop he kept doing it.will Tien be able to pull this one off find out next time on dragon ball z.the next time on dragon ball tien falls and goku is there will trunks and vegeta finish there training tomorow on dragon ball z.   - Dyane


Android 16 is still fighting Cell.Andriod throws Cell into the ground.Android 17,Android 18,and Tien all thougt Cell died but Android 16 said to leave the island because Cell wasn’t dead.Android 17 didnt listen and said that 16 killed Cell.17 kept talking about how Android 16,18,and himself were going to make a good team.Then Cell pops up behind 17 and absorbs him.Then Cell transforms into another transformation.Android 16 grabs onto 18 and starts running but Cell was to fast and got in front of them.Cell punched 16 and a chunk of 16’s head was missing.Cell was trying to absorb   18.But she threaten to blow her self up.Then Cell said that 17 said to let him absorb you.18 didnt believe Cell.Then Tien was shooting energy bmbs at Cell which knocked Cell down.Cell got up and Tien did it again.The same thing happen again and again and again.Finally the episode ended.

Next time on Dragon Ball Z Tien loses most of his energy and passes out.Lucky for Tien Goku arrive at the battlefield.

Dustin Goodgold


Series: DBZ

Version: English dubbed

Episode: 137. Say Goodbye, 17


Android 16 decided to rip off Cell’s head but Cell dodged him.  When Cell tried to attack 16 he got up and shot one of his hands at Cell. Then 16 took his other hand off and shot another tremendous blast. Beams started to come out of the ground. When 16 stopped the other androids thought cell was finished. 16 told them that his attack wasn’t enough to finish off Cell. Then Cell got up behind 17, opened up the tip of his tail, and absorbed 17. After Cell Transformed 16 and 18 tried to escape but Cell stopped them and shot a beam at 16. 16 got highly damaged. 18 Threatened to detonate. Cell tried to trick 18 by using 17’s voice but it didn’t work. Tien fired a Tri-Beam at Cell. Then he fired several more at him. 16 told 18 to escape herself.  Cell tried to get to Tien but kept getting shot down.

My name:(Nickname) SDIGIMON


Android 16 is still fighting Cell.Andriod throws Cell into the ground.Android 17,Android 18,and Tien all thougt Cell died but Android 16 said to leave the island because Cell wasn’t dead.Android 17 didnt listen and said that 16 killed Cell.17 kept talking about how Android 16,18,and himself were going to make a good team.Then Cell pops up behind 17 and absorbs him.Then Cell transforms into another transformation.Android 16 grabs onto 18 and starts running but Cell was to fast and got in front of them.Cell punched 16 and a chunk of 16’s head was missing.Cell was trying to absorb   18.But she threaten to blow her self up.Then Cell said that 17 said to let him absorb you.18 didnt believe Cell.Then Tien was shooting energy bmbs at Cell which knocked Cell down.Cell got up and Tien did it again.The same thing happen again and again and again.Finally the episode ended.

Next time on Dragon Ball Z Tien loses most of his energy and passes out.Lucky for Tien Goku arrive at the battlefield.

        Dustin Goodgold


Name: Whi Jr., the Silver Warrior

Episode numbe 137

Episode title: Say Goodbye, 17

(Note: I record Dragonball Z episodes, but I haven't recorded this one, so I can only give major details of it.)

Android 16 had just ripped off the grotesque Cell's tail. The villain had regenerated it, though. He swished it, to

shake off the acid from it. The ground melted where the acid splashed. 16 threatened to rip Cell's head off, in a rage. The demonic Cell replied by saying,

"Well, you'll have to catch me first.", and flew away, followed by the enraged 16. Cell managed to get a punch in and grounded 16. Cell walked towards the fallen android. He was about to finish him off when, BAM, 16 used his Rocket Punch, throwing his detatchable fist at Cell. Then the brave android resumed his assault on the evil serpent. 16 threw Cell into the ground, detatched his arms, bared the cannon like holes inside, and yelled,

"BLASTERS, FIRE!!!". He shot a blast, originally called Hell's Flash, at Cell. The blast was so big that it burst out of the ground many times, making huge craters. The power was so high that even Goku felt Cell's power go down.

"Cell's power's just taken a nose dive!" Krillin could feel Tien's power and felt worried because he shouldn't be there in the first place.

Android 17 and 18 were astonished by 16's dormant, explosive power. 17 started boasting.

"With us by your side, we'll be unstoppable." 16 tried to convince them that they should leave. Even so, 17 still boasted. Suddenly, he sensed a large, immense power level. He looked around for who could be displaying it. A dark and familiarly evil shadow ascended behind the unsuspecting android. Tien yelled out,

"17, look out, he's behind you." It was Cell, who was behind 17.

"You should have listened to your friends." chuckled Cell, opening his tail and pushing it over 17. The defenceless android struggled to get out, to no avail. He tried pleading with Cell, also to no avail.

"NO, LET GO, PLEASE, I CAN'T GO, I'M NOT READY, PLEASE, I'M NOT READY!!" he cried, being forced down. Cell's tail was closing fast on 17. The more the tail closed, the more 17 was being forced into Cell's body. The brave 16 tried to rush to 17's rescue, but it didn't work; 17 had been successfully integrated into Cell. Cell shrieked in delight due to thepower that was surging through his grotesque, scaly body. His outlines were glowing so bright that 16 was blinded. There's one last scene of 17, inside Cell's eye, screaming, falling into Cell's body. Cell's body was changing; his toes combining into a boot-like foot.

Goku sensed Cell's new power and was worried.

Cell's new form was being surrounded by blue electricity. He looked at his reflection in a lake. His scaly mouth had grown lips. His nose was a black patch. His irises were blue, thanks to 17. His forehead had been completely warped; it had a black dome between coconut shell-halves on either side.

"Ah, a new look, much more handsome than the last. Absorbing 18 should provide a similar effect; I can't wait." 16 tried to take 18 away, he told Tien that he should leave. But, Cell had acquired 17's speed. He blasted 16 at the head and when he looked up, his circuitry was exposed. 18 threatened to detonate herself. Cell replied by saying to her,

"I only need a second to get to you, but to detonate, you'd need a handful of them. Anyway, are you sure you'd blow yourself up like that?"

"Anything is better than being a part of you."

"But, 17 doesn't seem to have a problem with it." Suddenly Cell's voice changed to 17's.

"Hey, 18, what's up? You're frightened, aren't you? Look at me, I'm fine." said '17'.

"18, don't listen to him; he's just using

17's voice." shouted 16.

"What do you know, you only have half a brain. Please, 17, continue." said Cell.

"Don't worry, 18. You'll understand, once you're a part of Cell." continued '17'.

"I don't believe you; 17 loved his life, it was all a game, he wouldn't have traded it for anything." While all this was going on, Tien was thinking about jumping into the fray.

"I may have to get my feet wet after all."

"Look," said Cell to 18. "You're going to be a part of me, if you like it or not." This was all Tien could stand, he jumped in the air and said,

"I may be a pothole in the road to you, big guy, but, I'm gonna be one big pothole. TRI-BEAM-HA!!" He shot his Tri-Beam at Cell, sending the newly transformed down a crater. He flew back up, just to get sent down it again.

"Oh, NOO!!" yelled Goku. "He's ruining the whole game plan. If he goes on he'll be destroyed." Will Tien sacrifice himself for the androids and will he be killed in the process? Is Cell too much to handle? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.

Next time: The episode's called Sacrifice. Tien tires out and Cell escapes, but not before, trying to kill Tien. And who's this on the battlefield, at Tien's side? IT'S GOKU!! And he's found Piccolo.


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