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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 134 - He's Here

The fight between Android 17 and Piccolo has really heated up!  Android 17 was doing very well and so was Piccolo.  So, it was basically an even match.  Sometimes 17 got a lot of hits, sometimes Piccolo did.  Androids 16 and 18 were just watching, thinking  that this fight was pointless.  There was a point when Piccolo and 17 went underwater. 17 was wondering how strong Piccolo was, thinking that he wasn’t supposed to be that strong.

Meanwhile, Krillin, Tien, and Yamaha, were wondering what was going on over there.  Then, they suddenly sensed a powerful energy coming toward the fight...

Goku and Gohan were at (what used to be) Kami’s lookout, waiting for Vegeta and Trunks to come out of the Room of Spirit and Time.  (I think it is called that.)  They kept talking and wondering if Piccolo had a chance against Android 17.

Bulma was very busy trying to figure out how to disable the Androids.  And, she figured it out!  So, she made a special remote to disable them, and started to make her way to the Kama House...

Now, back to the Piccolo and Android 17 fight. The fight was getting pretty fierce as 17 and Piccolo made their way away from the island they started out from.  They were throwing each other into the ground and into cliffs and stuff like that, making huge craters in the Earth.  They stopped fighting and stared at each other for a bit.  Then Piccolo said, “Not bad for an android of the older model.”  He said something like that.  Then 17 said something like, “What are you talking about?  I am the newest model, top class!  Nothing is more powerful than me!  NOTHING!”  He said something like that.  They again stared at each other for a bit, then Piccolo looked to his right, our left.  He started to look really scared and worried.  The androids looked over, too.  There, up on a cliff, was the being that Krillin and the others felt, was none other then the dreadful...Cell!  Cell, felt Piccolos power and decided that he must be fighting 17, so he went out to go and absorb 17 and 18!  He said something like, “Why thank you Piccolo for finding 17 and 18 for me.  I will now become what I longed for...being my complete self!”  He said something like that.  17 and 18 were looking at him like they didn’t care.  Like they could beat him.  But they do not know what they are dealing with!  What will happen to Androids 17 and 18?  And what about Android 16 and Piccolo?  Will Cell absorb 17 and 18?  Either watch tomorrow’s episode, (the episode of 10/18/00) or read the summary.  The next Episode is called, Up To Piccolo.  That was the basic details of that episode.

Steven Hudock   10/17/00 

My website is


Episode No.-134

Episode Title: “He’s Here”

Rating: 8/10

US Air Date: Tuesday,October 17, 2000

Posted by Viper (


Summary: The battle between 17 and Piccolo just got more intense!  17 and Piccolo reach the new island of battle, and now the fight is no longer one sided as 17 shows Piccolo some of his powers!  Piccolo easily overcomes this and regains control of the battle while Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien hoplessley watch the battle.  Piccolo and 17 are taking the battle to the extreme now, and have almost crushed a second island to pieces.  Meanwhile, Cell rejoices as he gets closer every second to his completion.  Everyone at Master Roshi’s feels his energy and can do nothing but watch as Cell arrives.  Goku and Gohan sense Cell, and Piccolo, but they only hope that Piccolo can hold off until the training in Kami’s is over.  He pleads in his mind to Vegeta to finish his training quickly so Earth has hope.  In Bulma’s house, Bulma refuses to take care of baby Trunks as she is still trying to finish working out the Androids’ weaknesses.  She finally completes her android deactivator, and is ready to give to the others.  She phones Chi-Chi, who gives the phone to Krillin, but he rejects the phone as it is a collect call.  After the news is spread, Krillin asks her about the deactivator, but she will only give it to them if Yamcha gives her a foot massage!  Krillin, in desperation, agrees to this.  

Back to the fight with Piccolo and 17, after a quick underwater battle, Piccolo and 17 exchange blows to the stomach, neck, and anywhere else they hit each other.  17 is bewildered by Piccolo’s enormous strength and looks like he is about to be defeated, but just then, Piccolo seems nervous about something else.  Cell has arrived!! 

He sarcastically cheers on Piccolo, and then gets his mind set on the androids, within arms length of his completion!  Does Piccolo have enough to take on Cell and prevent his completion??? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Next Episode: #135-“Up to Piccolo”


Dragon Ball Z - English - Episode 134, “He’s Here”

This Episode started with off with Piccolo and #17 on an island about to fight again. They stare at each other for a while and they go at it again. Meanwhile back on Kami’s lookout Goku and Gohan wait impatiently waiting to get to get into the Time Chamber. Back in the fight its going both ways between 17 and the new SuperNamek. They then go underwater and fight for a while and when they finally come back up they have a little surprise waiting for them. Its Cell, and he keeps talkin about how he will soon be complete while Piccolo and all the androids just stare at him crazy while that announcer guy starts talkin - Alexander Smith 


The episode starts off with goku waiting for vegita. Then they show a fierce match between number 17 and piccolo.  The android gets hit in the water. The fight is so bad volcanoes erupt on the island. then all the other guys at master roshes watch as they sense cell from far away. 

Then past trunks is crying and bulma’s father is taking care off him butt he still crys. Then chichi picks the phone up and she tells them that she got a device that can stop the androids. And says she will only give it too them if yamecha massages her feet. Back at the fight piccolo is throwing hard punches but they are well matched. 

Goku and gohun are still waiting! Krillin is thinking about #18.and tein makes him snap out of it.  then all of a sudden cell shows up. Bulma is trying to go to master roshes, but her dad and the fat guy who cut vegetas tail off, grasp her so they wont have to watch trunks. Lets see if she can get out of this one .piccolo is shocked as 4 the anidroids there not.  Can the silent android help the #17and 18. And can Bulma escape and will Goku make it in time find out on the next episode of dbz ! When piccolo helps the androids battle cell.

By amanda nelson        

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