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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 133 - The Monster is Coming


English Dubbed (Television)

Episode #133:”The Monster Is Coming”

Summary: The Ultimate battle between 17 and Piccolo begins!  Piccolo throws down his weited clothing while 17 rolls up his sleeves hoping for a quick battle.  He’s not going to get one with the new Piccolo!  Everyone at Master Roshi’s feel Piccolo’s enormous power as he powers up, and Krillin tells them he has already fused with Kami.  Meanwhile in Kami’s lookout, Goku and Gohan sense the powers of Piccolo, but doubt that it is enough.  Gohan rushes to help Piccolo, but Goku explains that he needs this training and that he can not help Piccolo right now.  Piccolo and 17 square off, but 17 is overwhelmed by Piccolo’s new strength.  17 is quickly downed, but he’s not out of the fight yet.  17 recovers, but Piccolo sends another blast through him.  17 still refuses to give in, and then Piccolo uses his scatter shower attack, but 17 easily dodges it, complementing himself through the blasts.  Piccolo hits him with a Masenkoporro, but 17 shakes it off within a few seconds unharmed.  18 and 16 look on without much surprise or care of the battle.  Piccolo tries another set of blasts, and 17 is bewildered to why Piccolo is being redundant when he knows these blasts aren’t hittinh him.  17 turn around, and to his surprise, this was another one of Piccolo’s tricks!!!  17 realizes that the blasts were to be missed on purpose. 

Piccolo decides to end the battle and brings the blasts together on 17. 

After the smoke clears, 17 is still alive, untouched!!!  17 tells Piccolo to come with him to another location to fight.  Piccolo agrees and everyone heads off to this new location.  Meanwhile, Cell continues his search for the androids, and he finds that Piccolo is fighting him!  Cell rushes off leaving his prey to catch 17.  What will happen next time on DBZ?  Check it out on Tueday, October 17, 2000!

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