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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 131 - Our Hero Awakens

Hiya! This is a Review for:

Dragon Ball Z Episode 131: Our Hero Awakens(cue annoying announcer, cool theme music)

As Cell begins his afternoon snack, he fly down to a hangar at the airport. When Cell first goes in, a guard is watching the news, horrified by what he is hearing. As Cell walks in, the guard turns and is even more horrified. Without thinking he grabs his automatic rifle and tries to take down Cell. The bullets simply bounce right off of Cell’s chest, and he stabs the guard in the gut, draining his life energy. Then Cell hears a noise, turns around and starts walking towards an over turned desk, where a little boy and his big sister are hiding... 

At the Kame House, everyone but Master Roshi and Chichi decide to go off to gang up on Cell, thinking he won’t be able to handle all of them. Later, Chichi is filling a large bowl with water, and as she walks away from the sink, an earth-shaking blast slams the house, causing her to send the bowl flying onto Master Roshi’s head!!! She gets yelled at for spilling the water on his head. Thinking the androids might be attacking, she runs upstairs to check on Goku, and to her surprise, Goku has vanished. She runs to the window, calling for him. As she looks outside, she sees a huge shockwave of water spraying everywhere, and when it clears, Goku is standing strong, practicing energy wave attacks.

Back at the airport, the desk is overturned, and the brother and sister are running like crazy from Cell. As they pant and run at their top speeds, Cell calmly walks after them. As they run from the hanger, the sister trips on a slab of concrete and drops her brother to the ground. As Cell walks towards them, he takes the chance and breaks into a run. As he’s about to have his dinner, Krillin teleports the boy and girl out of danger, and they run off to grab a getaway plane while Krillin desperately dodges Cell’s tail, using a Solar Flare to blind Cell. As the plane takes off, Krillin grabs the landing gear and flies off with the plane, frantically looking around for Cell, only to find him on the roof of the plane! Krillin jumps off and blasts to the roof of the plane, slamming Cell in the back and catching him by surprise. They fly and land on the plane’s right wing, and after a little talk, Cell slams Krillin straight through the plane, and Krillin’s head sticks out of the other side. Just as Cell’s about to kill Krillin, Piccolo and Tien arrive on the scene. When Cell sees them, he blasts off! Piccolo gets all upset because they almost had Cell!

This episode ends with the Androids still on the way to Goku’s house, and they are almost there! Won’t they be suprised to find that Goku isn’t home right now!!!

What hapens next? To find out, watch the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!!(cue theme music)

- Vic Grace


2nd Review

The series that i am going to talk about is DB. The version or language i am going to summarize is English. The episode title is Our Hero Awakens and the episode number is 131.

They show all the people that cell took energy from. The guy uses a machine gun and scares the other people in that building away. Then cell gets all the people that the guy seared away. Then the guy looks at all the people and the cell pops out and the guy shoots him but they kept popping away from him. Then they cell takes him and pushes him The the cell takes him and pushes him down and takes all of his energy away.

Meanwhile there is a girl with her child hiding from him. Cell detects them and starts to chase them. Piccolo tells Tien that we have to find them before he gets to the andriods. He chases them out of the Airport. They fall on a piece of wood and he was just about to get them until Krillian took them away in the nick of time. Cell says it is Krillian. He tells Krillian how did you know I was here. He says that I can since you a mile away. Krillian says I was going to a shortcut to Kami’s house and I find this creature. The girls says you are so brave. Krillian says, no problem. He says now go and get out of here. She tells her daughter come on.

Krillian says hey she is kind of cut. Cell says that going to save me alot of time. Cell says I am going to steal you of your energy. Cell says there is no need to resist. The two people that Krillian saves goes into the plane. Krillian starts to fight and dog the tail while the girls start the plane. Krillian says I better watch my step because if I dont he will tun me inside out and hang me out to dry.Krillian does the solar flare at Cell. Cell and the girls are screaming while he does it. The plane finally escapes and Krillian hops on it while it passes by him. Krillian looks and says hes gone. Cell pops inside the plane and the girls scream. Krillian hits Cell head on. Cell says aah its time. Darn! He starts to wag its tail against Krillian. He then hits Krillian right into the plane. Cell says a value effort Krillian,but all in the vein.

Cell starts to laugh. Cell says we have company. He says how rude of them to interupt, and said, this time you got lucky. He says what a shame we won’t get to know each other today. He says aught aah aah and runs and hides in the tower of the Airport. piccolo said we just missed him. Tien says Krillian are you alright. Krillian says does it look like im alright. Trunks says I just dont understand it, even cell new if the time line in there time was playing out different from the one in the future, nothing is happening when i expected it. He said I cant figure out the way things through things off course. He said his battle with Freezer happened 3 yrs. ago now, with the element of surprise I defeated him and his father easily, but I came from the future to warn Goku that there was a greater threat on the way but Freezer was the least of my problems. Trunks said Goku was unaware that he would catch a deadly virus. Of course how did he ever know what Goku said to Trunks, but anyways Trunks gave Goku the antidote to save his life and survive, he was strong to fight Dr.Gero’s androids (both of them)now he has the cure for the heart problem. When Trunks later saw I found that the timeline was slipping, something had changed, Goku wasn’t here neither the andriods that terrised my world instead there was an android 19 and a android 20(Dr.Gero) appeared in there place. The androids Trunks had expected to arrive, Android 17 and Android 18, finally arrived and yet another new android appeared stronger than the rest. Why was the not activated in my time. He later found the answer to that question. Thats when we discovered Cell, Dr. Gero’s ultimate creation arrive, by his calculation he must of arrived on Earth a year before he did. By traveling back in time have I had a negatively affect on this worlds future.

Trunks said he must find a way to increase his strength and onto a new level. That may be the only thing to destroy the androids and save this world and mine. Piccolo said he disappeared again I am getting tired of this routine. Tien said the cant outrun himself forever. The Androids are on there way to find Goku and 18 is getting tired of going through an obsticle course of tries and therefore blast there way through easier by taking away the trees that were in her way. Android 17 says you take the fun out of it 18. She says stop complaining 17. Piccolo said cell and Krillian said he is on the attack agian. Gohon says what are we doing watching television, we outnumber cell. Yamcha says so long. Yancha says as long as we keep our energy down, cell can’t find us, then he is ours. Krillian says Yeah if we go after cell at the same time. Tien says, right together we will take him down. Piccolo says cell is much smarter than that and there is a good chance he might expect use to try something like this, don’t under estimate him.

Meanwhile Chi-Chi is fixing son water in a bowl and there is big bang. Chi-Chi thinks it is the androids attacking. It happens once more and Chi-Chi goes over Master Roshies shoulder. He says if you needed a hug all you had to do was ask me. She gets scared and says Goku and runs upstairs to see him but he is not in his bed. So she looks outside and sees a big humongous wave and looks at Goku and smiles. Goku says hey, im sorry i worried you Chi-Chi. I'm all better now. Chi-Chi says im sure glad to see you. and he spins her around until he accidentally throws here in the air and Chi-Chi yells and he say ut oh I need to start watching for my strength and then he catches her. He tells her sorry about that. Master Roshie says so Goku you gonna fight. Goku says no. Chi-Chi says Goku needs some rest, So your are going to get some rest right. Goku says I am going to train. I am going to go to the next level like Vegeta is doing so I can beat the androids. Find out next time on DRAGONBALL Z.



3rd Review

Series: DBZ  


Our Hero Awakes/#131

  In this episode,  Piccolo and Tien are in hot pursuit of Cell. Everytime they get close to him he gets away. Cell has been terrorizing an airport. One guy goes crazy with a machine gun with people in the room. They all run from him not Cell. Suspense builds as he stares into an empty hall way.  Cell bursts through the ceiling and walks upon him slowly. The guy fires machine gun rounds like crazy but they just ricochet like rubbber balls off a wall. A television report comes on while Cell sucks the life from The guy. Out of no where, Cell’s foot flys into the T.V. and it explodes. He talks about how he will drain the life from them one by one. Under a desk nearby a girl and her brother are hiding. Cell hears their hard breathing and walks towards the desk. Then we see the girl and brother running down an airport storage tunnel. The brother falls down and crys out. His sister picks him up and carries him. As they reach the outside of the tunnel, it shows a piece of metal sticking out of the ground. The girl trips and falls on the ground hard. About that time Cell busts through the tunnel doors and speeds up after them. He stops to make them worry more. As his tail flys down, the victims teleport. It was Krillin! The girl and brother thank him and he tells them to get out of here. While Krillin plays dodge-the-tail, the girl and boy get into an airplane and take off towards Cell and Krillin. Krillin does a solar blast and jumps on the bottom of the plane. When the screen is cleared Cell is nowhere to be found. A shot of the girl and boy is shown. They are talking about how fun that was. Cell’s tail bursts through the ceiling and  Krillin spots him on the roof. Krillin lets go of the bottom of the plane and flys up to Cell. Not sensing Krillin, Cell gets nailed in the stomach by his head. This knocks both of them on to the wing. Krillin plays dodge-the-tail some more then gets kicked through the plane by Cell. On the other side of the plane, only Krillin’s head is shown. Cell says how time is up for him and his friends. Piccolo and Tien are shown flying towards them. Cell says goodbye and jumps from the plane. Piccolo and Tien land on the wing by Krillin. Piccolo gets really mad and says how he cant stand Cell. Tien trys to calm him down by saying how they get closer and closer each time.

Trunks is shown flying towards the Kame House. While flying there he thinks about how his timeline was different from the timeline now. He blames himself for coming and all the changes were his fault. He beleives what Vegeta said,” I have to go past Super Saiyan, Past all power imaginable.”

It goes back to the airport with Piccolo, Tien and Krillin saying how everytime they find Cell it’s when he’s hurting people. Cell is shown hiding in the control tower snickering behind a computer.

Inside the Kame House, all the warriors exept Vegeta and Goku have regrouped. Vegeta being nowhere to be found and Goku upstairs asleep. All  are watching a television report and Yamcah and Gohan Bring up how they should attack from the air and not be watching T.V. It shows every avalable warrior in an airplane discussing strateg. Piccolo reminds the others about how Cell might be expecting an attack from the air and it may also work too.

Back at the Kame House once more Chichi is fixing water for goku when the housse rumbles. She drops the water on Master Roshi’s head. Roshi is wanting to know why she dropped the water on his head. Another rumble happens and she falls on Roshi. With his mind, he tells her if she just wanted a hug she could  have just asks for one. Chichi’s fist hits him on the side of his head and he flys into the wall. As she goes to check on Goku, nothing isto be found exept an open window. Chichi thinks the androids have attacked and stolen Goku. Roshi comes upstairs and he tells her to look out the window. When they do, both see Goku on the beach with the ocean split in two in front of him.

Will he go beyond Super Saiyan? Find out next time.



4th Review

U.S. episode eric parsons

site url

131-our hero awakends

The episode begains when Cell is devouring some people in a airport.  The first person trys to shoot Cell but it dose nothing.  After devouring him he destrys a tv and hears a woman and her son they run from cell.  Just as they are about to be asorbed krillin grabs them.  They get on a plane.  Krillin then takes on cell. Cell then gos for the plane but krillin uses a soler flare to get away from cell just as the plane takes off.  Krillin looks for cell. He atacks the plane but krillin fights him but gets hit so hard he goes though one wall of the plane and his head is sticking out the other. Just as cell is about to asorb Krillin picclo and Tein apprear.  Cell runs and so krillin Piccilo ,and Tien go back to Kame house to decied what to do.  They decied to all attack cell togather. The androids are going off the road in the car they stole.  android 18 gets tired of the bumy road and destroys the woods. It is now that goku recovers. He then tells chi-chi and roshi that it’s time for him to train to reach a stronger form of super saying.


5th Review

Cell is still attacking the town and the episode opens with a man shooting people. Then Cell comes down from the ceiling and he absorbs the energy from the man with the gun. Then he hears the wimpering of a girl and her brother. He heads towards them. Then they start running away from Cell.  They outbeat Cell until they get outside and they trip over a big gap. But be-fore Cell can reach them, Krillen steps in and picks up the people. Those people ecscape in a plane, then Krillen hits Cell in the stomach and hangs onto the bottom of the plane. Then it appears Cell comes down on the plane.  Krillen jumps up and hits Cell. Then Cell hits Krillen. Krillen’s head goes right throught the plane. Cell goes on the outside of the plane and is about to absorb the energy from Krillen’s head, but Cell senses that Tien and Piccolo are nearing so he flys away, his energy as low as possible. They get Krillen out and head for Roshi’s. Meanwhile Trunks continues his journey to go train with Vegeta. He talks to himself along the way about how much time has changed in his time to this time. Back at Roshi’s, the gang decides to go search and destroy Cell, so they get in there plane, piloted by Yamcha and set off. Then Roshi and Chi-Chi hear a sound coming from outside. They head upstairs and find that Goku is not in his bed and is outside training.  Chi-Chi jumps out and Goku tells them that he heard everything they said in his dreams. He too, also wants to push the level of Super Saiyan...



6th Review

it starts like this, there’s a guy shooting everything in site then cell appears and the guy trys to shoot cell but it dosent work. his daughter and son are hidding behind a counter and cell finds them and trys to take their energy. but krillin appears teleporting the boy and girl to a safe distance. krillin pulls a suprise attack on cell and escapes on the boy and girls airplane! cell also hitches a ride on the plane and krillin agian hits cell with a suprise tackel, but cell wacks Krillin straight through the plane and krillins head gets stuck out 1 side! before cell can steal energy from krillin the new piccolo and techen show up and cell retreats! trunks is shown flying high above wondering about how time could have slipped so much. afterwards the androids are getting closer and closer to goku’s house. then chichi is surprised at loud booming that shakes the house! she runs upstairs to see if gokus alright and hes gone! she runs to the window and sees waves rising and goku standing in the mist of it! Goku explains of how he has heard everything everybody’s said while being asleep! he feels that he needs to reach a new level of super saiya-jin! back to techen and new piccolo, they are looking for cell who is shown secretly in a tower above! And THEN... it ends! i hate when it dose that!

out of 5 stars i would give it a 3, but goku did wake up so that gives me enough enthusiasm to give it a 4! any questions about episodes? email me at


7th Review

The episode I am going to summarize today is English DBZ Episode #131.The title is Our Hero Awakens...

This episode starts out showing peoples clothes lying everywhere(Cell had absorbed the people in them).Then theres a guy shooting at something,Cell jumps out and the guy starts shooting at him.Of course it doesnt hurt Cell and he absorbs the guy.Piccolo and Tien are still lookin for Cell but have no luck yet.A woman and her son are running away from Cell.They both trip and as Cell is about to absorb them Krillin saves them!And now its Krillin and cell one on one.cell starts trying to get krillin with his tail but krillin dodges them.krillin then uses the solar flare tecnique.and as cell is blinded krillin hangs on to a plane the woman and her son are flying in.but cell is on top of the plane.krillin quickly takes action and headbutts cell in the stomach.cell then puches him threw a wall.but lucky for krillin piccolo and tien show up.but once again cell runs away.

(commercial break)

now were back and trunks is going to find his father to train.he starts having a flashback of when he defeated frieza and king cold.And everything else he did when he was on earth before.krillin,tien,and piccolo are standing at the place where cell absorbed a bunch of people.and they’re saying that they are going to find cell.the androids are driving through the woods and 16 is saying its not far before they get to gokus house.18 then blasts a bunch of trees is front of them so they can get to gokus house faster.the Z team watch the news and see that cell is absorbing more people.tien,gohan,krillin,yamcha,and piccolo all then fly off in a plane to get cell.chi chi goes to check on goku but he isnt there!They look outside and see that goku is doing some training by himself.chi chi runs to him and hugs him.goku then accidently throws chi chi in the air,but he catches her.goku says he has to do some more training so he can get to the next level of a super saiyan.and thats the end of the episode.

what happens next,find out on the next dragonballz.

Drew Shores


Hi , I'm writing this English Dragonball Z reveiw(Our Hero Awakes #131)'cause I just watched it today.Here it goes:

It starts of with Cell looking for the Androids but he encounters a city on the way.He starts sucking everyone up with his tail. The sceen changes to a guy watching T.V. and is scared to death because Cell is in his city.He's looking down the hall ,breathing hard, everything thing is quiet untill suddenly Cell comes crashing through the roof.The guy gust about craps his pants (I think he did.) While he yells he starts shooting Cell with his automatic riffle which rebounds of Cell like a low pressured water pistol.Finally he runs out of ammo , then he gets absorbed.Cell hears people outside so he goes to see them.he finds two people (a boy and woman) and is just about to suck them up but they get teleported away and Cell's tail goes SMASH into the ground. He looks up to see Krillin holding the two people about 10 metres of the ground.Cell then says "It's just Krillin." Krillin tells the people to escape so they run over to a plane. It looks like Krillin is going to fight Cell but instead yells "Solar Flare." and theres a blinding flash. The plane takes of and Krillin grabs onto the wing .when the flash cleared Cell is gone.Krillin wispers to himself that Cell is gone. But he is on top of the wing and wants to suck the people up. Krillin jumps up and gets bashed through the plane and his head comes out the other end. Cell then wants to suck him up but runs away when he sees Tien and Piccolo comin towards them. Tien and piccolo land on the wing and ask if he's all right he says "Does it look like I'm all right .Back at the Kame house Chi-chi is cooking and fills a pot of water and then master Roshie walks in. Suddenly there is a earthquake and the pot falls on Roshie's head. Chi-chi falls on master Roshie and he says "If you wanted a hug you should have asked."Chi-chi runs upstairs to check on Goku but he isn't there so she looks out the window and sees him there so she jumps out and runs down the roof yelling "Goku" master Roshie follow but falls and lands on his head.Chi-chi runs over to Goku and asks if he's all right he says "What do you think" and swings her around and around but accidently let go and she goes flying up in the air .

I had to stop watching then but I'm pretty sure he catches her.
By Corey Booth



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