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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 12 - The End of Snake Way

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Deep down in a crack in the Earth, a Saiyans spacepod is laying with a light flashing in it. Gohan and Piccolo are fighting each other. Piccolo says that the kid is going to be stronger than all of them. It is nighttime, and the stars are out, and there is a full moon. Gohan is dreaming about the fight with Raditz, and how his father was killed. He wake up with a start. Gohan looks at the full moon. He transforms into the giant ape.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">The spacepod is still laying there, a voice in it is saying for Kakarot, Goku's Saiyans name, to destroy all life forms. Gohan hasn't transformed yet, but is in a rage, he attacks Piccolo. Piccolo doesn't understand how there is still a moon. Piccolo uses the split-form technique. Gohan attacks both of the Piccolos. Piccolo notices that Gohan's tail has grown back. Gohan knocks both of the Piccolos down, they get up and then Gohan looks at the moon. Now, he begins to transform. Gohan, the ape, begins to destroy everything around him. Piccolo tries to blow up the moon again but his attack goes straight through it. He then figures out that the moon is a projection.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">It is nighttime at the island of Roshi. Roshi, Bulma and Oolong, an ignorant pig, are celebrating because they have collected all seven of the dragonballs. Roshi walks outside, and notices the moon and comments that there is no light coming from it. Piccolo and the ape still fighting. Piccolo says the he needs more training to beat the ape. The ape picks up Piccolo and squeezes him. Piccolo flies after the ape. Piccolo notices the spacepod and discovers that the projection of moon is coming from it. He also figures out that it is Goku's old spacepod from when he first crash-landed on Earth. He quickly blows up the pod. Gohan goes back down to normal, Piccolo rips his tail off again, and gives Gohan some new clothes.&nbsp; </p> <p class="MsoBodyText">Goku looks up and notices something, THE END OF SNAKEWAY! He jumps to the end and gets mad that there is nothing there. Then he notices a tiny planet with one house, a car, and a couple of trees, and lush green grass. Goku jumps straight up to it then all a sudden gets pulled to the ground. He can't even stand up because the gravity on the small planet is so great. He gets on his feet but can barely walk. He tries to make it to the house of King Kai. He smells some food and struggles over to a tree, tries to climb it. A monkey stares at Goku from the tree. Goku thinks that the monkey is King Kai. Goku asks the monkey if he can have some fruit from the tree. The gravity doesn't bother the monkey. The monkey jump up into the tree and drops an apple down. A hole is made where the apple lands. Goku gobbles it up quickly. A strange looking man looks out his window. He is short and blue and wears sunglasses. Goku realizes that this is the real King Kai.


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