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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 129 - Piccolo's Folly

After healing his arm back in shape, piccolo once again challenges cell.

Just then,Krillin and Trunks fly down to Piccolo and Cell’s battleground.  Trying to escape the trio to absorb Androids #17 and #18, Cell powers up a Solar Flare attack, blinding Piccolo, Trunks, and Krillin. He then flies away, as  Piccolo, Trunks and Krillin try to get back their blurred vision.

Meanwhile, Gohan, Yamcha, and the others aid Goku in his battle with the deadly virus. Goku, looking better each minute, still lie sleeping peacefully. Yamcha then talks about Goku beating the androids when he is fully healed...until Chichi decides to disapprove. Oolong first notices Chichi’s anger toward Yamcha trying to get Goku to fight the Androids so soon.

Cell now has gotten away from Trunks, Piccolo and Krillin and decides to visit the nearest city for some lunch, but is side tracked by some football players in spiked shoulder pads. Cell easily dispatches the Jocks and manages to suck up one of them for power. Then out of the blue, Cell catches a Glimpse of Vegeta flying toward the extremely high power level. Cell sucks up the remaining players of the team, then enters the city.

Back at the old battlefield, Piccolo is Furious about letting Cell escape, and powers up his KI madly. Vegeta flies toward Piccolo and asks him, “What are you, Namek?” Piccolo then explains to Vegeta he has fused with Kami, the Guardian of the Earth, and is now a Super Namek. Vegeta is then jealous of Piccolo for having a more powerful Power Level than he, even as a Super Saiyan.

Ending this episode, Cell has thought up a plan to kill the residents and suck up their energy to power himself up...

Christopher Kha


2nd Review

The series that i am going to summarize is DBZ. This is the English version. The Episode Title is Piccolo’s Folly. The episode number is 129. My name is brandon adams.

This all starts when Cell does the Solar Flare on Piccolo,Trunks and Krillian. Why they are tring to see Cell esapes and goes on the look out for Android 17 and 18. On is way he finds a sign to another city so he decides to go there when a truck came insisting that he get out of the way. The football players go after him the first one was the leader to get drained of his power/energy. Then the rest did a attack formation and couldnt get passes cell so he took the energy from the rest of the people including the driver. Meanwhile Vegeta saw piccolo powering up and he wandered how he got the energy. Trunks told him that he formed with Kami. Piccolo told them that he was going to wait until Tien got here to go tell me the information that he found out about Cell. When Tien came he told them that Cell was an android crated by Dr.Gero and that he used a bug to get cells from Vegita,Freeza,Freeza’s Dad,Goku, and Tien. The episode ends when Cell going in the attack to take some energy from the humans in the city and told himself that Andriod 17 and 18 are next. Find out what happens nextime on the conclusion of dragonballz.


3rd Review

It starts with cell explaining that he comes 24 years in the future and that he is an android built by Dr.Gero!while cell is telling his origin,piccolo is healing his arm.Then it shows Trunks and krillin flying to ginger town.when Trunks and krillin arive in ginder town they hover over  piccolo and cell.piccolo is standing on the ground while cell is standing on a broken building.Trunks sayes:theres piccolo,and he’s alive.:krillin sayed:theres the enemy too!krillin and Trunks land next to piccolo and ask how cell got so strong.piccolo says that he will explain later.cell gets mad for no reason and uses Tian’s Taiyouken to blind Trunks,krillin and piccolo.cell flies off to a new town.then it shows master roshie and every one else except chi chi.chi chi then runs down stairs and telles every one to come look at Goku.every one goes up to chech on goku. Goku smiles a familiar smile and every one reconises it.every one said the same thing and agreed he was ready to fight.then it shows cell standing on the road.A bus then comes and cell ignores it intill foot ball players get out and challenge cell .cell took them out like nothing and drained thier energy.

will cell take over a new town?

can cell find androids 17,16,and 18 and absorb them to reach his all time level.

will Goku get back in the game?

tune in for the next epesode of dragonballz

- SusieGJ


4th Review

piccolos   backup   arrives   cell  shoots   tiens   solarflare  at trunks ,kurillan, and picclo.  cell  escapes  than   Vegita  and  tien  arrives mean  while at  kame house  gokuu  starts  to  smile  and  wake  up  any  way cell  absorbs  a  hole  football  team  finally  cell   finds  a  new  town.

- Sam


5th Review


this episode starts out with piccolo and cell talking for a while.piccolo mentions something about kami and cell realizes that piccolo has fused with kami.trunks and krillin show up at the battlefield and they see cell for the first time.cell then runs away using solar flare as a distraction.piccolo is mad that cell ran away.

(commercial break)

now chi chi is freakin out at kame house and tellin everybody to come see goku.they all come in and they see that goku smiling.master roshi says that the smile is a look that he does before he is about to we see cell running and he stops at a street and a bus is about to hit him but it stops before it hits him.then these dumb football players come out of the bus and call cell a weirdo and a freak and stuff.cell absorbs one of then and he sees vegeta.piccolos still having a fit that cell got away.vegeta and everybody

find out that piccolo fused with kami.cell finishes off the other football players and grabs the bus driver,and of course he absorbs him 18 complains about her outfit to 17.piccolo tells everybody about cell and how he has their cells.then we see cell and he says to himself that he is going to get 17 and 18 - and thats the end of the episode

thanks pojo:

Drew Shores


This is my review for episode 129, Piccolo's Folly
The episode starts with Piccolo and imperfect cell standing in the "sucked up city." Piccolo is telling cell that even though he did suck off one of Piccolo's arm he was still much more powerful than him. Then Krillin and Trunks fly up and land near Piccolo. Piccolo tells Cell that now he has even more of a chance.
Cell says he has a date with two friends does a solar flare and sooks off. Woosie! Suddenly arrogant super sayain Vegeta flys down, amazed that Piccolo is more powerful than him.
We see Cell running along, looking for android 18 and 17. He comes across a road a bus comes along full of rugby players and a muscular driver. The driver starts honking his horn, Cell wont move. The rugby players come to bash up Cell but get sucked up. Then the driver comes out, also getting sucked up. Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and Trunks start looking for Cell and the episode ends.
In this episode we also see android 17, 18 and 16 driving along, android 18 is complaining that she looks like a cowgirl in the suite of hers.
from Hamish


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