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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 128 - His Name is Cell

Hi. I just watched this episode and thought to do the summary. Here it goes.

It starts off with with the green and ugly creature using the kamahama attack on Piccolo the super namek. Piccolo is shocked but easily avoids it. When wondering what happened, The creature comes from behind, grabs him, and starts sucking his energy with his tail. At Kame’s floating home, Mr Popo senses Kame’s pain and drops a pot feeling sad for his friend. Meanwhile Gohan and Chi-Chi watch Goku and Chi-Chi says Goku’s getting better. Gohan runs down to tell every one but they are all staring at the TV, where the millitary were going to attack the monster. You see Trunks and Krillin heading to help Piccolo and wonder what the monster is. Meanwhile, the army opens fire on the beast. It easily destroys the tanks and then Piccolo breaks free but his left arm is all shriveled up

(commercial break)

Android 16,17, and 18 are rinding in a truck and 16 says the power he felt earlier was losing power. 17 goes all cocky and says that he was right and no one could be as strong as him. He also says 16’s sensors need to be recaluabrated. Then, Piccolo says he gives up and asks for one more thing, to know about this beast. He agrees and says his name is Cell. He is an android created by Dr. Gero and comes 24 years from the future. Piccolo ask how because the lab was destroyed. Cell says that the computer that created him was under the lab. He then says that when all these important battles on Earth were going on Gero had some micro cell extractors took DNA from Gohan, Nappa, Vegeta, Frieza, Goku, and piccolo himself had cells removed. He says he came back to this timewhen he was made by killing the future Trunks and taking his ship. He turned himself into a larvae and waited for four years until all the power came back. Piccolo ask why he came back here and Cell said it was to get android 17, and 18’s DNA to become complete. Piccolo says thanks and rips off his arm! A new one replaces it and he says he was just stalling to heal and was now was ready to fight.......

What will happen?

Will Trunks and Krillin get there to help?

Will Piccolo over come Cell?

Find out on the next episode on Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- ADDzurikPT


This was one of my favriot episodes because I got all the deatails about cell. Near the begging piccolo[fused with kame] is fighting cell[first form]. Things are going well for piccolo until cell began the kamehamehawave attack .This destracted piccolo even though piccolo dodged it cell was quick enough to grab ahold of piccolo and start to absorb his energy through piccolo's arm. Piccolo escapes ,but his arm is messed up.Cell tell's piccolo to give up. Piccolo pretends to go along.Piccolo asks alot of questions about cell intil he has enough information.Then piccolo rips off his arm ,and regenarates it.Thats about it

                                                        From sky.

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