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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 126 - The Reunion

Name: SSJ3 Gohan
Series: Dragonball Z American dub
Episode Title: The Reunion
Episode Number: 126


It starts out with Kami trying to resist Piccolo’s demands for fusion. Later, the gang is at Master Roshi’s house with Goku still suffering from his heart disease. Everyone has gathered around the TV watching the horrible events occurring in Ginger Town. The screen is going bad.

Later, the Androids are still in hot pursuit for Goku. Kami senses the events in Ginger Town and tells Piccolo that it’s far worse than the Androids. Mr. Popo tells Kami not to fuse with Piccolo but he says that there is no other way and it must be done. Piccolo puts his hand on Kami’s chest and the fusion begins. Kami screams as if he were dying and there is a cloud of smoke in the air. When it clears, Kami’s staff is on the ground and Kami is no more. He has fused permanently with Piccolo. Mr. Popo starts crying and says goodbye to Kami, but Piccolo/Kami says: “In this form I am no longer Kami nor Piccolo, only a Namek who forgot his name.”(or something like that). He flies off the Sanctuary and Karin thinks: “Goodbye old friend.” Piccolo/Kami flies to Ginger Town only to see a bunch of clothes lying on the ground.

He then hears a man scream at the top of his lungs and then a disgusting sound. A shadow of a monster can be seen. The monster glares at Piccolo/Kami. But who is he? Find out in the next Episode of Dragonball Z.

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