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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 124 - Unwelcomed Discovery

This is a review for DBZ Dubbed episode 124 “Unwelcome Discovery” 
- vegetaxtreme2000

Goku,Chi Chi,Krillin,Yamchua,Gohan, and Trunks are all in an airplane flying to Kame House to hide Goku from the androids. Gohan asks trunks if they kill the androids in there timeline will the androids in the futer just vanish.Then Trunks gets very dissapoited and realizes that where he is from is like a parralel dimension and that anything he does now will not have a impact on the futer.

At Kame House Chioutzu is cooking for Roshi and Oolong.

After Roshi eats the soup he asks Choiutzu how he can cook like that. Choiutzu says he cooks for Tien all the time while they train. Roshi decides to train Chioutzu (he really wants chioutzu to stay and cook but he doesn’t tell him.) Next Tien walks in the door and him and Chioutzu go off to train more for the androids.

Back in the Plane, Trunks now realizing that his time cant be affected by the outcome of the time he is in now,he then has a flashback and says he came back because Bulma wanted him to and he wanted to help the people in his time. Well anyway the flashback is of trunks walking down a street with alot of people are crying he then stares at... None other than Maron(Krillins ex) with her baby.

Now Krillin is talking to Bulma. She sends him a picture of trunk’s time machine. Except its old and covered in moss. The show now ends and the preview for the next episode is when Gohan and Trunks find an egg in the time machine. I wonder who is in it.


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