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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 122 - Last Ditch Effort

Hey Pojo its me again as I review another awesome episode on the Android Saga!

The episode starts off with the Androids Flying off to find Goku.  Krillin watches in depression as he knows if the androids find Goku they will kill him. Krillin then goes and gives everyone a senzu bean. Afterwards everyone sadly says how badly they were beaten. Vegeta madly flies off after his defeat. Trunks was ready to go after him, but Piccolo told him to come back and leave Vegeta alone. 

Piccolo then talks about how Vegetas ego has grown bigger since he became a Super Saiyan and he is very dissapointed of his defeat. Piccolo then tells Krillin, Tien, and Trunks to go and move Goku to another place. Krillin then asks where Piccolos gonna be and he said  I don’t know. Krillin then asked again and then Piccolo got mad and said “Stop asking questions its none of your concern!!! This is something I have to do alone!!!!” And with that he shot a flare blast and flew off angrily. Tien then asked why Piccolo did that and Krillin said he has a lot on his mind and that he is going off to Kami’s to fuse with him into one being like they had in the beginning. 

Meanwhile ChiChi and Yamacha are still trying to help Goku as he suffers more and more with the Heart Virus. Also, Piccolo makes his way up to Kamis lookout.

Tien, Krillin, and Trunks then go off towards Goku’s with full speed and talk of getting him to a safer place. Also, while this is happening Vegeta is having Rage Fits and bursting his anger to the max causing his power to erupt. Vegeta then says he will destroy those androids for defeating him.

Piccolo then arrives on Kamis lookout and Kami has a flashback of when his evil self was driven out of him and King Piccolo was destroying everything when Goku appeared and defeated him and King Piccolo then spat up an egg containing the Piccolo we know today. Piccolo then asks Kami what he wants and Kami says “You have a lot to learn Piccolo” 

Will they Fuse?

Will Tien, Trunks, and Krillin get Goku to a safer place?

And will Goku survive? 

Find out on the next episode review!!!


My Site devoted to the greatest Anime:  


Kuririn watches the androids fly off to find Goku.  He realizes that Tien, Vegeta, Trunks, and Picillo are still knocked out.  He gives them all a zinzu bean.  Trunks lookes at his sword and its indent.  When Vegeta gets up he flys off.  Picollo tells them to forget about Vegeta and to go get Goku before the andriods get to him.  Kuririn asks a bunch of questions and Picollo says stop asking questions, throws a blast that blinds everyone and he flys off.  Kuririn then tells them that Picillo’s going to KamiSami’s look-out.  He then tells Trunks and Tien about Picillo and KamiSami’s past, that he learned from Master Roshi: KamiSami had come to Earth and he wanted to be the God of Earth.  At that time KamiSami was the greatest power of the universe.  The former God of the Earth had told him he had and evil in him.  KamiSami knew this and so he trained to get the evil out of him.  One day he did the evil, Picollo Diamoa, was extracted from KamiSami and took form.  Picollo Diamoa tried to take over the world but Goku stopped him from doing so.  Piccolo Diamoa had been almost totally destroyed and would die, so he made an offspring made of his essence.  This was the Piccolo we know today.  Since Picollo had become extremely powerful since then combining with KamiSami would bring an ultimate power.  In Kuririn’s word’s “like a super saiya-jin, the fusion would be like a super namekian.”  Then Trunks, Tien, and Kuririn go off to get to Goku before the androids do.  It then cuts to Master Roshi’s Island and it’s a short scene where about fifty guys come up to get Marron.  Then it shows Piccolo flying to KamiSami’s look-out.  KamiSami can sence Piccolo coming and what his intentions are.  When he gets there Popogets scared.  KamiSami telepathically says something about fussing to him and Piccolo replys.

By Steven Bradley at  


TITLE: Last Ditch Effort
SERIES: English DBZ (subbed)

SUMARRY  (The summary is a bit long because I did it while watching the episode.)

The episode starts with the androids flying away from the battlefield where Krillin
heals Tien, Trunks, Piccolo, and Vegeta with some Senzu beans. Piccolo and Tien
start talking about how easily the androids beat them, then Vegeta flies off to find the androids. Trunks is about to follow but Piccolo stops him.
    They continue talking then Trunks says that in his future the androids aren’t as
strong as the ones that are here. When Piccolo hears that he flies to Kami’s place to
fuse with him even though they hate each other.
    You then see Vegeta looking for the androids.

Commercial Break

At Master Roshi’s, him and Marron are watching some T.V. when 20 of Marron’s boyfriends come and she leaves with them. Roshi and Oolong agree not to tell
Krillin about this.
 Scene Change: Tien Trunks and Krillin are heading to Goku’s to move him to a
safer place before the androids find him.

 Scene Change: Goku is in bed screaming then Yamcha tells Chi-Chi to give him
some more medicine. When she does, Goku looks a bit better.
 Scene Change: Gohan, Yajarobie, Bulma and baby Trunks then land at the CC.
Bulma’s mom offers then some cake and cookies (Is this the only thing she can
do?!) then Gohan flies off to see how his dad is doing.

 Scene Change: Piccolo arrives at Kami’s place. Mr. Popo is scared of Piccolo, then you see Kami having a flash-back of when he split himself into two beings
and when young Goku killed Piccolo Damio(end flash-back).
    Kami comes out of the palace, then he and Piccolo start to talk telepathically.

Will Kami and Piccolo fuse?
Will Tien, Trunks, and Krillin move Goku to a safer place before the androids find him?
Will Goku get better in time to defeat the androids?

Find out on the next episode of DBZ: Closing In

By SS4 Trunks
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