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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 121 - No Match for the Androids  

Funimation dubbed called “No Match for the Androids" from Jonathan Bialick

It starts with Vegita fighting #18 on the freeway and getting the crap kicked out of him but Vegita keeps getting up then falling down. The Z warriors and Trunks offer help but Vegita wont take it. Then #18 kicks Vegita in the chest making him suffer on the ground by stepping on him. Trunks gets mad, powers up to SSJ and tries to cut through #18’s head with his sword but it has no effect and the sword breaks and he gets thrown on the ground. Then the others attack #17 and #18. #17 chokes Tien and then Piccolo attacks #17 and get punched in the chest and becomes hopeless. Tien is still getting choked and Vegita is still getting beat up changing from SSJ to normal, same with Trunks. 

Then it shows the Kame house. Master Roshi is asleep. and Marron is wind surfing. Back to the fight, Kurllian is scared to death so he isn’t fighting. Everyone is beat up and Kurllian is now noticed. The androids look at him and don’t care. As the are walking by Kurllian he is shaking, then #18 kisses him on the cheek and walks away with #17 and #16. They are talking about getting clothes and stealing cars.

The end

I hope you put this on your site because it took me an hour to watch the the episode and type it right. Bye 

(You got it Jonathan!  Thanks!)


2nd Review

This Episode starts out with Super Saiyan Vegeta being taken down by the beautiful Android 18. Just then trunks goes Super Saiyan and charges toward her with his sword. She blocks the attack and the result is that Trunks sword breaks.  Android 17 then comes in and clobbers Trunks. Piccolo and Tien then join the assault. Android 17 kicks away Piccolo and dodges Tien’s Punch.  Android 17 then begins suffocating Tien.  Vegeta gets mad and charges toward 17 only to be grabbed by 18 who tosses him into Trunks. This takes Trunks out of the fight. Piccolo gets up and is suprised to see Trunks and Vegeta unconscious.  Up in the air Tien is still being choked. Piccolo attacks 17 and 17 lets go of Tien. Piccolo gets punched REALLY hard in the stomach knocking him out of the fight as well. Down below Vegeta is taken out of the fight for good by 18.

Krillin watching nervously from above is now scared to death seeing his comrades beaten.  17  tells him that he is not the one they want and begin to get ready to find Goku by informing Android 16.  Krillin then tries to persuade them to not go after Goku, but the androids still insist on finding him.  Android 18 then kisses Krillin and they fly off.

Glad to Help Pojo!!!




English Summary: long - Samir Bashir

 No Match For The Androids

(Episode 121)

The episode begins with Trunks attacking Android 18 with the sword but she blocks the attack and in doing so chips Trunks’ swords. Android 17 then enters the fray and gives a Trunks a beating. Tien and Piccolo also enter the battle but 17 takes care of both the Z warriors and has Tien under his mercy.

Vegeta then tries to attack Vegeta but the attack proved useless. Then Trunks regained consciousness and tried to attack 18 but then she threw Vegeta right at Trunks knocking both Super Saiyans out.

Krillin was looking on in shock when he spotted Android 16 who was enjoying the beauty of the nature around him.

Meanwhile at the battle Piccolo comes out to help the ailing Tien from the grip of Android 17 but 17 knocks Piccolo out. At the same time Vegeta refuses to give up with another blast but he pays for it as Android 18 gives him a kicking. Vegeta who was now out of energy reverted from his Super Saiyan form.

Meanwhile Krillin (the only one left standing) was greeted by the Androids. 17 explained that they (the Androids) were only after Goku and not anyone else.

Gohan was approaching his father’s house when Bulma told him that Trunks needed to be changed so to head to Capsule Corp.. Gohan was sad to leave his father behind but knew he would come back for him later.

Back at the abandoned highway, Krillin tries to reason with the Androids that Goku had done nothing to them and that going after him would be morally wrong.  17 then explains to Krillin that finding Goku is a game. 16 also said that he was programmed to Goku.  Then the three Androids went off to find Goku. With Krillin the only one left, will he be able to stop the three Androids from reaching their destination? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


4th Review
Episode 121
No Match For The Androids

When Trunks joins in, Android 17 joins 18 as well! The two androids are pumbling the Z warriors. Android 17 knocks out Super Saiyan Trunks with one punch! When Trunks regains consciousness, 18 throws Vegeta into him! Ouch! Soon, Krillin is the only one left standing. Android 18 says that he is no the one their looking for and says it's a game to find Goku. Android 18 leaves Krillin with a kiss that makes him fall inlove with her.  -


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