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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 120 - Deadly Beauty

English DBZ Episode 120

“Deadly Beauty”

Hey, Pojo I love this episode and I hope you all will too.

It starts off with Vegeta boasting about how he is better than all the androids. He then asks which one wants to battle him. 16 backs out, so lovely 18 takes him on. They both let their fists fly for a while then Vegeta tosses her into a wall and slams her in the face. 17 then says how much stronger Vegeta is than in their databases. Though even a SSJ , 17 still thinks 18 is going to win. Vegeta then boasts again and makes 18 a bit angry. 18 then wants to change his attitude and she flies off and Vegeta follows.

Meanwhile Trunks, Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo are flying at full speed to find Vegeta and hope he is alright.

18 then leads Vegeta on a busy highway where they fight on top of cars and basically blowing up 5 of them. 18 laughs and flies back to their original spot and Vegeta follows back angrily. Vegeta then tries to blast 18, while 18 dodged it though the big Paper Clip truck behind her got blasted on accident.  18 then headbutts Vegeta, knees him hard in the gut, and palm punches him into a side of a cliff.

Just then Trunks and the gang arrive to see if Vegeta is alright. Although bleeding Vegeta walks out as if everything is okay. Vegeta then refuses the help of his friends. 17 then comes and says he should help 18 out a bit. 17 also says that he will let Vegeta fight 18 alone but if any of his friends jump in, he will step in as well. Vegeta agrees and the fight continues.

18 punches Vegeta hard in the face. Angrily Vegeta headbutts 18 in the gut, fists her into a mountain, and shoots a powerful KI blast blowing up the mountain. 18 is okay but she is all ruffled up. 18 then taunts Vegeta and Vegeta attacks. Everyone thinks Vegeta is going to win but just then Piccolo says he cant win for with every attack Vegeta is getting weaker and just then it shows as 18 slams him in the face, hits him in the gut, and punches him into a boulder.

Meanwhile Goku is still resting while Yamacha and ChiChi continue to wait and hope.

Vegeta then tries one more attack the result is he gets kicked in the face and then 18 breaks him arm with one swift kick. Vegeta goes down in pain and Trunks turns into  a SSJ and rushes to save him.

Will Trunks make the ultimate sacrifice?

Will 17 step in?

Will Goku ever get better?

Find out on the next episode!!!


My site devoted to the Greatest Anime:  >Pokémon<  



English - Samir Bashir

 Deadly Beauty

(Episode 120)

  The episode begins with Android 18 accepting Vegeta’s challenge to battle her. Meanwhile 16 is admiring the beauty of the outdoors. Android 18 and Vegeta then began their battle. After an exchange of a few punches 17 realizes that Vegeta is much stronger than the information that Dr. Gero had given them about Vegeta.  However 17 still doesn’t think that Vegeta could defeat 18. Vegeta then taunts 18 but she pays him a lesson in return. Vegeta then charges some blasts at Android 18 but they all miss.

Meanwhile the Z fighters are closing in on the battle scene. Now 18 has moved the battle over to a busy stretch of highway. After a few taunts Vegeta begins the attack and the explosions begin and the cars go crumbling one after another. After that 18 brings Vegeta back to the place of where the battle had started. Vegeta then fired a blast right at the grinning Android but it missed. Vegeta couldn’t believe it!

Android 18 then goes on the attack drilling Vegeta in the head. Now the furious Vegeta gives the Android a punch but 18 stops it and then knocks Vegeta into a mountain. Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin and Tien then arrive and Vegeta recovers. Vegeta then gives 18 a speech about his heritage. 17 walks into the scene of the battle and congratulates Vegeta on a great speech.  Then he makes a pact with Vegeta that if one of his friends came to his aid he would also battle. Vegeta then returns to the battle and launches a devastating attack against the Android. 18 was a bit ruffled but far from out as she then gained the advantage in the battle. Vegeta then got clobbered pretty well and realizes that the Android was just toying with him. 18 then dislocates Vegeta’s arm. Trunks could not take much more and attacks 18. Now with Trunks in the fray will he able to lend a hand to the badly beaten Vegeta? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


This episode in my view was truly inspiring for me since i am a lover of the bad guys and not only did 18 show that she was more powerful than a super sayin she also showed us that she is Hot Hot Hot!

Any way this episode begins with the usual ‘ last time on dragonball z’ and the review of the previous episodes updates us on the android issue.The episode starts with Vegeta boasting about how he will finish the androids and without hesitation the sexy premadonna Android 18 steps forward to take up his challenge. Vegeta makes a a statement revolvig around the fact that the Android is female and he wont hold back. Android 18 hardly seems bothered. With 17 looking on in curiosity and 16 admiring the beuaty of the birds around him 18 lifts up her fists and prepares to get it on! She leaps forward to Vegeta and witnessing a flurry of fists and feet Android 17 looks on and says in a sinister voice “ nice.”

Vegeta grabs 18’s arm and thrusts her into the air. As she hits the rocks the birds fly away upseting Android 16. 18 taunts Vegeta hiding the fact that she is concerned and may have to power up to defeat him. Vegeta flies up and the battle continue with 17 watching on. 17 realises that Vegeta is stronger that his data predicted but still doubts his abilities to defeat 18. Vegeta continues to mock 18 about her being metal. She is getting irritated. 18 flys off and vegeta is hot on her tail. 17 reveals that he is following her into a trap. Meanwhile Gohun is carrying Yajarobe,bulmaand baby trunks as he tries to get home to be with Goku who is battling the heat virus. Bulma sugests going to her house to get some essentials for trunks and with Yajarobe wanting to eat Gohun has no choice. The next scene is a young farmer wishing for something more exciting, well he gets it when Vegeta and Android 18 fiy above him with Vegeta firing shots at 18 wich miss and destroys his farm sending the sheap in a frenzy. Not far away Piccalo, Krillan, Trunks and Tien are heading towards the fighting ground of Vegeta and the Androids.

The fight between Android and sayin continues on the motorway with them standing on a truck. The fight gets out of controll killing innocent drivers in the process. They eventually end up where they started out with Vegeta talking trash as usual. He fires a shot at 18 which misses and blows up a lorry. 18 tells vegeta how pathetic that blast was and they exchange insults.

meanwhile on master Roshis island the incredibly sexy mirron is windsurfing and Roshi is watching her like a hawk. Roshi is offended when Mirron tells turtle to leave the old timer and it is quite funny. Back to the main event 18 goes all out on Vegeta. She injures him with a flying headbutt and gives him one of the most devestating knees in dragoball history. She lifts him with a single figer and sends him flying into the wall with one hell of a punch. The rest of the Z warriors arive on the scene and ask if vegeta is ok. 17 decides to step in and Future Trunks sugests leaving and returning with Goku. After a speach from Vegeta explanning how he needs no ones help in a fight Android 17 basically says that if any one interferes with the battle he will be forced to step in. The resumes and so does the insults. 17 is shocked and amused when tien tells Vegeta to destroy 18. Future Trunks is amazed that his father can go one on one with 18. Picalo realises that Vegeta is getting tired and weaker from the fightin and 18 remains strong and domanant. Vegeta stands no chance. Vegeta is getting pulverized when it switches to a scene of Goku fighting the virus. Vegeta is screaming in pain as 18 looks on with no mercy. Vegeta realizes that he stands no chance and attacks with a rage of anger only to receive a kick in the head. 18 deliver a critical kick that dislocates Vegetas arm leaving him screaming on his knees. Trunks can take no more and jumps in to help his father with 17 looking on ready to strike. fin

- Majin Buu


So the episode begins with Super Saiyan Vegeta asking which android will fight him first?  Sixteen immediately drops out.  18 steps forward and they start to fight.  First a few punches and kicks then 18 leads Vegeta to another highway.  On the way Vegeta sends three energy blasts at 18 but she doges and the energy blast hits a little kid.  Then Vegeta is following 18 and attacking but blows up five cars with his rage.  Then 18 leads Vegeta back to where 16 and 17 are waiting.  Trunks, Piccolo, Tien and Krillen are now flying towards the androids and Vegeta.  18 flys infront of a paperclip truck and then Vegeta sends a huge energy blast towards 18.  18 flys away and the blast hits the paperclip truck.  18 is now laughing at Vegeta and telling him that she is hardly using any of her power.  Vegeta is now very angry and charges right at 18.  Instead of Vegeta hitting 18, 18 quickly knees him in the stomach.  Then she punches him into a cliff.  Now, Piccolo, Trunks, Tien and Krillen come to see if Vegeta is okay.  When Trunks asked Vegeta just laughs eventhough he is pretty hurt.  Then Vegeta and 18 fly up into the air and Vegeta punches 18 in the face and she goes flying against the mountain.  Then Vegeta sends a big energy blast at android 18.   Then when Vegeta comes down 18 punches him into a big rock.  Then when Vegeta stands up she kicks him in the stomach.  He now falls in pain.  Trunks can't let his father die and charges right at 18  going Supersaiyan and takes out a sword.  This is where the episode ends.

- William Bosworth

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