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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 119 - Goku's Assassin

Review by: Samir Bashir

The episode begins with Vegeta blasting open the metal door leading into the lab.

Dr. Gero then orders the androids to attack but they do not follow the doctor’s orders. Then 18 realizes that Android 16 has not been opened from his chamber and wants to see what he looks like. Dr. Gero told Android 18 not to open it but she did not listen. Then Android 17 put Gero to rest by decapitating his head and then squashing it. Ouch!

Trunks then realizes that if they release Android 16 the world would be finished and he blasted the laboratory to pieces. However 18 kept the unawakened Android away from the blast. Then she opened it and the Android was released. Android 16 was a humungous guy who was pretty ugly. When 17 and 18 tried to talk to him 16 did not respond. This is because Android 16 did not talk unless it was about his mission. Then 17 tells 18 it would be time to fulfill their mission in destroying Goku. 16 realizes what they are doing and finally answers to their questions. Then the three Androids leave.

Krillin then realizes that they gone after Goku.  However Vegeta more angry that the Androids had ignored him and he gave chase to them. Just before he left Trunks tried stop him and told him to wait for Goku. Vegeta doesn’t listen to him and gives Trunks a warning punch. Vegeta then heads out of sight.

After Trunks recovered Tien, Piccolo, Krillin and Trunks followed Vegeta.

Vegeta arrived first at the battlefield to face off against the Androids. Vegeta challenged the three Androids to a match. 17 and 18 laughed at Vegeta’s request and called him too big for his boots. After a few words were exchanged 18 agreed to do battle against the Saiyan Prince. Who will win this battle?  Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


Episode Assassins

This is about the androids they are blasted by Trunks but survive and
Vegeta goes after them because as he says “they left because they
were afraid of me and they should be”.He punchs Trunks who tries to
stop him. Ends with Vegeta facing off against 18 he is really mad.

- Shelly West


The episode starts off when the z warriors are standing behind Dr Gero's lab.Vegeta, then blasts the door open to see Dr Gero and the Androids,17 and 18.Dr Gero then tells the androids to destroy the z warriors,but 17 just says "be quiet old man" then 18 walks over to see another android in a capsule.17 then tells 18 to open up the android,but then Dr Gero orders her not to.17 then punches Dr Gero right threw his chest.Dr Gero then says "I made you!" Then 17 kicks Dr Gero's head right off and steps on it.Then 17 signals Krillin to come to him.Krillin looks Freaked out and then Tien says "I cover you Krillin"then 17 stands up and walks away.Then 17 tells 18 to open up the android,then Trunks says"If they set that android free, it will be end of all of us"and then blasts the lab completly.But the androids look untouched with the capsule in 18s hands then they open they the capsule to see a big looking person with orange hair.His name is android 16 and his mission is to kill goku.then the 3 androids fly off.Vegeta is about to follow them,but then Trunks him to stay here oh else you will be destroyed.Vegeta then punches Trunks in the gut and flys off.Vegeta finds the androids standing on the road.Vegeta says I'm a super saiyan.The androids then laugh.18 tells 16 to kill Vegeta,but 16 says "I refuse" 17 says "what" 18 then says "Dont worry,I'll handle this" Then fight against Vegeta and 18 is just about to start!
By Rhys_Winter69    


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