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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 118 - Nightmare Comes True

Series: DBZ - Version: English

Episode: no. 118 “Nightmare Comes True”


The episode starts out showing Trunks and Vegeta searching for the lab in a mountainous area. Trunks is having a hard time believing how stubborn his father is while Vegeta keeps asking if Trunks will follow him forever. As Trunks keeps telling him how powerful the Androids are, Piccolo, Tien(Tenshinhan), and Krillin arrive at North City. Krillin comments on the freezing temperatures while Piccolo formulates a plan. They all take two senzu beans and split up near a mountain range. Not too far away, Dr.  Gero/#20 spots them in the sky. He keeps running until a gunshot is heard and Gero catches a bullet. He turns to find a hunter who mistakens him for a deer. A bright red flash is seen and a loud noise is heard by Krillin. He sets of near the scene to find the hunter in a tree. The hunter tells him that a “crazy old guy” attacked him. Krillin recognizes this as Dr. Gero and goes in the direction the hunter gave him. Krillin spots a footprint in a fallen tree and Dr. Gero comes out of nowhere, sending Krillin to the ground.

The force of the blow causes Krillin to cough up some blood. Before Gero can finish him off, he spots Piccolo flying nearby. He spares Krillin’s life and finally gets to his laboratory, enclosed in a small alcove in a mountain.  He pushes a few numbers and the steel door opens revealing the his lab.  Krillin had seen the whole thing and raises his power level to attract the attention of the other Z Warriors. Inside the lab, Gero takes a remote control-like device and heads towards a large capsule labeled “17.” He presses the button on the controller and the lid of the capsule lifts revealing a young man with blue eyes, chin-length black hair, and an orange scarf around his neck: Android 17. He recognizes the remote control and realizes Gero had awakened him. He greets the doctor and Gero is surprised that 17 remembers him. Next, Gero releases Android 18, a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes as well. She also greets the doctor. Gero briefs the Androids about Goku’s friends and tells them to destroy them. Meanwhile, Piccolo and Tien have arrived and assist Krillin in trying to ram the door open. However, it is unsuccessful.

As if on cue, Vegeta and Trunks arrive at the scene. Back in the lab, Gero comments on how foolish the good guys are as 17 snatches away the control device. He then breaks it,  in case Gero tried to deactivate them again. Gero starts yelling madly at him. Piccolo places his hand out and charges an attack. Vegeta tells Piccolo not to kill the Androids because he wants a good fight. Trunks tells Piccolo to ignore Vegeta. Before Piccolo can execute an attack he hears Gero’s yelling from inside. This confirms to them that the Androids were activated. Vegeta pushes the Namek out of the way and prepares to fire a blast of his own. When his father starts arguing that he wants to meet these Androids Trunks shouts, “STOP IT! You Don’t understand how powerful the REALLY ARE!!!” Vegeta shoots the blast, destroying the steel door and sending smoke everywhere. When the smoke clears both androids are seen and Vegeta exclaims that “these must be the scary androids we’ve heard so much about.” Trunks confirms that they are the ones in his future.

        By Justin DiMatteo


Samir Bashir

Nightmare Comes True

Episode 118

We begin this episode with Trunks and Vegeta Flying towards Dr. Gero’s lab. Trunks is thinking of howstubborn his father is (Vegeta) and unless he turns his ego down a notch he will get himself killed. Vegeta is also thinking at how the others doubt his  lighting ability as he is a Super Saiyan and has the classification as an elite Saiyan.

Meanwhile Goku is having a nightmare about the Androids and the fact he couldn’t defeat them. Chi Chi and Yamcha then gave Goku the antidote and he recovered slightly but still is in some sort of coma.

Krillin, Piccolo and Tien head past North City and into the many mountains north of the city. Meanwhile Yamcha, Bulma and Gohan are heading to Capsule Corp. Bulma and Yajirobe started arguing and Gohan lost control and headed into a wooden area. Gohan then regained control but without Yajirobe to have a bird’s nest on its head. Piccolo, Tien and Krillin had a tough job ahead of them since there were lots of mountains in the area. Piccolo then told everyone that if they saw Dr. Gero to raise their power level so everyone could find it. With no clue where to begin, the three warriors split up into different areas of the mountainous region.  

At the same time Dr. Gero is in the same vicinity and is heading quietly through the inner forest. Then a hunter thinking Gero was a deer shot him. Gero crushed the bullet in his hand and then retaliated with a minor blast. Krillin then heard the explosion and arrived on the scene. Then he saw the hunter in the tree and he told it was some old powerful geezer. Krillin realized it was Gero and began to chase him. Dr. Gero then tricked Krillin by hiding under some branches and when Krillin came the doctor attacked.

Dr. Gero then left for his lab because it would take too much time if he disposed of Krillin. With all the energy left within him Krillin chased Dr. Gero just a little further where his laboratory was located. Krillin then notified the others by powering up. 

Meanwhile in the lab, Dr. Gero activated the androids 17 and 18. Both seemed to be looking at the control Dr. Gero had in his hand. This activates and deactivates the androids.

Tien and Piccolo arrive at the opening of Dr. Gero’s time machine. Tien and Krillin then start to barge the door open. Back in side Android 17 snatches the control away from Dr. Gero and then brakes it. Dr. Gero couldn’t believe his androids were turning against him.

Vegeta and Trunks arrive on the scene as well. Piccolo is about to blast the door open when they hear Dr. Gero and the androids. Piccolo stops his blast but then Vegeta blasts the door himself. Now the Z fighters come face-to-face with the androids. Do the androids have a vendetta of their own? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


The episodes I am going to review are from Dragonball Z
They are english dubbed and uncut.
Episode The Nightmare Begins

It is mostly about Dr Gero finding his lab and we finally get to see the androids. Drags on a bit but is still cool. - Shelly West


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