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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 117 - Follow Dr. Gero

DragonBall Z episode 117 (English Dubbed)
Title: Follow Dr. Gero
Rating: 7 out of 10
Reviewed by Midnight Ranger

I noticed that there was no review for this particular episode, so I decided to write one. This was the first DBZ episode I ever saw. Very little happened action wise, but here's what happened. Android 20 blasts Bulma's plane and causes it to crash. This diversion makes it possible for him to flee the scene with out being spotted by the Z Fighters.
When he smoke clears, we see that Trunks has saved Bulma and baby Trunks from the crash. (Wouldn't it be weird to hold yourself as a baby?)
Trunks is angry that Vagita did nothing to help his wife (supposedly) and his son. Vagita doesn't seem concerned about either of them and is only worried about where #20 has gone.
Meanwhile, Yamcha and ChiChi are caring for Goku, who is suffering from another heart attack. ChiChi and Yamcha are afraid that they gave him Trunk's medicine too late and now it won't work.
Back at the canyon, Bulma drops a bombshell when she tells everyone that Android 20 is really Dr. Gero. She also tells him that his lab was in a cave to the north, but doesn't know exactly where. Trunks tells the guys about the androids who terrorize his time, #17 and #18, and Piccolo suggests that they find the lab and destroy them before Psycho Doc can wake them up. Vagita calls the plan cowardly and declares that he can tear both robots apart with his bear hands, then leaves for the lab. Trunks tries to stop him, determined not to let his father be killed a second time. But Vagita ignores him and flies off. Trunks follows him.
Before leaving for the lab, Piccolo tells Krillin, Gohan, Tien, and Bulma that the young Super Sayin from the future is the who the baby in Bulma's arms grows up to be. Then he has Gohan take Bulma and Baby Trunks back home. He, Tien, and Krillin then fly off to find the lab.
Meanwhile, Dr. Gero sees the Z fighters fly over him and realize they're headed for his lab. He freaks out and becomes determined to reach it before they do and sick 17 and 18 on them. That's basically all that happens.
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