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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 115 - The secret of Dr. Gero  

My name is Sasha and my web site is:

This episode is my favorite because vegeta  is a super saiyan so enjoy.

At first when Vegeta became a super Saiyan, he started battling android 19 vegeta was doing great then android 19 grabbed Vegeta's hand and was draining his energy but vegeta ripped android 19 arms then android 19 was running away but vegeta killed him with a beam then his was rolling then he told android 20 that  he will die like 19 did  then 20 ran away and vegeta told krillin to give him a senzu then vegeta went after Dr.Gero.   Then the others came after him.  Vegeta couldn't find him.   Then he was going to blast the mountain but 20 came in front of the beam and drained it now he was looking for the other to drain their power so he would have enough power to kill him. Now his search was on he will look for the other power so look out piccolo,tien,gohan,and krillin.  There is a thief among you. What this thief steals will not return until its gone for good 

till next time on Dragon ballZ.


2nd Review

Vegita rumbles with number 19, and shows what he is made of! He puts down the android several times, and make’s his mark that he can not be defeated by a  “Stupid Robot” When #19 attempts to drain vegita of his power, vegita simply ripped his arms off, and annilated the android.  Astonished In terror, the android number 20 heads to the mountains for safety...

I'm DBT , and my site is DragonBallTech -


Hi, my name is Daniel Chapman and I’m writing my first Dragonball Z Review!
This is for the English dubbed episode “The Secret Of Dr. Gero”

At the beginning you see Super Saiyan Vegeta taunting Android 19 and saying
that he was going to send him to the scrap heap, then after that Android 19
flys at Vegeta and punches him and Vegeta takes the punch, then Android 19
hits him a few more times then stops and starts laughing like a maniac. After
a bit of waiting Vegeta kicks Android 19 so hard that you can see a lump
which is the same shape as Vegeta’s foot on the other side of him. Then
Vegeta kicks him up into the air and teleports himself above the Android and
hammers him back down to the ground which is enough to create a massive
crater in the ground that Gohan, Piccolo, Tien and Krillin had to avoid, then
Vegeta goes down into the hole too. He starts taunting the Andriod even more
but then Android 19 jumps up and grabs both of Vegeta’s arms and goes on
about the fact that he’s not going to let go, then Vegeta jumps up and
smashes Android 19 in the face with his feet and keeps on pushing with them.
After a while Vegeta cries out that you should never give up and pushes his
feet so hard that both of Android 19’s hands come off, and he goes flying
into a wall! Then Vegeta observes the energy absorbing devices on the
Androids hands and throws them on the ground, and Android 19 is so scared
that he scurries up the pit and starts running away from Vegeta, when Vegeta
goes up too, Android 20 shouts for Vegeta to stop battling but Vegeta says
that he’s saying that because the two Androids are losing the battle, Vegeta
then chases after Android 19. After a little clip of Yamcha still carrying
Goku back to his house it returns to the battle scene where Vegeta is talking
to Android 19 from above, he then gets really mad and fires a Big Bang attack
at Android 19 and blows him to pieces! 

You then see Bulma, Yajarobe and Baby Trunks in the hover car flying towards the battle scene and they all start worrying about the massive explosion up ahead, Yajarobe then freaks out and Trunks starts crying so Bulma starts arguing with Yajarobe and then they fly off. Next, you see Vegeta flying down towards Android 20 and asks him why he
thinks he’s so strong when he was made by the same person as Android 19, only
Android 20 says that he is different and much more powerful, he then flies
away really fast and Vegeta gets really mad about it and starts to give
chase. Piccolo, Gohan, Tien and Krillin decide to go and search for Android
20 themselves too and so they split up to find him, Vegeta gets really mad
and powers up a massive energy blast and Krillin freaks out because he thinks
that it is going to hit everyone else too but out of no where, Android 20
comes out and absorbs the whole blast, and runs off. Vegeta gets REALLY angry
now and carries on looking and so is everyone else as you see clips of them
all searching for the Android, Android 20 then says that he needs more energy
if he is going to defeat Vegeta and so is going to sneakily absorb energy
from Piccolo, Tien, Krillin and Gohan instead because he knows that Vegeta
won’t make the same mistake as last time, the episode now ends here.

Will Android 20 be found?

Will he get to the Z Warriors and power up?

When will Goku get better?

Find on the next episode of Dragonball Z “More Androids?!”

On the next episode, the Z Warriors are still in search of Android 20 and he
has a few tricks up his sleeve too, but so has Piccolo as he shows his real
power to the Android, and what’s this? Trunks has come back from the future,
with some ground breaking news!


Okay, this is the episode we all know and love as the battle between vegeta and Android 19. It was the second battle i ever saw and it made me love the series. Being such a big fan, i got it and i can give you a good idea of the events in it. With that said, let's get ready to rumble as android and SSj collide!
The episode begins with android 19 running he hits vegeta in the face which causes the sayin prince to tilt his head. 19 then delivers several more fast hits. Then Vegeta lifts his head with a grin saying"Just as I thought, You're nothing!"
Vegeta says"Silly robot. You really think you stand a chance against a super sayin like me, you're brain must be malfunctioning!"
Vegeta lets out a kick that dents straight into 19's chest. 19 gasps and then gets punched. as he falls he is kicked. the lifeless android's body slides through the sand as everyone is amazed. Vegeta walks to the body and says"my my. Is it the ultimate bucked of bolts?"
19 jumps to his feet but only is sent flying to the air by a kick. He stops in mid air where he comes face to face with vegeta. "so are you scared et?" Vegeta grins. 19 punches really fast at vegeta and then gets punched in the nose. Vegeta laughs and says"Oil leak?'. 19 is mad and eyebeams vegeta. but vegeta leaps from the beams way and then knocks 19.19's punching was useless because after one hit `19 is sent to the ground. picollo and the others on the ground run as the android hits the ground, creating a huge hole in the ground.Vegeta lands and sees a body and says"dispicaple! what a useless machine!" 19 leaps to his feet and grabs vegetas wrists. He laughs and says" i have u now, and soon i will have all of your energy. i will never let go."
Vegeta says"never huh?" and puts his feet to 19's face. he pushes. "well, so far i'm impressed, but never can be a long time."
19 says through a smushed face of words"i will never let you go!"
"that's the spirit! NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!" and with that vegeta pushes his feet into 19's face and off come the hands.19 backs up and hits a rock.He locks at the sockets as oil shoots.Vegeta holds the hands and says"hmmmm. so this is how androids rob humans of their energy." 19 is shocked. "whats the matter?u're the one that started this game and now you don't want to play anymore? u were enjoying yourself before...when u were sucking the life out of kakorot!As vegeta approaches the androids shivers. vegtea says" androids DO experience fear?" And they sure do! Android 19 ran off and scramble]d to escape the mighty super sayin prince of all sayins once again-VEGETA! Vegeta shot up and looked down on the mere android running for his life. Gero shouts "enough!" "Don't be absurd! It's enough Because you're losing. You came here to destroy us!Fool! You're going to have to finish what you started!" And then Vegeta powers up and lays out and arm in classical BIG BANG STYLE"TIME HAS RUN OUT 4 u ANDROID" No one can believe how strong vegeta is. "HERE IT COMES!A little going away present for you! HA HA HA HA!" and it did come-straight down on 19! It hit him and let out an unbelievable amount of smoke!
and here comes android 19...or at least his head! it rolls on by making noises. Vegta says"I only wish there was a junkyard nearby so we could give it a proper burial!"
Then bulma, baby trunks and Yajirobi come flying by. they see the smoke and yajirobi insists that they turn around. Bulma says theyre already there so they dont need to
Vegeta comes down and an angry gero turns to him and says'u are stronger than i anticipated but it is nothing i can not handle. yer defeat is eminint." vegeta chuckles and says"oh yeah, your friend managed to steal quiet a bit of energy from me before i stopped him here's yer chance to try." gero thinks"how can he be so confident?What's he hiding? " "let me ask you this, what makes u think you're going to do any better than he did? you're an android too. I bet you're head rolls just as well." vegeta snickers. "Fool, i am far superior to the android 19 model. Stamping you out of existence will be easy for a model like me!" says Gero who isn't confident inside. "yer bluffing friend,lets see what you got!" hearing that gero flies up. Krillin says"Oh wow! There he goes! he's running!" Vegeta shouts"hey baldie! hand me one of those beans!" Krillin takes out the bag then says...hey, wait a minute? "he's getting away!" krillin says lightly to himself"oh, here's a small one, he he he." vegeta ctches the bean and chews. "I appreciate the assistance but you arten't needed her, u should just go hiome." the prince says as he flies off.
Picollo explains to us all that vegeta would've lost if he'd fought 20, but he was so convincing that 20 had to run. then the z fighters agree to go find that android.
This is where my video cuts off, but from  memory i remember vegeta shooting a blast and then it getting absorbbed.
Well i hope you liked that episode as much as i did!



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