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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 114 - Upgrade to Super Saiyan

My name is Zakk Fuller, My web site is

Hi, my name is Zakk Fuller. I am a HUGE DBZ fan, and an even bigger Vegeta fan. This has to be my favorite episode, that is why i wrote this review.  This is gonna be a long one. Well, I hope you enjoy it!

The episode starts with Goku grabbing his heart. The Z Warriors now realize that he is having the heart virus Trunks warned him about. He falls to the ground. Krillen then throws him a senzu bean, and he eats it. #20 explains that they know the healing powers of the Senzu, and that they will not allow him the time he needs to heal. 19 then hits his earring and shoots eye lasers at Goku. Goku flies out of the way, but Android 19 meets him in the air with a powerful punch to the jaw. He knees him in the stomach and then hits him hard in the head, knocking him to the ground. Goku struggles to get up, and Gohan exclaims that the Senzu Bean isnt working! Krillen doesn't believe it, and says that they have always worked before. Gohan then says that they need the antidote, but Goku must return home to get it. Android 19 then releases another series of vicous blows and Goku is once again on the ground, and he is now out of Super Saiyan. Android 19 lands on him hard, and sits on him. He pins his arms to the ground with his feet. He opens his hand, reveiling his energy draining device, and grabs Goku in the throat. He says that now he will drain all of his energy. Goku struggles to get away, but 19 just smiles and begins to drain his energy. Goku says that this is it, Goku is in trouble. He says to move in.

They all fly over towards Goku, but 20 flies in their way. He says that they will stay were they are, unless of course any of them ar foolish enough to think they can get past him. All of them look scared, and he says thats what he thought. Piccolo smiles and says to think again, and he tries to kick him. The Android moves back and shoots lasers out of his eyes, hitting Piccolo in the heart. He falls to the ground and Gohan goes down to his side. Krillen asks the Android why he hurts people, and he says not to test his patience, and asks if he has learned any thing from Piccolo’s mistake. 19 continues to drain Goku’s energy, and Tien says that they have to do something. 19 continues to drain Goku of his energy, and Goku begins to lose his grip on 19’s arm. But all of a sudden 19 gets kicked in the head, and falls to the ground. It is Vegeta! He says that nobody will kill Kakarot while he is around, destiny has reserved that pleasure for him.  Every one is surprised to see Vegeta, and Piccolo explans that Vegeta interfiered, and that is why he didnt hit Android 19.

Vegeta says Goku is pitiful, and that he was warned about the virus. He tells him that turning into a Super Saiyan could only make it worse. He says Goku is far to forgiving to be a great warrior. He tells him that he will finish the androids, but Goku is next. He kicks him to the side and Piccolo catches him.  Yamcha agrees to fly him home, and he lifts him up. Gohan tells him hes counting on him, and Yamcha flies away with Goku on his shoulder. 19 prepares to follow them, but 20 tells him to let them go.  20 says that they can finish Goku at the moment of their choosing. He says that until then they can entertain themselves by destroying all of his friends. Yajarobie is sitting on a cliff with Bulma, playing with baby Trunks. Trunks starts to cry, and Bulma uses Yajarobie’s scarf as a diper for Trunks. Bulma says she wants to go see Vegeta, and Yajarobie gets scared. After a small argument, Yajarobie agrees to go and they climb in the ship and fly away. Back at the fight, Krillen thinks they should leave.

Everyone finally convinces him to stay, and 19 asks if he can finish off Vegeta. Android 20 says that 19 is being very greedy, but agrees to let him fight Vegeta, but he gets to finish off the rest. 19 gets into a fighting stance, and flashes his energy absorber. Vegeta says he know about them, and that if he cant blast him away he will simply pound him into a pulp. Android only smiles and explains that Vegeta only knows a few of his moves, and he knows all of Vegeta’s. Vegeta asks if that is true, why did he act so surprised whrn Kakarot turned into a Super Saiyan?  He says that it is because his database dosnt include the battles they had in space,  and that his creator took a fine chapter not to include in his memory. Vegeta then asks him if a machine like himself ever experiences fear? He strains for a moment, and then his hair begins to flash on and off yellow. His eyes start to turn green, and the ground around him begins to fall apart. 

Both the androids are very surprised, and 20 exclaims "Not him too!" There is a flash of light and then Vegeta stands there, a full Super Saiyan. He sinks way into the ground, and stands in a giant hole. Gohan exclaims that there is a new member of the Super Saiyan club, and Krillen says that he thought you had to be like Goku to become a Super Saiyan. Vegeta explains that there is more than one way to reach the goal. And then he begins to explain how he became one. He says that his motivation was very different from Kakarot’s, that his was to be the very best. He tells of how he trained in extreme conditions, and in 450 times gravity, a simple training exersise became a struggle for survival. Even the simplest moves required every ounce of will power he had.  The only thing that held his body together was his desire to become stronger than Kakarot.  He decided to continue his training in space, where he wouldnt have any distractions. And when a lightning storm erupted on the planet he was on, he welcomed it. Meteors began to fall, and he was determined to protect himself and his ship. It was his only way off that nightmarish piece of rubble. He thought he had everything under control, but then a giant meteor appeared. Normally it would be nothing to destroy that rock, but after training in 450 times normal gravity, it took everything he had, and more! And then something inside of him snapped, he didnt care any more! He didnt want to be a Super Saiyan any more. He didnt care if he lived, he didnt care about anything.

And then, it happened. He transformed into a Super Saiyan! He exclaims that the sleeper has awoken, and he is the prince of all Saiyans once again! 20 says he is tired of this nonsince, and even with his new power he is no match for the Androids. He asks 19 to demonstrate, and he fires two energy balls at him.  They both miss, and 19 flies into the air, firing two eye lasers at Vegeta.  He lets them hit, and there is an explosion. When all the smoke clears, Vegeta is still standing, not even scratched. 19 laughs and charges at Vegeta, about to punch him. And that is the end of this episode of Dragon Ball Z!


2nd Review:

On the last episode of DragonBallZ! Goku goes head to head with number 19 in a all- out battle! Goku reveals himself as a super sayian to the Androids!  Sadly,Trunk’s prediction about goku’s heart disease came true, and goku was powerless to defend himself against Number 19’s power drain,  until vegita Showed up and saved goku! Yamcha Flies goku to his house for the medicine, and vegita is now left to face Number 19.

I'm DBT , and my site is DragonBallTech -


3rd Review

This episode starts off with Vegeta telling them a story of how he became a
super sayien.He then turned into a super sayien and blew android 19 into
pieces.Then Vegeta challenges Android 20 (Dr. Gero) to fight him.Vegeta
tricks him and 20 flies away scared.They Krillen give Vegeta a sunzu
bean.Vegeta then flies off looking for 20.Picclo then explains ow Vegeta is a
 wise warrior.Then the rest of them begin their search for 20.
will Vegeta kill 20
will they find find 20



4th Review

114  Upgrade to Super Saiyan

The episode starts with Goku grabing his heart as 19 punches him. Goku is doing bad, 19 knocks Goku to the

ground and starts draining Goku’s energy. Then Piccolo says let’s move in but 20 blocks the way, he says nobody is going unless their foolish enough to get past him.  But Piccolo smiles and says to stop and think again and tries to kick him but misses 20 shoots 2 lasers in Piccolo’s heart then Gohan gives him a senzu bean. 19 is almost finished with Goku, then Vegeta 19 in the head and says nobody kills Kakarot while I’m here! I’ll finish the androids for you, but your next. then he kicks him and piccolo catches him. Vegeta transforms into a super saiyan and tells how he became one. then 19 attacks.

        Andy K.


upgrade to supersayian

The episode begins as gokuu has a heart problem android19 is absourbing gokuu of his energy. android20 blated a hole through  piccolo just as gokuu all most lost power vegeta kicked android19. android20 said thats not fair then vegeta said that he too has supersayian strangh or somthing like that then vegeta transformed in to a supersayian . android19 tried to blast vegeta but missed kakarot turned back to a sayian real name is gokuu. thats all.

                 the supersayianjin


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