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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 112 - A Handy Trick

Hello its me and I have an episode review for the U.S. dubbed episode - A handy Trick.

 The episode starts up with Yamcha getting his energy drained. Yamcha is starting to lose his grip on Android 20’s arm. Then the other Z Warriors show up.  Android 20 lets go of Yamcha and Yamcha looks dead. Goku says they can save Yamcha by giving him a sensu bean. So Krillin takes him back to Buruma who has the sensu beans. Then Piccolo says so these are the big scary androids, look funny to me.

Then Android 20 comments on how the Z Warriors knew they were Androids and how they expected them. Then Piccolo says if the Androids were so tough why dont you make us. Then when the fight is about to begin Goku as always has to mention on how the fight will cause too many casualties. Then Android 20 begins too shoot lasers out of his eyes on to the whole city almost destroing the city when Goku punches him in the face. Android 20 isn't hurt at all though. Then Goku yells leave these people out of this then Android 19 says there are no people left to leave out.

Then Android 20 says well then take us to a better place Goku. Then Piccolo gets surprised and asks how Android 20 knew Gokus name. Then you hear fire sirens and Goku tells everyone to follow him. Meanwhile Yamcha is now revived and they see Goku leaving the city. Then Yamcha says they have to warn Goku that the Androids can absorb his energy. Then Gohan, Krillin, and Yamcha take off to follow Goku. After flying for a littlle while 20 gets tired of flying and says to land once they land Goku while gasping for air asks how the androids knew his name. Then 20 says thst Goku has been observed from a remote tracking device from the World Martial Arts tournament you the fight with Vegeta on Earth. Then Goku says you may think you know everything about me, but realy youre not even close. Then Goku goes Super Sayain. 

That ends the episode. I give this episode 4stars out of 5 a real good episode.

- Robert


This episode starts out showind androide 20 sucking yamchas energy.then they show you krilin picloo and goku and they all sense  his power  level droping and rush to save him.then they reach him and think he is dead goku then tells krilin to take yamacha and give him and senzu bean. Then the androids explain how that goku has been moniterd since he was small by dr.gero and he cannot beat them.then goku says there are to many people here he starts blasting the city in seconds.goku is angry and punches him .they then fly of and to fight then goku says if they did not moniter him in space they do not know he can go super sayain .He goes and 20 is amazed unexpected he says and then it end.    Goku is amazing here



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