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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 111 - The Androids Appear

Gregg Lionetti-

This episode begins three years after “Goku’s Ordeal”.  Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tiene, Yamcha, Bulma, and Baby Trunks are all there.  Bulma is suprised that Goku knew Trunks’ name and that Vegeta is the father.  Yamcha is angry for obvious reasons.  Yajarobie gives Goku Senzu Beans for the battle against the Androids.  He then leaves when suddenly the ship is blown up by the two androids (Androids 19 & 20, 20 is Dr. Gero as an Android).  The two Androids land in the island’s city.  The Z warriors search for the Androids.  Yamcha finds the Androids but is easily overpowered.  Find out what happens on the next episode of DBZ!


i'm doing a review on the english dbz episode the androids appear enjoy

it starts with goku,gohan,and piccolo heading toward the island they have to
be on then krillin joins them,when they land on the island they realize it
has a city on it then they see yamcha,tien,bulma, and baby trunks gohan asks
if it's yamcha's son and yamcha answers that it isn`t his son and turns and
walks away and goku gos up to bulma and says trunks is vegeta's son and bulma
is surprised to see that goku``guessed his name''and krillin says`` who ever
thought bulma and vegeta''and they wait for the androids.comercial
break.dr.brief gos into trunks`s room and says he has a new toy for him but
he doesn`t see trunks anywhere so he thinks bulma`s showing him off to the
neighbors again so he tests the toy to see if it works he pushes a button and
a huge rubber duck comes out of the box,back to the island yajirobe lands
next to everyone on the island goku asks if yajirobe is there to help them
fight but yajirobe being the coward he is says he isn`t there to help them
fight and then he picks up a bag and says he just came to bring them sensu
beans then he flies away in his plane yamcha starts to doubt that there are
going to be any androids bulma tells him not to doubt it yet it`s only 10:17
then we here an explosion and piccolo says he sees the androids and we see
yajirobe falling into a river so they all split up to find the androids while
gohan gos to check on yajirobe.krillin lands in front of a kid riding an
airboard he falls off and krillin asks him if he saw any strange looking
people and the answers he did ``him flying'' meanwhile gohan pulls yajirobe
out of the river then yamcha runs into two people that look dead yamcha asks
what happened to them and both answer two weird people knocked them
unconcious then the androids 19 and 20 are above yamcha 19 uses some kind of
device built into him to find out yamcha`s name then 20 says he`ll provide
them with extra strength then they land behind yamcha yamcha sees them behind
him and says they better be careful cause there are 2 androids loose and they
mean business then yamcha sees the red ribbon army symbol on 20`s hat and
yamcha says ``no it can`t be''and 20 says they are them and yamcha yells he
found them then 20 grabs his face and picks him up then a car comes and
crashes and there`s an explosion and there`s fire everywhere then the episode
  from snobdr450

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