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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 110 - Goku's Ordeal


It all starts with Chichi being chased by a huge, wild boar, while walking home from the grocery store. The boar chases her for a while, but at the last second, the boar runs off a cliff. She sighs and walks home.

Then, it shows Gohan in a pond, and he catches a fish that is almost twice his size. He shows it to Goku, and he says that they could have it for dinner. As usual, Piccolo starts whining because they have had fish for the last two weeks. When they walk into the house, Chichi is sitting at the table. When Goku and Gohan take off their clothes and give them to Chichi, so they can take a bath, she explodes and starts yelling about how they want her to wash their clothes and cook dinner at the same time, she also starts yelling about how they don’t have a car, and that Goku doesn’t even know how to drive, she orders both he and Piccolo to go to Driving school to get their licenses.

At the school, Goku sees Piccolo dressed up in some of Goku’s clothes. The problem is, he looks like he’s trying to look like a nine year old. Piccolo tells him that the clothes came out of his (Goku’s) closet. He apologizes to him, and then the instructors came up to them. Goku was stuck with an elderly man who could barely even open a car door, while Piccolo was put with a young woman with a serious case of road rage. While Piccolo is doing good at driving, Goku is doing horrible. He can’t even remember how to start the car. What a muscle brain. Anyways, a little later in the episode, The two are driving on a rainy road. There is a bus of kids coming down, and on accident, Goku rams their bus with his car, which sends the bus plummeting to it’s murky grave. But instead of continuing the test, Goku and Piccolo jump into action. Goku holds the bus while Piccolo breaks all the falling boulders with one of his attacks. Goku carries the bus back to safety, and when they return to the instructors, they are applauding them. The elderly man tells them that even though they failed the test, he thinks that it would be cool to fly. He also said that he would trade his license any day for a chance to fly. The young woman agrees with him.

When the two return home, Chichi finds out that they failed the test, she goes bonkers. Again.

By Bulma62


2nd Review:

Gregg Lionetti -

This episode begins with Chi Chi running from a wild boar when coming back from the grocery store.  She tricks the boar into running off a cliff.  When she gets home she waits for Goku.  Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan continue their training and decide to go home.  When the arrive Chi Chi snaps and complains that they don’t have a car.  Goku and Piccolo are told to forget about the training and learn to drive.  At the driving school Piccolo does okay at first until the wreckless Goku drives over 100 mph!  Piccolo takes it as a challege and decides to race Goku!  After a devistating crash, that almost kills both driving teachers, Piccolo and Goku have only one more chance to get their licenses. 

The next day they start slowly on a dangerous road when all of a sudden the school bus ahead of them gets hit by an avalanche and falls of a road.  Piccolo and Goku crash the cars and save tha bus!  In the end they do not get their licences and are called “a danger to everyone on the road.”  Chi Chi isn’t very happy about this but there are only three years left before the arrival of the androids.  Find out what happens on the next episode of DBZ!


3rd Review: 

Chi Chi is running from a warthog she carrying her groceries running fast as she can from the pig with horns shes stops right at the edge of the cliff the warthog doesn’t the warthog is just flowing away. Goku is with Gohan & Piccolo. Gohan catches a big fish.(They have been eating fish for over 2 weeks)Goku congrats Gohan. Piccolo is meditating and he says “ Fish again we haqve had fish for over 2 weeks already. Chi Chi gets home. Goku, Piccolo ,and Gohan get home right after. Chi Chi is exhausted. Goku says whoah we smell bad Gohan we made quite a sweat. Goku says “ Hey Chi Chi mind if you wash our clothes. Goku is taking off his clothes and putting it on the table Chi Chi is sitting on.Chi Chi gets mad and says Goku I want a car. Goku says” Well I would drive you but you know I dont have a drivers license Chi Chi.” Chi Chi says “THEN GET ONE” Chi Chi wants Piccolo to get one too. Piccolo gets mad. 

Goku and Piccolo go to the place and Goku gets a old slow guy. Piccolo gets a young women that speeds. Piccolo gets scared and says”are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Goku thinks the slow old guy is weird. Piccolo is good at driving. Gohan comes with Ickerist just watching them. But Goku is screwing up too many times.  They come the next day its raining the teachers say we’ll give you another only if you do not do the accidents like yesterday. They are still driving sort of bad. A bus of children head off the cliff. Goku and Piccolo save them. They still don’t get their drivers license. Chi Chi gets really pissed off! At the end the three years have past Goku, Piccolo,b and Gohan head out. Chi Chi says” Oh at least have some food.” Gohan says” No thanks Mom but we have to go.” Then they head out.

Royce Sumayo


4th Review

English dub
110. Goku's Ordeal

    Today's eps. started with Gohan catching a fish and taking it home.
Chi-Chi was coming home from the market and complains about not having a car.
They all go home and she says that Piccalo and Goku have to make their own
food if they don't pass their driving test. When they get there, Goku does
bad, but Piccalo is a natural. They race. It cuts back to Gohan studying. He
leaves. Goku and Piccalo are driving in the snow when a bus falls off a
cliff. They save it. When they get back, they fail. They go home. It flashes
foreward 3 years. The three go to the place to assemble with Everyone.

By: Josh



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