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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 10 - Escape From Piccolo

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 10 - Escape From Piccolo - Gohan has built a large sailboat from which he sails on. He is sailing on sand in a desert. A huge eagle starts chasing after him. Gohan is mocking it when he hits some rocky terrain. He goes through some trees, and sails right off the edge of a cliff! His boat is wrecked and Gohan is knocked out. Gohan wakes up repairs his boat. He gets on and bids farewell to his tiger friend. The tiger is crying. Gohan says he will be back after he visits his mom. Gohan begins to sail without a problem, until a storm comes.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">Gohan is sleeping when it begins to rain. A huge storm is approaching. He tries to take sail down but is knocked over by a huge wave. He starts pailing water out of his boat. The sail breaks. Piccolo is looking for Gohan on the water. The boat is falling apart. A huge vortex sweeps Gohan up and he lands on a beach. Two children try to wake him up. They think he is dead. They find his sword. Gohan wakes up scaring the children. They take him back to their house. The boy's name is Ron, his little sister's name is Chico.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">Gohan wakes up in a bed. Ron explains that he is in an orphan village. A truck is approaching the village when the kids start to panic. They call the people in the truck the Goon Squad. They want to take the kids away to an orphanage. The men search the buildings. The kids escape to a treehouse by swinging across a the top of a build into a tree. Gohan jumps across to the tree house! The three kids make fun of the men on the top of the building. Down below, the men have caught one of the kids. A teenager comes and takes the kid to safety. His name is Pekero. He beats up the men that took the kid. A woman comes out of the truck and tries to convince the kids to come with them. Ron introduces Gohan to Pekero.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoBodyText" align="left">That night, Gohan is roaming the village when he sees Pekero in a tree. They start talking. Gohan tells them about his home. Pekero says he will take Gohan home the next day. The children construct a plan to get rid of the goon squad. Pekero sees the truck coming. Three men get out and all of the children begin to throw rocks at them. Pekero steal the car and drives off with Gohan. He takes him to the side of a forest and tells him how to get home from there. All of the other kids in village have been caught. Gohan complains about Pekero leaving the other children. Pekero hit Gohan and tries to explain why he didn't help them out. Gohan arrives at his house. He can see his mother's silhouette in the window. He decides not to go home at the last minute because the Saiyans are coming and the Earth needs him. He runs back into a clearing and sees Piccolo. Piccolo asks Gohan what his mission is. &quot;To prepare for the Saiyans. To help protect the Earth. To fight!&quot; With that the two walk back into the woods.

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