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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 109 - Z Warriors Prepare

A cool episode it starts of with yamcha training and goes to see vegita traning at 300 rime gravity.vegita is giving all he got and says he will be stronger than kakorot (goku).Then they show you picoolo goku and gohan training . Piccolo and Gohan power up and send a blast at goku then he suddenly disappears.

Then all of a sudden piccolo sense Goku and they began to fight so fast Gohan could not see them.

back yamcha tries out vegitas capsule he goes at 400 times gravity and is slammed to thr ground and he tries to take it of and did it in time before it killed him. Then they show you the next day vegita training and sends a  blast in the capsule at 400 times gravity and it bounces back he gets made and send a beam at it and then the capsule blows up.

bulma rushes out and she looks for vegeta and then they take him to the hospital and bulma is sleeping waiting for him to get up .When he does he wonders why she is there. and the next day you see vegeta up and training in terrible shape and that is it. An ok episode



2nd Review

This is one of my favorite episodes of DragonBallZ. This episode starts with Yamcha watching Vegeta training in 300 times Earths normal gravity. Then that night Yamcha heads out to Vegetas Capsule to train in 300 times Earths gravity, but can’t handle it. The next Vegetas capsule exploes and Bulma, Mrs. Briefs, and D.R. Briefs are really worried about Vegeta. Meanwhile at Son Gokus Piccilo, Son Gohan, and Son Goku are training and Son Gohan is battling Son Goku. Back at Capsule Corp. Vegeta is having a bad dream. Vegeta is dreaming that he is fighting Son Goku and Trunks and is loosing    to them. Then in his dream he remembers what his father told him long ago and in his dream he says “I am a Super Sayian”. Then he wakes up and starts training again. And thats the end of the episode 

- Robert

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