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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 107 - Mystery Revealed

Hi this is Gerard Lionetti your number one fan here!  I saw this English DBZ episode today and thought you’d like the summary, so here goes! :

The episode opens with Goku getting out of his space pod (looks like there’s a Ginyu Force symbol on it) and says he knew Freeza had a good 2 hours on him and asked who beat him and King Cold.  Gohan tells him it was the mysterious youth.  The youth asks to talk to Goku in private.  They fly a short distance and the youth reveals that his name is Trunks and that he is from the future.  He wants to see if Goku can control his powers.  Goku and Trunks both transform into Super Saiyans.  They test strengths and Trunks says he can trust Goku.  He tells Goku about how everyone except Gohan will die in 3 years from some Androids built by Goku’s old nemesis Dr. Gero.  Trunks says they are more powerful than Goku and turn on Gero.  But then Goku asks what about him as he is not named as one who dies.  Trunks tells him that he will not even get a crack at the Androids as he will die of heart disease a few months before.  Goku is angry that he won’t get a shot at the Androids.  Trunks is surprised that even though they are more powerful, he wants a shot at them.  Then Trunks also reveals Vegeta is his dad and Bolma, yes Bolma, is his mother.  As he is leaving, he says there is no cure for the disease in Goku’s time, but in Trunks’ time there is a cure.  He tosses Goku a bottle of medicine and says once he gets the disease to take the medicine and he’ll be fine!  Goku is overjoyed by this and that the medicine is purple (he thinks it’ll be grape) and is very grateful to Trunks as Trunks heads for his ship.  Piccollo overheard the conversation and revealed only the info on the androids saying they should all train.  They agree and see Trunks above them.  He takes one last look at his parents and then heads back to his on Android plagued time. 

So there is 107 and I can’t wait for #108.  I’ll get it to you if I can!

Gerard Lionetti

a.k.a.  a.k.a. Your Biggest Fan


2nd Review

Goku is saying hi to his friends when Vageta says that this mystyrious kid can turn into a super saiyen even though Vageta,Goku, and Gohan are the only remaining saiyen. He also asks if goku knows him because the kid knew when he was coming and knew much about him. Goku doesn’t know him and the mysterious man asks Goku for a word alone.

They walk off and the man who says he is trunks asks Goku to become a super sayien. Goku is suprised, but does it and so does Trunks. He then starts swinging his sword at Goku, but Goku blocks all of them with his finger. The boy says that now he can trust him with his life and that everything they say about him is true. Meanwhile the other guys (Vageta, Piccolo, Crylin, ect..) are getting worried.Trunks says that he woudn’t have had to come if Goku had come 2 hours earlier . Goku says that he could have hyper warped if he knew he had to. It is a technique he says he learned from a planet on his way home. Trunks says that he comes from the future. He says that his dad is Vageta and his mom is Bulma. After hearing this Goku falls down with laughter, but eventualy pulls himself together. He says that in the future the Earth is being desroyed by these horrible androids created by Dr. Gero.  They ended up turning on their master and kill him. Trunks says that the anroids have extremly amazing powers. He admits that he himself, a Super Saiyan is running from them because they are so powerful. He tells Goku that in 2 years he will be born. Earth will start a war against them and Tien,Yamcha, Piccolo, Crylin, Vageta, chou tsu, and Trunks master, Gohan will be killed. Goku asks about himself and Trunks says that he will be killed by a horrible virus. Goku gets mad that all his powers will be wasted all because of a virus and he won’t be able to fight the war. Then Trunks says that in the future there is an anecdote and he tosses a capsule to Goku. He says that when he gets the virus eat the capsule and he’ll be fine. Then he says not to tell anybody these secrets he told him since Bulma and Vageta might not have Trunks if they find out. Then he warps away to the future.  When Goku comes back he says it was nothing, but Piccolo says that he heard the whole conversation with his exellent hearing. He tells Goku that he is going to tell everybody so that they can prepare for the war and maybe not die. Piccolo tells them everything exept about Bulma and Vageta. They all agree that they will train their hardest for the war.

        Steve Williams  


3rd Review

Goku tells everyone of his escape from Namek as it exploded. He caught a glimpse of a space pod used by the Ginyu Force and used that to escape. He landed on another world where he was nursed back to health and sent on his way.  After telling his story the youth takes Goku aside to discuss a few things. First he asks Goku to transform, which he does. Then the youth transforms also and he and Goku have a short battle in which it’s obvious Goku is the most powerful! After that the boy reveals his name... Trunks, and tells Goku of his parents, Bulma and Vegeta but asks that he not reveal that, so that he may still be born and not ruin anything. Then Trunks reveals some bad news. He tells Goku of two androids created by Goku’s old nemesis Dr. Gero, that will appear 3 years from now and destroy them. Even more disturbing is when Goku is told he’ll die before then of a heart virus! Luckily Trunks gives Goku the cure from the future so when he gets the virus, he’ll live this time.  


4th Review

I have decided to write a review for I hope you put it up on your site.

Series: Dragonball Z, English dubbed version, Episode Title: Mystery Revealed

Episode Number: 107


Goku has finally arrived back to Earth. He finds all his friends waiting for him exactly where he lands. He asks how they knew he was coming and everyone introduces him to the stranger that beat Frieza and his father easily. He takes Goku and asks him to fly a bit farther from where everyone else was so he could talk to Goku privately. He tests Goku in a small battle to see if he could trust him. Goku defends himself from everything that the stranger did and the stranger said that he could trust Goku. He makes Goku promise that he won’t tell everyone what he tells Goku and tells Goku that his name is Trunks and he’s from the future. He tells him that in 3 years, some androids will come to Earth and try to destroy everyone in it. He kills everyone except for Trunks himself. Goku never even got to the fight because of a he got a Heart Virus that killed him. Trunks gives Goku medacine for his Heart so that he can have a chance at beating the Androids. Then he says that Vegeta and Bulma are his parents. Then he leaves. Goku goes back to the Dragon team and Picallo tells him that he heard everything that Goku and Trunks talked about. Then Picallo tells everyone about the androids and says that he’s going to start training as soon as possible and everyone else agrees that they’re going to do the same thing.

My Name: Sahriar Kabir

My Website Name: Mewtwo’s Lost Dungeon - My Website URL:

Thanks for reading,



5th Review

I am a big fan of dragon ball Z and watched this episode about 5 times. Here goes:
The episode starts with Goku out of his space pod. He knows Frieza lived because of his dad, King Cold and asked who killed the duo. Bulma says that it was the mysterious youth, and the youth asks to talk to Goku-privately. To test that this was the real Goku, he asked if he transform, at will, into a super saiyan. Goku does that and the youth reveals his name is Trunks and turns Super Saiyan too. They fight, and Goku uses his finger to block Trunks' attacks. Then, finally accepting he is the real Goku, Trunks tells him he has come from the future, and that he is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. Goku is surprised but Trunks tells him that that was not what he needed to tell him. He tells him of two androids, created three years later by Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Gang, who Goku spared when he was younger. First the "monsters" turn on their creator, and Dr. Gero is killed by overwhelming power. He also says that in battle all of the Earth's Special Forces will be defeated, except Gohan. (Gohan, his best friend, dies two years later.) And without Piccolo, the Dragonballs also disappear. Goku asks what happens to him, and Trunks tells him that he will die of a disease two years later, and Goku is angry since he can not even try battling the androids. Trunks is amazed at his confidence and gives him a bottle of purple pills to take when he gets sick. (Goku thinks it's grape flavoured) So Trunks leaves in his time machine, and Piccolo reveals that he heard the whole thing, and tells them of their fate (but not about Trunks-or he may not be born). So the episode ends with all of them saying they would train.

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