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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 106 - Welcome Back Goku  

American DBZ Episode 106 Welcome Back Goku

Gregg Lionetti

This episode begins with Trunks slicing the already chopped in half Frieza into thousands of pieces and destroying them with an energy blast.  Now there is no way to rebuild Frieza again.  King Cold (Who is weaker than Frieza) Decides to challenge Trunks.  Trunks uses an energy blast to burn a hole through King Cold.  King Cold Pleas with Trunks not to destroy him but Trunks uses another energy blast to destroy King Cold. 

Trunks then tells the others that Goku will be arriving in two hours.  They decide to follow Trunks.  Trunks offers them soda while they wait for Goku.  They ask Trunks many questions.  He can’t answer any of them in fear of himself not being born in the future.  Goku finnaly lands in one of the Ginyu’s pods.  He is shocked to see everyone there including this guy he never saw before (Trunks).  They are shocked that Trunks knew the exact time and place of his arrival!


2nd Review

DBZ Trunks Saga English Dubbed “WELCOME BACK GOKU”

  The episode begins  Trunks slashing his sword at Frieza then blasting Frieza to oblivion!Then Trunks sets his sights on King Cold who tries to reason with the Super Saiyan but Trunks refuses,then King Cold wishes to examine Trunks’ mighty blade and tries to cut him into pieces.Trunks grabs the sword then blasts a hole through King Cold’s body!King Cold tries to reason with the young warrior but Trunks just blows the icy tyrant away!After much confusion and disbelief the Z fighters follow Trunks to the spot where Goku’s ship will land in 2 hours.Trunks uses a capsule to make a mini-fridge appear.After 2 hours Goku returns in a Ginyu Force space pod!

R. Bosler


3rd Review

After a short battle with the young super saiyan, Frieza is completely anihhilated along with his father and their ship, much to the utter amazement of the Z Warriors. And even more amazing is when he reveals that Goku will be returning soon! Stunned at how he could possibly know this everyone follows him. Upon landing the all gather around to question him, but strangely the youth responds by saying he just can’t tell them. He pops out some sodas and everyone takes a little R&R as they wait for Goku. After only two hours Goku DOES arrive and is curious to know how this boy knows him and how he knew where Goku would land. - Fearless Wretch

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