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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 105 - Another Super Saiyan  

Frieza sends his minions against the new warrior, but after brandishing his sharp sword finds that they won’t be enough. Meanwhile the Z Warriors inch closer and closer to Frieza all the while trying to come up with a plan to beat him. Back at Frieza’s ship the youth challenges Frieza and reveals that he too is a super saiyan, much to Frieza’s horror! Frieza tosses everything he’s got at the youth as the Z Warriors look on, but the youth isn’t even scratched. Frieza grows every more agitated and scared as the youth bares down on him. - Fearless Wretch


2nd Review

A mysterious teenage boy interferes with Frieza’s & King Cold’s plans to blow up the Earth!  Super Saiyan Trunks battles Frieza and destroys him with one swipe of his sword. King Cold gets killed by Super Saiyan Trunks’ sword.

Vegeta , Yamcha , Krillin , Gohan , Tien , Chiaoutzu, & Bulma watch this mysterious young teen dispatch Frieza and King Cold.They all wonder who this teenager is. Vegeta is angry because another Saiyan went Super Saiyan and he didn’t.

- Ann



#105 another super Saiyan?

after Frieza and king cold step out of their ship freezer sees an image of Goku. This fills his heart with hate. And this also makes him scared. Once freezer comes back to realitly he sends his dads footmen to start the search of goku but then trunks arrives. Freaza reads his power level and its at five. So freaza sends the footmen after truncks. They start firing their lasers at trunks and he powers up and blocks them. They (witch stll think his power level is 5) get sliced and diced buy trunks. Then trucks and freaza go at it. Freaza starts mocking him bye calling him a monkey. Then he begins telling his dad how easy this will be. Then trunks says “how would you like to fight a real super sayan. And i dont mean like goku.” this makes freezer even more scared and his dad cracked a joke. Trunks says he will give freezer three tries to destroy him. Then truncks gose super sayan. So freaza shoots one thing at him then another realizing truncks strength he makes the ball of energy he used to destroy Namek. Then as he those it on truncks it put a crater in the earth but stops. Then truncks walks out of the crater holding the ball and asked if freaza lost it. This makes freaza mad and freaza shoot the ball and that makes it explode. Then freaza starts telling his dad how it only took hime four tries to destory truncks. But truncks standing on a mountian unhamed yells “hey freaza”. Freaza turns around and trunks jumps at freaza and slices him in half with his sword.

This was written by travis


# 105 Another Super Saiyan?

This starts when trunks finds freeza's base. Freeza sends king colds men to
attack him, somewere near by gohan and the others see light going from
freeza's base. Just then trunks kills all the men one slash with his's sword.
Freeza is in shock to see such power from trunks. When freeza begins to make
a blast out of his hands and king kai finds out this is the same attack that
when freeza blow up namek. The z fighters in a shock to see trunks take on
freeza. Just than after the blast is done, Freeza gives trunks every thing he
gots, but trunks turns into a super saiyan right before their eyes. Vegeta
gets mad now because trunks is a super saiyan and he's not. when Freeza
throws the ball a trunks. Trunks catches it and throws it back and Freeza get
mad, but before he can cry the ball hits him and trunks jumps on a rock to
hide and get ready for the final blow. Freeza looks around can't find trunks
anywhere trunks jumps out of nowhere and slashes Freeza and Freeza dies once


- All material copyright of

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