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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 104 - The Mysterious Youth

Reviewed by: Samir Bashir -  

Gohan meets up with Krillin and they are heading to Freiza’s arrival point.

Meanwhile King Cold is having a drink and is quite eager to meet the formidable Super Saiyan since he has heard so much about him. Freiza then gets a little fired up at the prospect of destroying earth.

Meanwhile Vegeta, Yamcha, Chioutzu and Tien are also heading to the scene. Vegeta and Yamcha arrive first at the place of Freiza’s arrival. Then Bulma comes into the vicinity because she wanted to see what Freiza looked like as she had missed him on Namek.  Then Vegeta tells how stupid she is on coming here.

All of the other Z fighters arrive at Freiza’s landing point too. Then Freiza and King Cold arrive on the planet earth. Vegeta then tells everyone that they must keep their power levels surpressed so Freiza would not pick them up on their scouters.

Freiza and King Cold, now having touchdown, survey the planet Earth. Then Freiza has a vision of S.S.  Goku and he remembers how Goku almost destroyed him.  As Freiza remembers, King Cold arrived on the scene in his spacecraft and picked up Freiza. Freiza was then rebuilt by a team of the brightest doctors and engineers in Freiza’s army. When Freiza regained his strength his first words were to tell his father to set a course for planet Earth.

The Z fighters are now climbing up the steep slope in order to reach Freiza’s ship. Meanwhile Freiza tells his foot soldiers to find and destroy the Z warriors.  The foot soldiers leave only to be sliced by a mysterious young warrior. Who is this young man? Will he be able to thwart Freiza’s evil plans. Find out on the next Dragonball Z.   


2nd Review

The Mysterious Youth

First Vegeta and Yaumcha land next to where King Cold and Cyborg Freeza will land. Then Bulma and Puar comes(Yaumacha gets angry at here and they get into a argument)    

After that,Tien and Chazou arrive. Then Gohan and Krillin come.Then Tien starts to get angry and wants to fight Vegeta,but Yaumcha breaks it up. Then they notice Piccolo, but nobody knows how long he was there. Then Vegeta comments that Freeza is about to land. Meanwhile,King Cold says he is still suprised Freeza was defeated by Goku, and sparks fly around Freeza.  Then fly right over the Z-team and then land. When Freeza gets off the ship, he imagines he sees Goku and remembers how Goku almost killed him on Namek and then sends his dad’s henchmen to kill the humans, but they get sliced amd diced by Trunks. Then he sees Freeza and then say “Your Freeza”.  The end.

Deen O. J.r.



3rd Review

Everyone is gathered in preparation to face Frieza and his father, even though they realize there’s no chance for them to win. They try desperately to sneak up on Frieza and his landing site so they can’t be detected. Meanwhile Frieza boasts on and on about how he’s going to destroy the planet and just when he’s ready to set out someone shows up to challenge him.... The Mysterious Youth. - Fearless Wretch  


The episode starts with Gohan wondering when his dad will return home.  ChiChi hires a tutor named Mr. Shuu to help Gohan study.  Mr. Shu is constantly insulting Gohan and his father which makes ChiChi throw out the window. Meanwhile at Capsule Corp. Vegeta's ship crashes and Yamcha prepares to fight him.  Vegeta says he's just waiting for Kakkorot.  Vegeta is invited by Bulma to stay with them until Goku returns.  Soon the Z-Fighters begin sensing two huge kis heading for Earth.  Frieza somehow survived the battle on Namek and is coming to take revenge. 


104 trunks saga another super sayin my first reveiw the episode finnaly kills off frieza for good trunks and frieza have a fight about tips or should we say a catfight so frieza send a bunch of foot soilders one gets a power rating of trunks (by the way this is the last time they will use scouters because friezas men built the scouters and they were blown to dust bulma couldve invented one but the z warriors can feel out thier enemies) mean while the z warriors are confused about the strangers (trunks) power level against friezas o he takes the power rating which is at level five and laughs he shoots that stupid gun and trunks dodges tall the blasts then they all strike trunks pulls out his sword and kills them all trunks goes super sayin proving that there is another super sayin frieza gets mad and then there is a flash back to namek when namek is about to explode and remembers gokus eyes and how the eyes put him in fear (personaly i think frieza needs thrapy just imagine ^J^)  then fires a small blast no dice then fires a medium blast again no dice then he gets reeeeealllllllllllllly mad and fires his special attacj thinking he killed trunks he laughs stupidly trunks lifts up the giant energy ball and laughs at frieza, (close but no cigar frieza) and frieza gets mad (what else is new) and fires a small blast at the energy ball and it explodes trunks dodged and lands on a big hill trunks fires a small blast at frieza distracting frieza ". then jumps lices friza in half >,< that ends the episode review  will goku arrive in time or will king kold annialate trunks answers to that and more on the next dragon ball z - RC

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