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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 101 - Brief Chance For Victory

US DBZ episode 101 - Garlic Jr. Saga - Gregg Lionetti
Brief chance for victory

This episode begins with Gohan, Krillen, and Piccolo facing off against the immortal Garlic Jr.  Garlic Jr. suddenly reopens Dead Zone!  Rocks and dirt start to rise into the portal.  Gohan manages to hold up a shield.  Meanwhile Kame and Mr. Popo are’nt having much luck themselves.  The four former gardians of the Earth are preventing him from saving the world.  Kame is holding on by a tread!

Garlic Jr. says that he will absorb the whole sanctuary with the portal. 

Piccolo then discovers the source of Garlc Jr.’s energy, The Maccial Star! 

Piccolo tells Gohan to aim for the star but Gohan won’t let go of the shield.  Kame isn’t having much luck until Mr. Popo tells the former guardians that the Earth will be destroyed unless Kame is set free.  They realize what they have done the warp Kame and Mr. Popo to Kame’s sanctuary.  When they arrive they quickly grab on to a sturdy rock.

Piccolo and Krillen escape the shield so that Gohan doesn’t have to protect them.  Gohan lets go of the shield and launches a Kamehamea attack at the star.  Garlic Jr. returns to his normal size and enters Dead Zone.  This time they didn’t even need Goku to destoy a powerful enemy.

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