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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 18 - Nappa ... The Invincible?

Samir Bashir

Nappa ... The Invincible?
(Episode 18)

The episode begins showing Goku making good time on Snake Way, as he passes Princess Snake’s palace.

Meanwhile on the battlefield Nappa is powering up.  All the Z fighters had never experienced a power like his and they were blown away by the storm Nappa created. After Nappa is fully powered up he attacks Tien with a charge. Tien was helpless to Nappa’s attack as swiped his arm off! Krillin came running to Tien however Nappa blew a blew a ki blast that just missed Krillin. The ki blast went straight into the ground like a bottomless pit. Then Krillin saw that Chioutzu was not be seen anywhere.

Chioutzu then launched out of nowhere and grabbed Nappa’s back. Nappa then gave Chioutzu a couple of wall beatings before Chioutzu explained to Tien what he was doing. Chioutzu was planning self-destruct and in doing so, taking Nappa with him. Tien yelled for Chioutzu to stop but he didn’t and shortly after that blew up.

Chioutzu had done a very noble sacrifice but unfortunately there was one problem, Nappa was alive without even a scratch! Tien angered by the loss of his best friend started to battle Nappa with all his might. However Nappa dodged every kick or punch Tien could throw with three limbs.

Piccolo then thought of a plan of attacking Nappa just as Nappa attacks Tien. From the sidelines, Vegeta congratulates them on making a great plan of attack.  Piccolo told Vegeta not to be so cocky as Vegeta would find his match in Goku.

While in the one sided battle, Nappa goes on the offensive delivering a punch to Tien right in the stomach. A few moments Nappa was heading for the final blow and the valiant threesome began their attack knocking surprised Nappa right out of the air.  Unfortunately, Gohan “froze” again and did not attack Nappa for the final blow so Nappa remained unscaved.  Krillin fired a ki blast but Nappa dodged it. Piccolo was now furious at Gohan but there was no time to linger over it as Piccolo used their tri form techniques and attacked Nappa together. Will the tri form technique be able to afflict some damage on Nappa and when is Goku returning? Find out on the next Dragonball Z!


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