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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 16 - The Battle Begins ... Goku Where Are You?

Name: Samir Bashir
The Battle Begins ... Goku Where Are You? 

The episode begins with TV crews and the police investigating the damage done by the Saiyans. Yajirobe also arrives on the scene and realizes the Saiyans have arrived. The police chief thought he was the one responsible for all the destruction. Yajirobe then explains about the Saiyans arrival and to prove he shows them two spaceships in the midst in the rubble.  Now that everyone believes Yajirobe about the spaceship they paid him lots of bucks for him to tell them where the Saiyans were headed to.

Back at Piccolo’s training camp and the scene for the upcoming battle, Piccolo feels another strong force.  It was Krillin! Piccolo recognized a definite increase of power from the last time he saw Krillin. But just when Krillin arrived, the Saiyans did too. All of Earth’s warriors can feel their powerful auras.

They Saiyans also recognized that Piccolo was from outer space and that he was from the planet Namek.  Piccolo and Kami finally knew their true origin.  Piccolo also tells the Saiyans that he won’t bow down to any of the Saiyans’ demands so lets get it over with.

Just at that moment a TV crew a helicopter is flying above. Nappa destroyed the helicopter with ease.

Nappa checked his power ratings to find low power levels. However Vegeta figured out that the scouter’s readings are unreliable because the Earth’s forces can concentrate their energy to an even higher stage.  Vegeta then orders Nappa to take out the Saibamen which Nappa does and they attack the threesome of Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. Gohan not knowing what to do froze so Piccolo had to step in.

After that short scuffle, Chioutzu and Tien arrive at the battlefield. Shortly after that Yamcha arrives.

Vegeta now realizes it is 6 versus 6. The first one up for battle is Tien. What will be the outcome of this battle. Find out on the next Dragonball Z


2nd Review:

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Helicopters are circling the crash site. Scientists are taking tests of the soil and other parts of the city. Yajirobe shows up tells everyone what happened and how he leads a special task force to save the earth (yeah right). Everyone pays him money if he tells them where the two went. Piccolo tells Gohan not to be afraid. Krillen drops in to help out. He is pretty strong too. Yajirobe points in the direction of the Saiyans. Piccolo tells the others the Saiyans are here. They look up in the sky and there they are. Floating, staring at them. They have to hold out until Goku comes. 

The Saiyans want to where the dragonballs are. The warriors don't know because the dragonballs are stones for 1 year. Piccolo's secret is finally revealed. He is from the planet Namek. Kame is worried. A long time ago, when Piccolo appeared, the evil half of him split from the good half. The evil half formed Piccolo, and the good half created Kame. So when one of the two dies, so does the other. Gohan's power level is 1000, Piccolo is at 1400, and Krillen is at 1100. Vegita says for Nappa to take off his scouter, because the warriors know how to hide their power levels. Vegita calls Raditz a weakling. 

Nappa takes out some things called Saiyba-men. They are seeds which he puts in the ground. Then small looking alien-like things pop out of the ground. They are green and very fast. There are six of them all together. They start running around, blowing up boulders and such. One almost hits Gohan but Piccolo saves him. Krillen is fighting two at once. Gohan says he will two also. As does Piccolo. Krillen tells Gohan to stay focused. Piccolo says you don't have to be scared. Krillen and Piccolo start fighting at an incredible speed. Gohan freezes, scared to death. Piccolo saves him again, telling to believe in himself. Krillen tells him to do his best. Then Choutzu and Tien show up. The warriors prepare for battle once again, but are interrupted once more. Yamcha has arrived. They decide to fight the Saiyba-men one by one. First up is Tien. He easily defeats the first one. Some helicopters fly by overhead. Nappa blows them up. Yajirobe is being interviewed by a bunch of TV reporters. They all think he is the leader of the fighters.


#16 the battle begins...goku where are you?

english version

vegeta and nappa reach piccolo, gohan and krillin, vegeta recognizes piccolo as the one who told raditz about the dragonballs before finishing raditz off, and then reveals that piccolo is an alien from the planet namek! the saiyans then grow plant monsters, called saibamen, to fight earth`s warriors first, just as tien, chiaotzu and yamcha arrive to help!




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