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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 15 - Nappa ... The Invincible?

Samir Bashir

A Black Day For Planet Earth
(Episode 15)

 Goku was able to launch the spirit bomb right on target which left King Kai disbelieving! King Kai warned Goku that the spirit bomb has the intensity to wipe out the entire planet Earth so that only to use the spirit bomb once and that is if  you to. Goku si about to leave the planet when King Kai realizes that it would take two days to get to the Earth as Goku still has to cross Snake Way.

Goku then contacts master roshi through King Kai and tells him to wish him back to this plane. Bulma and the others who were in Master Roshi’s house at that time thought he lost his marbles when it seemed he was talking to himself in the bathroom.

Goku gets some new clothes from King Kai before he departs. Then Goku leaves King Kai’s planet as soon as he can.

Meanwhile, Master Roshi and the others are calling upon the dragon. Just before Master Roshi is about to make the wish, Oolong wishes for the dragon to destroy the oncoming Saiyans but the dragon cannot do that.  This is because the Saiyans are stronger than the dragon’s creator (Kami). Then Master Roshi makes the wish and Goku’s halo disappears.

Just after Goku left, Gregory just thought that now Goku was stronger than King Kai. King Kai backs himwself by saying that he still was funnier than Goku.

The Saiyans just arrive on Earth and Nappa introduces themselves  with a big bang by destroying half the city! However Vegeta did not like Nappa to destroy half the city as one of the dragonballs could have been in the vicinity.

Then Nappa and Vegeta check their scouters to find high power levels. Vegeta figured it out by thinking that they have trained for one year.

The battle is about to begin as all of Earth’s forces are moving towards the battlefield. Will the Z fighters be able to hold off the Saiyans until Goku arrives. Find out on the next Dragonball Z!  


#15 black day for planet earth

english version

goku completes his training under king kai and is ready for the battle against the saiyans. while goku hurries back on the snake way to earth,the evil saiyans,nappa and vegita,finally land on earth and launch a diabolical wake-up call for the planet. they first sense the power of piccolo and gohan and proceed to them. their purpose is to find the dragonballs and make their wish -- immortality. can earth`s special forces hold out until goku arrives?!



DBZ English Version Episode #15: Black Day for Planet Earth
Goku, now finished his training on King Kai's planet, is ready to go back home, but now King Kai discovers he made a mistake in his calculations, it will take Goku two days to get back home and the Saiyans are arriving in one day.
Goku talks to Master Roshi through King Kai's mind-talking technique, Goku tells Master Roshi to wish him back with the Dragonballs (which have already been collected).
King Kai creates new clothes for Goku, clothes that can resist weak attacks and are very light. Meanwhile... the Dragon is summoned, Gohan looks on in amazement at the dark black clouds, while Piccolo knows the Dragon has been summoned.
Oolong tries to wish for the Saiyans on the way to Earth, to be destroyed, although the dragon cannot grant the wish, so Master Roshi wishes for the real wish to revive Goku from the dead. Then Goku leaves King Kai's planet as fast as he can to get to the Beginning of Snake Way.
The Saiyan's arrive at 11 hours 43 minutes and 35 seconds, the pods crashing right threw a building and the impact on Earth leaving an ungodly mess. The Z-Fighters relize that they have arrived, while Nappa destroys a city.
The Saiyans then find out there is over half a dozen people on the Earth with a Power Level over a thousand. They both set out to find them.
Bulma wants to help the other fighters, but Master Roshi decides it wouldn't be such a good idea, since they would just get in the way.


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