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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Dragon Ball Movie #2 - Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

    This movie starts with Goku flying on the Nimbus cloud the master Roshi's house.  When he gets there, he screams in Roshi's ear to get his attention.  Roshi was going to agree to teach Goku, when Goku hears something far away.  This little bald kid jumps of his boat onto Roshi's island, he say's his name is Krillin and ask Roshi to train him.  In return Krillin gives Roshi some porno magazines.  Roshi didn't want to train both so he gave them a test.  The winner is the one who will be worthy of training.

    The test was to go to the devil's hand and bring back the sleeping princess.  But goku was not to use the flying Nimbus cloud.  That would give him a unfair advantage over Krillin.  They race is off to the devil's hand and finally make it there.  A determined girl named launch has also set out to find the sleeping princess.  Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong join when they come looking for goku.

    While flying in the devil's hand, Bulma and the gang are attacked by Lucifer's [the devil] henchmen.  Bulma wakes up in a bed, when startled by a hunchback.  Then she meets lucifer and is ask to join the party.  While Goku and Krillin are attack by an army of ogres.  They easily defeat most of them.  Lucifer then ties Bulma up in a chair and tells her they want to take her blood for refreshments for the awakening of the sleeping princess.

    Krillin is grabbed by some flying dinosaur, then dropped down to a sea monster waiting to eat Krillin.  Goku saves Krillin, to only be attacked by flying monsters with machine guns, but they fly away in time.  Oolong, puar, and Yamcha are in disguise waiting for the right time to save Bulma.  Meanwhile goku and Krillin find a gem, when all the sudden launch comes in and takes the gem and says that it's the sleeping princess.  Yamcha, puar, and Oolong are captured by the hunchback.  Launch is riding her motorcycle when she sneezes and turns back to her normal blue haired self.  Goku was bitten by a little pink furry thing and faints.

    The gang [including launch] is now trapped in a wall, while Puar menchens the full moon.  Goku looks at it then turns oozaru. [a giant ape] braking the wall they were trapped in.  Paur turns into a giant pair of scissors and snipes off Goku tail.      Lucifer then try's to destroy the sun with a big machine.  Goku uses his kamehameha wave and kills Lucifer and destroyed the big machine.

    When they get back to Roshi's island, he thinks that Launch is the sleeping princess.  So Roshi let both Krillin and Goku train with him.  He then brings Launch into his house to get knotty with her.  She sneezes and turns back into a mean yellowed hair lady and shoots Roshi in the head.  Luckily he's immortal.

This review is by a kid named drew.

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