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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Dragon Ball Movie #1 - Curse of the Blood Rubies


English Dubbed
Movie 1
Curse of the Blood Rubies
Evil has spread throughout the land starting with a kingdom and its ruler
Gerlez. The kings men are scavenging for what lies beneath the land, Blood
Rubies. But one girl stands up to the king and his men. Her name is Penny.
She shoots her  slingshot at one of the king's stormtrooper's. The
stormtrooper retaliates , but Penny's father steps in. The trooper backs off
and crushes a rock revealing a Blood Ruby. Penny's father tells the trooper
his opinion on the excavation because it's destroying the crops and the
kingdom. The trooper likes his courage, and attacks him with a fist to the
face, knocking the man out. The trooper leaves in a jeep to go back to the
palace. Penny decides to teach them a lesson and leaves the kingdom in search
of help.

At the king's palace, the king is eating and throwing food everywhere, and
criticizing his men. The king is an ugly beast, and what caused this was the
Blood Rubies. The Blood Rubies make him hunger for more food, and more
treasures. One of his soldiers, Raven, enters his palace telling him she
located another Dragon Ball. The king wants the it which he would then have
five Dragon Balls, but there is a couple fortune hunters who are also after
the balls too. The king doesn't care of this, he just wants the ball, and
he'd pay anything for them, and tells Raven he'll pay in Blood Rubies.

Far away from the kingdom lives a boy, who owns the Dragon Ball. He thinks
the ball is his grandfathers and prays to it. The boy then goes to go catch a
fish for lunch. The fish almost eats him, but in the end, the boy is the

On the road nearby, a girl is also after the magic balls. She spots the
king's men in an airship and tries to beat them to the ball.

The boy spots the ship also and sees that it is landing near his house. The
car and the girl in it collide into the boy and his fish. The boy thinks it
is a monster who wants to steal his fish. The boy attacks the car and smashes
the window. The girl gets out and tells him she is a human. The boy stops ,
and doesn't believe her because of  the way she looks. She explains to him
she is a girl. The boy never saw any other humans besides his grandfather,
and doesn't know what a girl is. The boy spots a Dragon Ball in her pouch and
thinks she stole his grandfather. The girl finds out where the other ball is,
the kid has it. The two of them start to run up to the boy's house to stop
the king's men.

The king's men steal the 4 star Dragon Ball from Goku's house and go back to
the ship.

The boy and girl run to the boy's house to stop the intruders. They reach the
house only finding a gold coin where the Dragon Ball use to be. The king's
men take off in there ship from behind the house. The girl uses a capsule and
a airship comes out. The two get into the ship and introduce themselves. The
boy is Goku, the girl is Bulma. They take off and go after the ship. Raven
gets into the gun turret and starts to fire at the ship. Bulma counters with
there gun and hits the enemies wing. Raven brings out a bazooka and blows
Bulma's ship out of the sky. Bulma and Goku fall. Goku throws his staff and
saves save Bulma from landing in the water.

Bulma and Goku continue on a motorcycle. It starts to get dark, so Bulma uses
a capsule and a house pops out. Goku isn't used to Urban living and is
curious about all the things inside the house. Goku doesn't like the food
much and decides to go get his own food. Bulma goes along too. So they leave
the house to find better food.

On the way Goku and Bulma find Penny who is being stalked by a monster who
can transform. Goku steps in and defends Penny. The monster thinks Goku is
weak and wants him to prove his strength, so he tells Goku to break a tree in
half. Goku does very easily, and the monster chickens out, turns into a bat,
and flies away.

Goku follows the monster and they end up in a desert. The monster is actually
a pig in his true form, named Oolong.. Oolong is very scared of the area
because of the Desert Bandit Yamcha. Yamcha is there and shoots his Machine
gun at their feet. Yamcha has a flying companion named Pu'ar, who is a shape
shifting cat, that went to school with Oolong. Oolong asks Goku to beat
Yamcha. Goku agrees and draws out his staff. Yamcha pulls out his sword and
the two go into battle. Goku blocks all of the swings Yamcha makes, and then
makes his move and his Yamcha in the stomach with his extending pole. Yamcha
uses the power of the wolf on Goku, hitting him into a wall. Bulma arrives
and Yamcha runs, revealing his shyness. Yamcha falls off of a cliff and hits
head first in the ground, chipping his tooth. He runs away saying "I'll never
get a date!!!" Bulma likes Yamcha and wants to find him.

In a capsule motorhome, Penny reveals to Goku and the others about her
looking for Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit. All of them decide to head south
to find the old master. Penny reveals to them the past of her kingdom and the
Blood Rubies. Yamcha hears from the outside and decides to find Master Roshi

They reach the little Island where Master Roshi is. The master thinks they
want to steal his shell. Penny tells him that they need him to help her
kingdom. Master Roshi yells to Yamcha, who was there before the others, and
tells Yamcha that he lied to him. Bulma gets close to Yamcha and he goes red.
Yamcha runs behind the house. Master Roshi calls for Flying Nimbus, a magic
cloud and gives it to Goku. Only one with a pure heart can ride it. Yamcha
takes off on a boat. Bulma spots Master Roshi's Dragon Ball. Master Roshi
lets her have it.

The king's men are in a sub and launch pick-pocket rockets to get the Dragon
Balls. It gets one of the balls. The king's men decide to blow up the island
and then get the last ball. Master Roshi powers up and shoots a Kamehameha
and destroys the sub and all the missiles. The king's men escape in a jet.
Goku tries out the attack Master Roshi did and succeeds in blowing up a rock.
Master Roshi doesn't go with Penny, but tells her Goku is a strong enough

The Dragon Ball gang head towards the castle to get the Dragon Balls. The
king's army is waiting for them. They start to fire at there airship. Goku
gets on his cloud and attacks the commander, while Bulma tries to get the
balls. Goku destroys the disk the commander is on, and Goku goes into the
castle. Yamcha joins the battle and gets inside the castle as well. Yamcha
grabs a bunch of Blood Rubies and runs. Yamcha runs into Bulma and the
others. Raven finds them and shoots Yamcha. Yamcha hits Raven and  finds out
that Raven is a girl. Raven throws bombs down the corridor. Yamcha saves
Bulma and the others from the bombs. Bulma and the gang get inside the king's
room, where Goku meets up with them. The king gets up and mutates to a big
monster. Goku challenges the king and blasts him in the stomach with a
Kamehameha. The king's stomach begins to glow. Bulma realizes the balls are
in his stomach, and throws the last ball into his mouth. The Dragon emerges
destroying the castle. The Dragon tells someone to make a wish. Penny wishes
for the land to be peaceful and beautiful. The  Dragon removes all the Blood
Rubies from the soil and restores the land. The Dragon disappears and the
balls split up in seven directions. The king and everything in the land is
back to normal. Bulma and Yamcha get together. Penny gives the king an apple,
and the king likes it, and wants to keep all the trees and flowers of the
kingdom. Goku gives Raven her coin back, calls for Flying Nimbus, and flies
off into the sky.



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