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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 89

Episode 89 - Full Moon Vengeance

This episode starts out with Jackie Chun ( Master Roshi) and Man wolf
just about to fight. Man wolf starts talking to Jackie about how he ruined his life
because of what he did 3 years ago. Jackie can't remember and he is annoyed with Man
wolf for just talking the whole time and wanders of to the side of the ring until
Man wolf is ready to fight. As Jackie goes to the side Man wolf attacks him, but Jackie
dodges and kicks him. After a little bit of fighting Man wolf tells Jackie how he
destroyed the moon while fighting Gokou and because of that he is stuck in his wolf
form. Jackie apologizes, but Man wolf attacks. Jackie jumps over him and kicks him
in the back of the head. Jackie acts like Man wolf is a dog and gives him simple
commands and Man wolf obeys. He tells him to give him his paw and to sit. Jackie wins
the fight by throwing a dog bone out of the ring and Man wolf jumps out to get it. At
the end of the episode Man wolf runs and attacks Jackie but he uses a paralyzing
technique and calls down Krillin. He Hypnotizes Man wolf to focus on Krillins head and making his head appear as a full moon. It works and Man wolf turns back into
a man again. That's the end of the episode.

name Tim Fincher


The Episode begins with man wolf drooling over to fight Jackie Chun (Master Rosh). He was upset at Jackie Chun about something. As the fighters passed through the ring, some girls were admiring the fighters, saying that Tien was a hotty. They decided to get some autographs, so they went inside and talked to Jackie Chun, and got his autograph. They turned around and saw man wolf, and quickly ran over to Tien (the hunk) because they were frightened. They ran out, and the match was about to begin. On the way out, man wolf dropped a paper, and Chatzoe, using his special manuvering powers, gave the paper to Tien. At the match, man wolf went blabbing on about how Jackie Chun had ruined his life. Jackie Chun didn't know what he was talking about, and started to get board listening to his tale. He turned around and told him to get him when man wolf was ready to fight. Man wolf attacked head on, but Jackie Chun did his double-self attack, and got up behind him. Man wolf said he'd have his revenge, and then it went back to a flashback of Jackie Chun blowing up the moon. Chatzoe and Tien had the article of him blowing up the moon, and had known that that's why man wolf was angry at Jackie Chun. Jackie Chun severely injured man wolf, and man wolf said to stop treating him like a dog. So, Jackie Chun asked man wolf to give him his paw, and he did and pulled it back. Man wolf told Jackie Chun to stop it! Then Jackie Chun told him to sit, and he did as the crowd started laughing at him. Man wolf yelled at Jackie Chun for doing such a thing on purpose. Then Jackie Chun grabbed a bone from his coat and threw it out of the ring. Man wolf jumped out after it and was disqualified for being out of the ring. Man wolf ran up to Jackie Chun to attack, but Jackie Chun paralyzed man wolf in place. Man wolf couldn't move, and Jackie Chun said that he'd be able to restore man wolf back to human again, even without the moon. He called for Krillin, and made him stand in front of man wolf. He hyptnotized man wolf into believing that Krillin's head was the moon. And sure enough, man wolf turned back into an ugly human, even though he had said he was handsome. He ran off suppossally being normal after thanking Jackie Chun. Jackie Chun made a smart remark about that there were probably no mirrors where he came from. He had looked better as a wolf. Then leaving the ring, Krillin stepped up to go fight Chatzoe. And that's what the episode was like.                
  Summary By: Jessica


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